Dancing with the Devil – [Babyface Ray] ft. [Landstrip Chip] & [Pusha T]

At least once or twice a week, I feel like I have the luxury and the pleasure of writing about yet another magnificent Michigan rap release, and I haven’t even begun to think about growing tired of this trend. I am simply dumbfounded by just how insanely talented each and every emcee is in this region, whether I’m listening to straight lyrical geniuses like Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and Rio Da Yung OG or more uncharacteristic spitters like BabyTron or Teejayx6. Simply put, there is never even close to a shortage of remarkable music coming from the northern music hub, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the sounds that have been brought to life over the past couple of years. Out of everyone, one of my favorite artists is undeniably Babyface Ray, and while I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion for most, I still think he is grossly underrated based on the amount of indescribably amazing content he has put out for fans. This is just the beginning it seems, though, because my excitement went through the roof once I found out that he has a brand-new album entitled Face dropping in two short weeks on January …

Dog Talk – [Ot7 Quanny]

Philly emcee Ot7 Quanny kicks off the new year with his new anthem and visuals entitled “Dog Talk.” North Philadelphia is one of the roughest areas in the city, naturally, that brings a lot of obstacles and hardships for a rapper like Ot7 Quanny. Coming from that area has molded Quanny’s sound, personality, and movement to what it is today. With this record Quanny states via email that the premise is “a statement to everyone that’s wronged him in the past.” I think with street rappers when you have actual stories to narrate along with the typical money and cars people can relate to you more. Not to say you have to come from those same streets or areas but when you have a story to tell people are more prone to gravitate to your music in the long run. If you’re a music listener that enjoys Babyface Ray, EST Gee, and Icewrar Vezzo then you should give Ot7 Quanny a chance. Watch the video for Ot7 Quanny’s single “Dog Talk” for yourself after the break.

Flight – [Butta] feat. [Babyface Ray] [Los]

Detroit music continues to captivate the south as Babyface Ray and Los head to another one of rap’s hottest cities, Jacksonville, Florida, to team up with Butta who is a Florida artist who clearly has been inspired by the sound that Los, Ray, and the rest of the Motor City have made so widely popular. Butta walks over the soulful, up-tempo instrumental, skating over the beat nonchalantly and shouting out his featured artists in the process, sounding right at home alongside the veteran Detroit pair despite being from clear across the country. Babyface Ray and Los both give Butta great guest verses and this trio clearly fucks with each other beyond the music and that’s something I always love from all of the artists who make up Whitehouse Studio who continue to set the new standard on how to move in today’s rap game.

Sippin – [Icewear Vezzo] & [Babyface Ray]

Although I have been very invested in the Michigan rap scene for probably no more than a year, I feel as if it has been a lifetime since I first found out about this gem of a music region. I think it feels this way because there is never any shortage of artists emerging from the shadows, and every single day I feel like I hear about another emcee who is making their claim as to why they’re a force to be reckoned with in music. While it seems like there is never going to be a halt when it comes to new, promising talent, there are definitely a few names who have become superstars, and they’re undeniably the people who are paving the way for all of these other artists to make a name for themselves. At this point, there are simply too many to name in just one article, so I’ll keep the list short and give credit to Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray, two of the most notorious artists in Michigan, and they only seem to continue getting better as more and more people find out about them. Just a few days ago, this duo teamed up …

Make No Sense – [Offset Jim] ft. [Babyface Ray]

Offset Jim is an artist I literally just found out about a few weeks ago, but I already know I’m late to the game. The Oakland spitter has been at it for a while and has been lighting the West Coast music scene on fire, so considering I love this region of rap music, I was beyond excited to find out about all of the amazing music he has been bringing into the world. While the Michigan music scene can often be closely compared to the West Coast scene with some candid, straightforward bars full of wordplays and attitude, it only makes sense when artists from these two places work together, and when I found out that Jim teamed up with Babyface Ray for their song “Make No Sense”, I was beyond thrilled. Not only this, but they released a Creating Paradise-directed music video in order to hype up his upcoming album Rich off the Pack, a project that is going to feature this amazing song on it, so you already know it’s going to be a hit. In the beat, there is a very calm, almost elevator music-inspired melody before chattering percussion and deep 808s quickly come into the …

WYD – [Mavi] [Tony Seltzer]

