Bankrol Hayden: The Lemonade Stand Interview

About a month ago we had Bankrol Hayden stop by the office for a new episode of The Lemonade Stand, and today I am happy to finally drop the final product! I spoke to Hayden about many things such as his experience at Beyer High School, growing up in Modesto, the moment that “Costa Rica” started to blow up, his tragic car accident, working with Lil Baby + The Kid LAROI, his new single with Lil Tecca, where he sees himself in five years and more. Bankrol Hayden is a young star with a bright future, go ahead and learn a thing or two about him by pressing play below!

Toxic Ends – [Rarin]

If you’re pulling in 260k views on a video in two weeks you must be on the right track to doing something right. Rarin and his New pop and hip-hop-infused single “toxic ends” will catch your attention and stay in your head for some time. If you’re a fan of the younger generation of pop-rap acts such as The Kid Laroi, Post Malone, Bankrol Hayden,  and Yung Pinch then you’ll find “Toxic Ends” rather enjoyable. The video overall is one big stress ball, do you find yourself on the edge of your seat as Rarin hangs from a lime green Lamborghini scraping the pavement throughout the whole video. His voice, melody, and tone how far beyond his years. If he can incorporate in-depth stories that can rally fans around his brand then Rarin should be able to carve out a nice niche for himself in music. Watch Rarin’s highly-anticipated video for “Toxic Ends” after the break.

Touchdown – [YSB Tril] & [Bankrol Hayden]

YSB Tril is a somewhat new name in my repertoire of artists, but it’s pretty clear that his knack for making hits seems almost too natural. At only 19 years old, most kids are pursuing their college careers or something fairly normal while the North Carolinian is pursuing his dream of making music and doing it successfully, I should add. The same goes for California’s Bankrol Hayden, an artist who has amassed a large following for his unbelievably catchy party anthems and bangers that just naturally go viral, and I’m definitely here for all of the success that both of these rising stars are experiencing. Due to the fact that it seems like everything either of these artists touches turns to gold, I already knew I was in for a treat when they released their song “Touchdown” together. While the song itself is already a success, unsurprisingly, I was even more excited to see the Rick Lancaster-directed music video that truly brought this record to life. Opening up with a skit, the duo makes their way to football practice as they’re decked out in eye black and pads, but when they get there, their coach reams them out for being …

Rich Bitch – [Bankrol Hayden]

I’ve only had a few different recollections of Bankrol Hayden’s music, but every single one has seemingly been better than its predecessor. There seem to be only a few specific people in the music industry who can simply hop on a song and make an instant hit, and Hayden is undeniably one of these artists. He just has a knack for creating some addictive melodies, effective flows, and feel good bangers that deserve to be played at any and all parties all across the country. Although he draws comparisons to his friend and fellow hitmaker Lil Mosey, Hayden has been able to differentiate himself with not only his demonstration of various different sounds but also his very detailed and traumatic story that he has taken and made the most of, using it as inspiration rather than any sort of discouragement. His project Pain is Temporary dropped a couple of months ago and he’s steadily been releasing videos to support this effort ever since, the most recent being a visual for “Rich Bitch”. The beat for this hit begins with bubbly, resounding synths that almost sound like a xylophone being played underwater. Eventually, intricate percussive sounds and banging drums enter the …

Whatchu On Today- [Bankrol Hayden] ft. [Polo G]

Recently, Polo G has virtually been one of the only three rappers I have been constantly coming back to. Ever since THE GOAT dropped back in May, I think I’ve been listening to it more as time passes, because I just appreciate all of the attention to detail that went into it as well as the fact that there’s not a single song on there that’s not a hit for one reason or another. Due to my recent fascination with the Chicago staple, I’ve been paying attention to every single verse he spits, whether it’s his own or one for a friend. This led me to Bankrol Hayden, a California rapper whom I wasn’t extremely familiar with prior to hearing his song with Polo “Whatchu On Today”, which came off of his brand-new album Pain is Temporary. I know it’s been a few days, but I’ve been meaning to get to the fact that there’s a new visual to accompany this incredible song as well now, so it’s something you’re definitely going to want to tune into. As far as the song is concerned, the beat begins with some electric guitar chords from what I can tell prior to tapping …

Rich Bitch – [Bankrol Hayden]

At this point, there is no getting in the way of Bankrol Hayden and the wave he bringing with him. Fresh off the heels of his biggest hit to date “Costa Rica”, Hayden has returned with another fire single that is guaranteed to get people moving. Starting off this summer in a major way, “Rich Bitch” is a track that pairs perfectly with driving fast with all the windows down when the weather is prime. One thing that Hayden excels at is creating bouncy anthems that are catchy as hell. You can’t really listen to any of his songs without the melody or chorus getting imprinted in your head after the first play. With this song proving that Hayden is wildly consistent in terms of releasing hits, the excitement for his upcoming debut mixtape is at an all-time high. All signs point to the 18-year-old artist being one of this year’s biggest break out stars, it would be wise to start paying attention now before you start seeing his name all over the place. The debut mixtape will be releasing shortly and once that drops there’s no looking back for Bankrol Hayden, the sky is the limit. Stream “Rich Bitch” …

Costa Rica – [Bankroll Hayden]

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this one, but not too long ago an artist that goes by Bankroll Hayden released an impressive new music video for “Costa Rica”. Bankroll Hayden has been putting up some serious numbers on his releases, which are extremely impressive as is, but even more impressive when you consider that he is just seventeen years old. If I was you I would keep an eye out for Bankroll Hayden, he has the potential to do some real damage in the years to come. Take a few minutes out of your Thursday to watch this brand new music video below and if you enjoy it then don’t forget to hit that like button.