Lemonade – [Belis]

This isn’t the first time that Belis has been featured on our pages, but today the talented singer is back with her brand new tune titled “Lemonade”. If any title of a song is going to catchy my attention, “Lemonade” is probably the word to do so, and that’s exactly what made me dive into this one. Belis attacked this polished instrumental with a unique, high pitched flow that matched the creases of this beat perfectly, making for an all around solid song. Get familiar with Belis by checking out her new track below and if you like it then go ahead and follow her here! prod Chris Surreal + Charlie Shuffler

Say Why U Love Me – [Belis]

Appearing on our pages a while back with her magnificent single, “When I Go!“, Belis has been on my radar for some time now as one of the exciting rising artists to watch at the moment. Her style is energetically playful, and today, this is shown through the scope of Belis’ latest EP, Say Why U Love Me. 6 tracks, there couldn’t exist a better release to describe the budding talent’s personality, as she expresses illustrative, true-to-self lyrics over other-worldly instrumentals that will have you clicking play again and again. Belis is certainly a star in the making, so be sure to hop on the wave as soon as possible and listen to Say Why U Love Me at the link provided below!

When I Go! – [Belis]

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed earlier this week, I stumbled upon the sparkling sounds of an artist named Belis and her new single, “When I Go!”. The sun-soaked melodies and deeply-cut drums (courtesy of producers Stxne and ZNastyy) quickly caught my ears, and this song immediately marks itself as an anthemic offering through the power of Belis’ enticing personality. Her artistry follows right alongside, as the structure of this song allows for a hook that demands to be thrown on repeat, time and time again. In such a way, this rising talent’s newest release showcases an abundant supply of charisma and potential, so don’t sleep. Get hip to the intoxicating sounds of Belis by clicking play on “When I Go!” at the link provided below!