Let Em Drip – [Hydraulix] x [DJ Afterthought] & [Wifisfuneral]

Although I’ve definitely been keeping a more open mind to EDM recently because it really can be extremely appealing, I’m still grossly uneducated about producers and musicians in this genre of music. That explains why I’ve never heard of the producers Hydraulix or DJ Afterthought, although I need to start tuning in more. They’re apparently no strangers to the world of Hip-Hop and have worked with and been surrounded by some of the biggest names in the genre, so they’re a perfect duo to come together and try to merge a couple of different types of music together. Wifisfuneral is an interesting artist to work with because although he does have moments where he loses control and goes off the rails on hard-hitting records, he’s also known to break songs down to the minimum and truly reveal some of his inner pain and struggles at times. This intrigued me when I noticed he hopped on an electronic track with these two producers, and I knew I had to check it out. The name of this track is “Let Em Drip”, and this title describes exactly the kind of swag and confidence that all aspects of this song portray. Starting out …


Last week, Gunna’s highly anticipated sophomore album WUNNA hit the digital shelves of our music libraries and fans have clearly received it incredibly. It’s projected to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart which is obviously not an easy feat, and the Atlanta star has his fans to thank for their continued support and admiration of his music. Personally, I was a fan as well, but I still think Gunna held back from truly unleashing his full potential on certain tracks. Some of the songs were fantastic and they’re sure to be played on repeat for the foreseeable future, but others just seemed to box him into what people expect from him and not allow him to truly go off the rails as we’ve seen before. Either way, it’s definitely a project I’ll be returning to consistently moving forward and for that, I’m beyond pleased. One of my favorite songs off of the project was probably “ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS” which has now received a music video treatment. Gunna’s favorite beat smith Wheezy built the production of this hit with building, momentous synths, a few intergalactic noises, and some pretty deep 808s that are almost unrecognizable with everything …

Changes – [Kevin George]

If you spend about ten minutes on Soundcloud, the odds high that you will be able to find at least one artist that you enjoy, and within my first few minutes on my Soundcloud feed this morning, I found a creative that goes by Kevin George. Kevin recently released a new track titled “Changes” that caught my attention + that has him making his debut on our website this evening, it’s an offering that is just over three minutes & is truly beautiful sonically. Kevin’s vocal abilities are top-notch + he flexed them on this new joint here, it’s a song that is introspective & touching at points, but most importantly it was one that I believe any music lover will enjoy. Take some time out of your Tuesday to peep this new song below! Produced by Daktyl + Kevin George Kevin George · Changes (Prod. Daktyl & Kevin George)

Be Yours – [Yung Pinch]

Due to the fact that Summer is within our grasp and this past weekend has shown glimpses of beautiful weather and good energy, at least in the Chicagoland area, I couldn’t be more excited. Partially for the beautifully sunny days, but also mainly because that’s when Yung Pinch seems to shine. He has been a headliner of backyard parties in my personal experience and I know I’m definitely not the only one. He doesn’t go by the name Beach Boy for no reason, and this persona is carried out through the up-tempo, buoyant offerings he consistently releases. Whether I’m at a barbecue, in a pool, or actually on a beach, Pinch has always been an artist who I can just put on shuffle and listen to for hours. Although certain songs might be filled with lessons dealing with heartbreak or a significant other that got away, Pinch still comes through with some catchy tracks that are sure to get any party going. I’m regrettably a few days late to his latest song “Be Yours” because it does have a very attractive beat that is sure to help anyone feel the vibe, so it could have been useful this past weekend …

Sunset-[Nate Traveller]&[ripmattblack]

If you know me, then you know that Nate Traveller is one of my favorite artists in the scene right now. Looking through his discography is like digging through a treasure chest; everything you find is valuable beyond belief. Today, the Florida native is back on our pages once again with a gem that needs to be heard in its fullness and entirety…this time though, he’s enlisted help from another florid based artist who you’ve seen on our pages before. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an artist who goes by the name of ripmattblack. If you peeped that article, then you’d know about the immense talent he possess. Today, I’m so excited to share that both Nate and ripmattblack have decided to team up and bring us a stunning new song called “Sunset”. The melodic and sonically pleasing track highlights the best parts of the two artists respectively and its the coolest thing to hear how they compliment one another. I encourage y’all to hop in your car right now and drive down your favorite road and let yourself drift with the beautiful ambience that this track exudes. “Sunset is available everywhere, but I’ve attached the Spotify …

