Waterfall – [She’Chinah]

An artists ability to tap into an array of musical stylings is impressive in its own right but for the same artist to also be able to tap into era’s and moments is something else entirely. This lengthy yet necessarily needed description applies to She’Chinah’s new single, “Waterfall.” Making her debut on the site, She’Chinah is a Memphis-based artist with a limited discography that speaks volumes to her talent and promise. She’Chinah’s new single, “Waterfall,” is a body-stirring 90’s house concoction that wastes no time in establishing its rhythm. Listeners are first embraced by this song’s pulsating production and She’Chinah’s electrically-singed vocals. Serenading with a stream of conscious-like flow, She’Chinah allows her innermost thoughts to be placed on full display. It’s hard to not get lost in the 90’s aesthetic created by this booming record that helps paint a vivid picture of the life and times of house music’s dominance. Whether your reveling in this record’s beautifully crafted nostalgia-triggering production or its honest lyricism, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable experience from the moment you press play. The talented and quickly rising artist shared the below about her latest single. “I’ve had many moments of deep thought over the last year, and I’m …

It’s Victor’s Internet–we’re just living in it.

When I met Victor for the first time, the then 17-year-old musician and I had arranged to link up at a coffee shop in Wicker Park to record an interview. Huddled in the corner of the crowded room on a snowy afternoon, I asked the up-and-coming artist, whose track “Tinder Song” I’d just discovered a month prior, about the artists that had been inspiring him most lately. At the time, he’d mentioned names like Jasper Bones, Banes World, and Cuco. I remind him of that day now as we’re sitting in the chilly lobby of the Lyrical Lemonade office in the middle of summer in Chicago. He’d just gotten off the road opening for Cuco’s headlining tour, a full-circle moment that even Victor has trouble summing up in words. His new project, simply titled ‘Victor’s Debut’, seeks to take the experiences he’s had over this time period and sum them up in song form. The breadth of his music has grown along with him–a quality that comes through in the carefully arranged tracklisting of ‘Victor’s Debut’. While the first half presents more of the dreamy, emotional side that Victor’s music has explored deeply in the past, the second half undergoes …

Pull Party – [Narissa]

A west coast rapper by the name of Narissa makes her first appearance on our blog today with a new music video for her song “Pull Party”. The LA native’s song is part of the soundtrack to an indie film titled “South Central Love”, and the accompanying visual matches that vibe on every level possible, relying on iconic shots of Narissa and crew strutting around the city. The song itself is an instantly catchy club banger that showcases the up-and-coming artist’s bars over bass-heavy production. On “Pull Party”, Narissa introduces herself as a straightforward, blunt lyricist who possesses the ability to go viral off of her knack for memorable one-liners and hooks that beg to be rapped along to at your next party. Get in tune below:

Stack It Up – [Ronny J] x [Lil Pump]

Lil Pump and Ronny J are certainly no strangers to each other, they have made plenty of heat in the past, and today they are back with their latest offering titled “Stack It Up.” As soon as I saw that this release came out I rushed to hear what it sounded like, and of course, it’s a bass knocking banger, but it’s extremely melodic as well. These two creatives have so much chemistry together, they bounced off of each other perfectly, making for one of the best songs you will hear all day. Get in tune with this new joint below, the odds are you’ll be hearing it at clubs & concert venues, press play below!

Snake Skin – [Trippie Redd]

A few hours ago Trippie Redd blessed his massive fan base with a brand new music video for “Snake Skin” directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, and considering this was a fan favorite on his album you already knew it went up. Trippe Redd and Cole have made magic multiple times in the past so I expected this one to be special, but I was instantly blown away after watching this one, and I clearly wasn’t the only one because this video has accumulated well over 500,000 views in just a few hours. Take a few minutes of your Friday to watch this brand new visual below and if you like what you see then don’t forget to subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel.

