Ocean Prime – [BFB Da Packman] ft. [Coi Leray]

BFB Da Packman was one of the few artists I heard once and was immediately a fan for life. Usually, it takes a little bit of time for me to warm up to an artist I had heard nothing about and wasn’t familiar with, but my introduction was “Free Joe Exotic”, like it was for most people, and ever since I’ve been obsessed. That’s why, when I saw all of the hard work he was putting into his debut album Fat N***** Need Love Too, I was on the edge of my seat to see what he’d deliver. After hearing it, I was blown away and completely captivated by the unbelievable piece of work he had put together, and while it was obvious comical during many songs, there were also countless moments where his individuality and skills almost took your breath away more than I was ever expecting. While I’ve been running this project back time and time again since it was released, I was even more excited to see him team up with Coi Leray once again to shoot a music video for their amazing song “Ocean Prime”, which was directed by JDFilms. As it opens, BFB and a …

Honey Pack (Remix) – [BFB Da Packman] feat. [Lil Yachty] [DDG]

BFB Da Packman is slowly becoming a name that’s popping up more and more amongst the rap community. This past Friday the rising Houston, based by way of Flint, Michigan emcee dropped a remix to his “Honey Pack” single featuring Lil Yachty and DDG. It took me a while to gravitate to the whole Michigan and Detroit sound but I’ve found myself playing artist in that lane such as Sada Baby, DDG, and Baby Smoove a lot more. One thing that sets BFB Da Packman is his personality. He’s just a naturally funny guy and you can see his comedic side across his social media all the way through his music with his creative and witty bars. In this OshotYoufilmz and Arod2UP shot and directed film BFB, Yachty, and DDG can be seen partying at Sony Digital’s Club Digital with beautiful BBW’s. Watch the visuals for BFB Da Packman’s “Honey Pack” remix featuring Lil Yachty and DDG for yourself after the break.

Freestyle – [Baby Smoove]

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about one of the various Detroit talents that have been steadily putting the Motor City on the map as a low key hub for Rap and Hip-Hop, and it feels like an eternity because of the amount I used to write about them. Baby Smoove is a D-Town artist who I’ve become absolutely enthralled with because of his unique disposition and effortless charisma, and other fans are beginning to catch on as well. Most recently, he dropped a brand-new single entitled “Freestyle”, which is somewhat interesting because many of his songs come off as being freestyles in general, even though his wordplays and lyricism are way too intricate to come off the dome. Then again, with just how talented Smoove is, I wouldn’t put it past him to create these sonic landscapes off the top of his head in the moment. Michigan Meech, a producer that Baby Smoove has worked with copiously in the past, paves the way for the Detroit superstar to do his thing with an unbelievably groovy bassline, some hasty synths of some sort, and piercing percussion that is familiar to Smoove, but definitely uncharacteristic for any other …

Watch BFB Da Packman’s new interview on Carton Conversations

Flint, Michigan artist BFB Da Packman sat down with JB + GloUpJake for our most entertaining interview to date. The “Free Joe Exotic” rapper talks about soaking in-game, the importance of staying true to yourself, and more on the fourth episode of Carton Conversations. This is a rising series on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 channel, and we have plenty more exciting interviews to come, so you might as well get familiar with the series now. Take some time out of your Thursday to learn more about BFB Da Packman by pressing play below!

Fun Time – [Bfb Da PackMan] ft. [Wiz Khalifa]

Out of anyone you could possibly think of in the entire music industry, I have to say that my respect for Bfb Da PackMan is at an all-time high. I was first put onto him through his collaboration with Sada Baby on “Free Joe Exotic”, as most people were, but after digging deeper into his multitude of other offerings, I could tell he was a special talent. Then, I found out that even with all of the success he has had seemingly overnight in the Rap world, he continues to work his day job as a mailman in the Houston area and plans to do so until he has at least Fifty million dollars in his bank account, at least that’s according to a comment he made on Instagram. It’s this hustle and determination that’s going to take him to the next level, but his enthralling personality and obvious talent can’t hurt either, of course. As he continues catching W’s in his blossoming career, he is back and better than ever with none other than Wiz Khalifa on his brand-new track entitled “Fun Time”. As the beat begins to play, high-pitched, momentous synths capture your attention before thunderous drums and …