I’m Not Tryna Smoke – [B. Aull] ft. [Bensbeendead.] [Brendan Bennett]

Earlier this week, rising Brooklyn-based artist B. Aull came through with the 4/20 friendly music video for his track, “I’m No Tryna Smoke”. The result of a “music camp” set up in a remote cabin in the wilderness of Maine, B. Aull and collaborators Bendsbeendead. and Brendan Bennett all leant their multi-genre talents to craft this catchy, moody song. The music video for “I’m Not Tryna Smoke” references the iconic smoke circle from ‘That 70’s Show’, which makes for a cohesive and memorable visual that perfectly coincide with the track’s laidback tone. As the camera pans around to each artist (with Bennett joining in via FaceTime), they each populate the understated trap beat with their own unique personas. B. Aull holds things down on the song’s hook with a smooth melody that’s bound to have you singing along after hearing it a couple of times. Watch the music video for “I’m Not Tryna Smoke” below:

Prayer – [Bensbeendead.]

In moments like the one we’re living in right now (not that there have been many moments like the one we’re living in right now), sometimes a solid pop ballad can be just the shoulder we need to lean on for emotional support. If that’s what you’re in the mood for, then look no further than Bensbeendead.’s latest release, titled “Prayer”. The Portland, ME artist returns with one of his most vulnerable performances yet, as he calls out to the void for some sort of divine intervention. The production meets his energy, slowly escalating with the emotion in his voice until it erupts into a choir of distant and ominous vocals. Adding to the dramatic quality of “Prayer”, the music video captures the song’s most poignant moments through a strikingly simple vision. As Ben walks through a valley with the sun setting behind him, things feel of apocalyptic and deserted as if he’s the only man left alive. Director Ant Wheeler’s eye for minimal yet impactful scenes combined with the desperation Ben brings in front of the camera successfully captures the poetic tone of “Prayer”, making it one of those music videos that just gets you to appreciate the song …

Care For You – [Bensbeendead.]

Bensbeendead. is turning heads once again with his electrically singed new single, “Care for You.” The Portland Maine based signer, songwriter and producer has been on a spree recently sharing a barrage of singles over the past couple of months. His latest release, to no surprise, finds the electronic pop guru excelling at what he does best; delivering soaring vocals, grand production and storytelling that is uniquely his own. “Care for You” opens with looped electronic bubbling production that feverishly builds into the heartwarming chorus of the record, “you can go ahead drink what you like / ’cause I’ll be taking care of you for the night.” Ben delivers his soaring vocals from the perspective of a loving partner, allowing his significant other to free herself from concern, reassuring her that tonight she will be cared for by the person who loves her the most. The sentimental nature of this record truly encapsulates love’s powerful tethering as Ben sings, “I’ll be really happy if you’re happy tonight.” Listeners can fall in love with this record for a variety of reasons but the most important reason out of all them, in my opinion, is Ben’s ability to capture the clemency we …

923 – [Brendan Bennett]

The Southwest-Florida raised musician talks about his new song and using music as a vessel to heal his own personal traumas.

Exoskeleton – [Bensbeendead.]

Bensbeendead. may be a relatively new act but his subject matter and precision both as a singer and producer echoes a self-awareness many acts rarely achieve. The Portland, Maine based artist recently released his latest music video for his single, “Exoskeleton.” Capturing a somber moment alone, Bensbeendead. captivates in his role as the visual’s sole subject matter delivering a performance that feels utterly genuine. A minimalistic style of visual starring the singer-songwriter places a focus on lyrics and the beautifully orchestrated multi-layered electronic production. The Ant Wheeler directed visual begins simply, capturing Bensbeendead. outside with his essentials; takeout, wine and TV. The image of the multifaceted artist sitting alone sets the tone of the records melancholy theme of inner reflection and transcendence. Bensbeendead. gives us a front row seat into his most intimate moments that we as individuals usually reserve for when we are alone. The willingness to bare all for his listeners highlights a courage not found in every artist, making the discovery of Bensbeendead. even more special. This is one of two official singles out by the Maine based artist who clearly has a firm grasp of his artistry and ability to not only offer heart piercing lyrics …