Lost and Found – [MBNel]

MBNel has rapidly become one of my favorite artists to cover on Lyrical Lemonade, and after you listen to just a few of his songs, it should be pretty obvious as to why. I mention his up brining a lot in my articles, but once you understand that he had all the odds stacked against him growing up in Stockton, California but he persevered through the struggles and got to the place he is now, I find it hard to not mention his captivating story. One thing that I love even more than anything is the fact that even if those days are in the past thanks to his hard work and dedication to his craft, he never forgets about them, constantly bringing up some tough moments in his life in order to never take his foot off the gas and continue to work hard to not only make his own life better, but to make a better life for his loved ones who struggled with him, and that speaks volumes of the person he is, even outside of his music. While I feel like he has been locked in and not releasing as much music, I’m sure he has …

True To My Feelings – [Jay Esco]

Bridgeport, CT rapper Jay Esco has been rapidly climbing through the northeast’s rap-ranks over the past several months driven mostly by his hit-song “Promise” which first introduced the sixteeen-year-old to his region as a whole. The young star has seen much of his life do a total 180 since first coming onto the scene and in his newest song “True To My Feelings” he unpacks all of this newfound fame and fortune while hoping to remain genuine while remaining candid about how difficult that can be while your dreams are coming to fruition. G-Wiz, Berki, and Pluto Brazy came together for this uplifting and soulful production that is carried by a melodic and expressive guitar lilt that nicely accent’s Esco’s buttery vocals. Jay Esco is fast on his way to the top but he is intent on not switching up for the fame and I am excited to watch him start to unlock some of his unlimited potential and continue to stay true to himself and his feelings in the process.