Grown Man – [JT Flowers]

Earlier this month, JT Flowers released the first single from his forthcoming EP titled “Lose My World”. The song contained the blueprint for Flowers sound: a fusion of hip-hop with elements of grunge and rock mixed in to make for a grimy, aggressive listening experience. Today, he doubles down on that sonic blueprint with a new single titled “Grown Man”. Flowers takes the fiery energy of his sound up a notch on this song, which is by far the brashest addition to his discography thus far. His unruly growling voice is solely backed by a distorted guitar and hard 808s. While the song doesn’t really go anywhere else once the initial beat hits, there’s definitely potential for something greater to come that resonates from Flowers’ willingness to experiment and fully embody a style. The press release for Flowers outlined his background in academia, explaining that the Portland-based artist “recently pivoted away from a Yale degree, a Rhodes scholarship, and a sure-to-be successful career in politics”. It also described his EP as “the perfect proving ground for an artist who can not only make hits, but do so without sacrificing ingenuity and authenticity.” With the project, titled ’Steel Rose’, set to …

Untitled – [Uno Hype]

Spoon-feeding a story can often hurt the longevity of a song, just as a dull moment can decrease its replay value. For a great song to last, there needs to be a sense of meaning deeper than just the words on the paper, and there needs to exist some sort of character arc that leaves listeners searching for more. In the case of Uno Hype and his latest release — the impeccable “Untitled” — we’ve got both. Left without a title, Hype’s newest release finds its importance in the form of an onion-like approach to songwriting. On the first half of the track, he speaks of ambitions and fears in his current environment, leaving a trail of frenzied energy and almost paranoid, blood-rushing lines over the hard-nosed production. On the second half of the song, however, Hype extends the meaning of the first by playing on its Boyz n the Hood-referencing line, “pray they don’t do me like they did Ricky.” Creating a profound sense of contrast, he boils a concoction of soulful, introspective production with heart-wrenching lyrics, painting the duality of Hype’s life in the process. Only deepening the meaning here, the release also relies on several striking images as its …

Gossip – [Saint Lyor]

Having followed a scarce pattern of output in his career so far, Brockton native Saint Lyor is an interesting case. His first few releases point to remarkable promise, and yet, Lyor remains somewhat shadowed, boasting a thunderous mic presence and stellar ear for production without the volume of releases to match. Today, however, it feels as though the sentiment has changed. Charged up with his brand new single, “Gossip,” Lyor is bursting at the seams with the energy and creativity to make some noise, and by the looks of it, his latest is a roaring example of such. Loaded with mesmeric production, combining its ingrained groove with deep bass kicks and malleable pockets of air, “Gossip” is a perfect representation of the word undeniable. As he’s done so skillfully in the past, Lyor delivers a head-turning vocal performance, and even makes sure to take things to the next level with his prideful, matter-of-fact lyricism to match — packed with local references and boastful statements of talent, I should mention. As a result, “Groove” crosses off every box of allure, pairing natural charisma with utter talent: a clear recipe for success when it comes to Brockton’s own. That said, I’ve been …

Bases Loaded EP – [Sprado]

Sprado is a Chicagoan who has been making some noise over the past couple of years, he first grabbed my attention after the homie Bekoe put me onto his movement, and I have been a fan of his ever since so needless to say I have been waiting for this project! This tape is a total of thirteen songs in length and it offers an array of different types of sounds from the young emcee, but don’t think that he strayed away from his signature style, if anything this is just a well put together and more polished release from Sprado. I enjoyed all of the songs provided here but a couple of my favorites including the catchy ‘Mike N Ike’ as well as ‘American Dream’ featuring the Chicago OG Jeremih! This is a must-listen for any hip-hop fan but especially if you’re from the city, press play below!

Black Girl Unbothered EP – [Liv]

One of my favorite things to do is browse through the tens of thousands of music submissions we get and find a diamond in the rough, and that’s just the case as today we have an artist that goes by Liv who is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her brand new EP titled “Black Girl Unbothered”. Within the first five minutes of listening to this tape, I was thoroughly enjoying the sound that she provided, but it just kept getting better and better as the tracklist continued, it’s a super smooth listen that has tons of creative elements to it. Liv herself described this project as; “dedicated to the free spirit of a young black girl living her life. Its bouncy alternative RNB, unapologetic, edgy, and based in a lot what it means to find your 4ever person, all while remaining true to yourself. “. If you ask me that description is spot on, it only makes sense that the mastermind behind the project would know how it feels though. I swear that this is one of the best projects that I have heard this month, I didn’t know about Liv before finding this submission in the email, but man …