Cologne (Sessions)-[Alec Wigdahl]

Alec Wigdahl is an artist who has graced the pages of Lyrical Lemonade many times. Each appearance is just a testament to his immense talent, and today we’re hype to bring him back on for a special treat. A little while ago, I wrote an article about his most recent song entitled, “Cologne”. The catchy pop ballad boasted some incredible production and has since preformed extremely well on all streaming platforms. In order to keep the momentum going, Alec decided to drop a 3 song offering revolving around the hit song. “Cologne (Sessions)” is made up of the original single version, a stripped down/intimate acoustic version, as well as a fresh remix by David Stewart. Each one is just as amazing as the other, so feel free to shuffle through and indulge in the beautiful stylings of Alec Wigdahl. This brand new release came as a surprise, but I’m so happy the rising star decided to bless us with more music. Make sure to tap the Spotify link below to check out “Cologne (Sessions)”. Enjoy!

Little – [Jany Green]

Today I had the honor of discovering an artist by the name of Jany Green when I first found his record titled “Little”, and now he is one of my favorite new artists. Jany Green has a bright, feel-good and colorful style to him, he’s one of those artists to me where it’s hard not to like what he puts out, unless you’re just a hater I guess. Here on this track, Jany Green created a song that is seemingly for a person that he is in a relationship with, and he created a beautiful ode in the process. I am going to be keeping an eye on Jany Green moving forward, and I hope that you will too, listen to this latest offering below!

The Ceiling – [Lewis Del Mar]

While browsing through our submission emails, I found a New York-based duo that goes by Lewis Del Mar, and after watching their new visual for “The Ceiling”, I was hooked! I really enjoyed the abstractness of this music video + the animations they had throughout it, but even more so, I liked the song itself! This track has definitely more of an alternative feel than anything, it was well pieced together and is a beautiful record if you ask me. I truly don’t know too much about these guys considering this is the first time I’ve listened to them, but I plan on learning more about them very soon. Watch this brand new visual on YouTube below and if you enjoy the song/video, hit that like button to help it circulate.

Wunna- [Gunna]

It feels like just the other day I wrote about the titular single for Gunna’s upcoming album WUNNA. That’s because it actually was the other day, and the Atlanta icon is back right away once again with a music video to please fans in the final hours before his album finally drops. He has also been releasing parts for a documentary based around the making of his album, which gives admirers even more ways to connect with him and his journey while bringing this project to life. Now, I’m not going to lie, “Wunna” wasn’t necessarily my absolute favorite song from the rapper, but it did have moments that appealed to me and I’ve definitely heard worse songs in my time to be completely candid. I’m not going to recap the sonic elements of the song right now because you can just go back a day or two and find my initial thoughts and breakdown of the track, so it’s not worth covering twice in the same week. I did, however, leave myself no choice but to cover the brand-new visual for the track because it looked like he took his talents to another beautifully exotic place, so I had …

Need U – [Ari Rivera]

Ari Rivera is making his well deserved appearance on our pages today for his song entitled, “Need U”. The track dropped back in March, but I think it’s so important to revisit this beautiful offering by the 18-year-old Mountain View, California native.  “Need U” is a track that almost everyone will be able to relate to. Somehow Ari has managed to wrap up all of the emotions that come with love, loss and the risk we take when entering relationships. The upbeat yet reflective offering puts all of Ari’s talents on full display. His voice sounds utterly beautiful and the production is the perfect compliment to bring this piece to its fullest amount of life.  I was able to grab a quote from Ari and he explained that: “The goal for me is just to create something special. Whether that be as an artist, producer, designer, songwriter, etc. I don’t think I quite know what “special” means yet and I’m still finding my footing, but hopefully I’ll get there some day.” Ari is an amazing talent and it’s unbelievably shocking when you realize that he’s only been doing this for 3 years. If he continues to progress at this rate …