Earlier this week I revisited one of my very favorite releases of 2020 with KEY! and Brooklyn producer Tony Seltzer’s collaborative mixtape The Alpha Jerk which was really my first full-length introduction to Tony whose versatility is boundless and has a knack for creating sounds that are perfectly paced for the artists he works with, as well as finding beats that fit their unique voices well. Today Tony is back again with a new song and visual titled “WYD” with North Carolina artist Mavi who has already risen to underground legend status between his freshman and sophomore projects Let the Sun Talk and END OF THE EARTH which both established his affinity for sample heavy and often times off-kilter sounding production that matches his melancholy delivery well, but the true gold of Mavi’s music lies within the words he’s speaking, and he has very much to say on this new song. In the song Mavi questions himself, exploring topics like what directions he’s going to take his musical and academic careers. Truly Mavi is one of the very best lyricists to come out in the past decade and is only getting better and better as he collaborates with the underground’s best and most boundary-pushing …

War On Drugs – [Los]

The last year has seen the whole world turn their eyes to the Detroit music scene through a variety of different avenues as many, many artists at this point have stamped their names into the national consciousness from the Motor City, but to me the group of artists that are both some of the purest embodiments of the chaos and problems with their city as well as the ones who are the most committed to telling their stories in the most creative fashion possible are without question Los & Nutty, who alongside their Daisy Lane companions, have built a cult-following for their music almost as rabid as the fiends they rap about serving from Michigan to Tennessee, not to mention having been arguably the most consistent out of their city as the last two years has seen them drop three collaborative mixtapes, several individual projects, and dozens more features and singles to boot. While I also really, really enjoy WB Nutty’s music, Los has always been my favorite of the duo, and honestly from a personal perspective is my favorite rapper out of Detroit period, and on his latest project War on Drugs he delivers some of his very best work …

Deleted – [Lamu]

Nashville’s Lamu has quietly been carving out a solid underground fanbase in his hometown and online with his witty, streetwise lyricism and impeccable beat selection, largely borrowing from the Detroit sound with support from FullyLoadedTana and LoadMeUpIV who have been cornerstones in the Motor City’s production style from the Music City, most recently with Tana’s unforgettable production on BabyFace Ray’s new mixtape Unfuckwithable, supplying the beats for arguably the two best songs “IYKYK” and “Like Daisy Lane.” Lamu’s (aka Bertheolamu) latest track and visual for “Deleted” is definitely my favorite track from him yet as he glides over the happy and uptempo instrumental and attacks the beat with supreme confidence, boasting and belittling bar-by-bar. Dandoozled shot the simple yet turnt visual that shows off Lamu’s impenetrable charisma and has me looking forward to him being more consistent with his visual output going forward.

Call Me GT – [G.T.]

Detroit rapper and Motion Gang member G.T. has been setting his city on fire alongside his Motion Family affiliates Babyface Ray and Veeze and is back with a new project that follows his project Merciless that initially put him on the radars of many, but Call Me G.T. is still without a question a coming out party of sorts and could not have released at a more opprotune moment with the momentum of Babyface Ray who is looking like he will be the next artist to explode from the Motor City on a mainstream scale. G.T. is getting closer to his goals with this latest project and standout tracks like “Chosen,” “Joe Montana,” and assisted “Fade Away” help document his constant growth as a musician. Call Me G.T. shows the Detroit rapper at his most vulnerable. The passion in his voice bleeds through over some of his most advanced production so far. Consistency is what separates G.T. from the rest of the pack. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to succeed more than him. In typical Detroit fashion G.T. recruited a very solid list of features for the project including hometown guests own Icewear Vezzo, Veeze, Babyface Ray, the freshy freed Peezy, Baby …

Unfuckwitable – [Babyface Ray]

Detroit artist Babyface Ray just dropped a new project a few days ago called Unfuckwitable, and it’s something that I feel like any hip-hop music advocate will enjoy. This tape is a pretty quick listen considering that it’s just above fifteen minutes in length, but on this project, Babyface Ray provided us with seven super solid songs that flowed in perfect cohesion. Each of these songs are unique in their own right, Babyface Ray shined on each and every one of them, and the three features he had from EST Gee, Moneybagg Yo + Kash Doll were all sensational. Take some time out of your Wednesday to listen to this brand new EP below and if you like it, give him a follow on Twitter here!