Fall Away-[Badmonsham]

A week ago, Florida artist Badmonsham released a brand new track that needs to be at the top of your daily rotation. I’ve been tracking the up and coming artist’s progress since last year and today, I finally get to write about him on Lyrical Lemonade for the release of his latest song called, “Fall Away”. The 2 minute and 37 second song is truly one of the most impressive offerings that he’s come out with and that’s all thanks to his innate talent and praiseworthy style. “Fall Away” kicks off what will be a promising year for Sham and I’m super excited to be able to watch him grow with every single thing that he drops. Teaming up with Daycare Records to bring his vision to life, the whole entire team seems to be executing this artist project to complete perfection. From start to finish, “Fall Away” will completely captivate you in every way. From the production all the way to Badmonsham’s unique vocal stylings, there is no way that you’ll turn off this song without feeling the energy that he used to create it with. This guy has a future and I’m super hype to see it all …

Sometimes – [Badmonsham]

This afternoon, an artist that goes by Badmonsham is making his first appearance on our website with his brand new offering titled “Sometimes”. I found Badmonsham’s music while clicking through the “Fans Also Like” section of Spotify a few times through, and I saw that he had just released a track, and after listening to it once I just couldn’t wait to hit that replay button. Badmonsham is from Florida which has had an absolutely budding hip-hop community for the last few years, there’s seemingly a never-ending amount of talent coming from that state, and Badmonsham has the potential to be one of the next notable names out of there. Badmonsham is a pure rapper in every sense of the term, and you’ll see that through his wordplay on his verses, but he’s also a magnificent singer + he proves that on the hook. I am a new fan after hearing this record, and I believe that you will be too, click play below!