I Know – [Baby Smoove]

Over the past year and a few months, Michigan has rapidly and steadily solidified a special place in my heart because of its booming music scene, and it’s honestly a little unexpected. While names like Eminem obviously put Detroit on the map decades ago, it seemed like they were waiting for a new wave of music, and that renaissance seems to be in full swing right now. If you’re familiar with this new sound, you know that it is unlike anything Em ever put out, and even though the differences are vast and unique, it is right up my own personal alley much more than Eminem really ever has been. One of the most creative voices on my radar right now is Baby Smoove, and I could go on for days about why I admire him so much. His beat selection is priceless, often working with Michigan Meech who is insanely talented, but his ability to bring so much to life with such a monotone, simplistic flow is truly one of a kind. Even though he is often composed and not very animated, his personality is simply beyond fascinating, and that goes so far in this current day and age …

“Jersey” – [Baby Smoove]

Detroit star and nationally emerging rapper Baby Smoove drops heat, with his latest video release to “Jersey,” which dropped on October 31. The video produced and directed by CT Films features cut scenes of Smoove pouring purple, counting money, and flashing extravagant jewelry that added lighting effects dance off beautifully. Additionally, the use of rack focus and panning videographic techniques provide a unique composition that is hardly common. Even more impressive, is that the video looks to be only shot in one location, yet feels like various spots due to the sequencing and shot selection. Smoove is able to melt his lean-infused lyricism and delivery into a poetic blend over a key-dominated instrumental that accompanies his niche well. Pairing this with video tinting and lighting techniques, Smoove’s tone adds to the hazy, eerie track that rightfully dropped on Halloween. “Every time I drop a tape, they gon’ treat it like a bible.” Baby Smoove has found incredible recent success with several of his songs surpassing the million-stream mark on spotify. As his rise to stardom continues, his growing popularity has brought the video over 100K views in just two days on YouTube. Check it out below!

Hiding- [DayDay]&[JGucci]

The Detroit sound is making its way all over the country, from the west coast to the east and nearly all areas in between. Birmingham, Alabama is no exception despite having their own unique sound currently. DayDay has been the foremost of all the Birmingham artists in bringing this wave to their city, nonchalantly floating over instrumentals similar to how someone like Baby Smoove glides on the beat, but has a distinctive southern twang in his vocals that sets him apart from any Motor City artists. He and his close friend JGucci took turns floating on this instrumental, subtly bragging and motivating the mean streets of Birmingham at the same time. DayDay doesn’t have too much music out just yet but is already making a big impression on many in his city and I have a feeling that DayDay will be around for a while.

Animal Control – [Baby Smoove]

Baby Smoove, a rising Detroit superstar premiered his brand new visual for the track, “Animal Control,” last week with fans waiting on the rumored release of an upcoming album. In association with CTFilms, Baby Smoove is pictured in the visual draped in jewelry, lost in backwoods smoke and big dollar-bills to portray the raspy, hazy tone the track gives off. Smoove is not a stranger to success in his short time in the hip-hop industry, expanding his fanbase with popular songs like, “Akorn,” which released in 2019 and has accumulated 10M views, and “Not Us,” which has racked up 425k views in just under a month since it premiered. Get acquainted with the official visual to, “Animal Control,” shot by CTFilms, on YouTube below!

Hustler Muzic – [Baby Smoove]

Every time I tune in to a new Baby Smoove track, I find it hard to believe that I’ve been following along with his career for almost a year. At this point, it seems like he’s still as fresh and new as the day I first heard about him late last summer, and although it has been a substantial amount of time compared to other artists I’ve just found out about, I think it feels this way because there’s really no one else like him in the music industry. His dexterity is obvious despite his laid-back style, yet he can flow with the best of them on any instrumental you put in front of him. While I feel like I always write about his new releases, I simply couldn’t resist his latest visual for his song “Hustler Muzic” after seeing it all over social media, so I honestly had no choice. Produced by Michigan Meech and shot once again by his videographer JuddyRemixDem, things open up in the middle of an absolutely massive, modern-day mansion. Laying there with his hat covering his face, he seems to wake up in a daze in the middle of the home’s library. As he …

Baby Chain – [Baby Smoove]

Baby Smoove and the rest of the Michigan rap scene are blowing up, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore. While I’ve been a fan of his for the better part of a year, it seems like the majority of the public is just starting to catch on, so regardless, I’m happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Just the other day, Smoove surprised fans yet again with another unbelievable track called “Baby Chain”, and this one got me really excited, to say the least. Produced by Rocaine, we’re introduced to a very simplistic, percussion-forward instrumental with out-of-the-box sounds like wood blocks and a guiro that combine for a minimal yet beyond catchy beat. Considering its laid-back disposition, I wasn’t exactly sure how Smoove would fair considering he himself is typically very nonchalant, and while he doesn’t necessarily switch up his own personality just to fit in on this beat, he actually glides along right over the beat impeccably well. Although his enthusiasm never raises much more than usual, he constantly assaults the production with peppered lyrics and constant wordplays that are as creative as they are captivating, per usual. Alongside the brand-new song comes a …

IV – [Baby Smoove]

It seems like not a single day goes by that I don’t listen to at least one Baby Smoove song, and at the rate he releases new music, I could probably go at least an entire year listening to a different song without any repeats. Most recently, the Detroit rapper teamed up with one of his favorite producers and frequent collaborator Michigan Meech to drop off a brand-new track entitled “IV”, and the results are as wild and incredible as they always are. In the instrumental, Meech gives us an orchestra of synths that sound angelic and grand as mischievous piano keys change the vibe prior to characteristic Michigan percussive elements entering into the scene, paving the perfect path for Smoove to do what he does best. Although it’s definitely not a new concept for Baby Smoove to barely annunciate his words enough to understand, it seems like in this track, he truly just lets the lyrics ooze out of his mouth with as minimal effort as possible. I feel like I always have to explain this description because it sounds like I might be dissing him, but this is the delivery that captivated me from the very beginning and …

Tiny Gun – [Baby Smoove]

Detroit has always been known as a hardworking city, and the blossoming rap scene there is carrying that reputation over to the studio. Every day, artists are putting in so much work it’s truly unbelievable, and the amount of content they end up releasing just proves that the Motor City can go toe to toe with any other music city in the country. While there are some massive names that have come out of the D, Baby Smoove is one of the most compelling tastemakers there is, and while his sound is unique and diverse, that hasn’t prevented fans from flocking in his direction for the past couple of years. Most recently, Smoove decided to team up with a producer that goes by the name of Rocaine to bring a brand-new single to life called “Tiny Gun”. Within the production, there are some epic, momentous synths that give the illusion that we’re being led to some sort of pinnacle moment at some point before light, tapping hats and toned down drums enter the scene, creating a perfect base for Smoove to spit some of his unrushed, trademark bars that are as smooth as they are relaxed. While the song itself …

Who Would Ever Thought – [Lil Aaron Japan]

Just a month or two ago, the homie put me onto an artist who goes by the name Lil Aaron Japan, and although he might live out in Houston at the moment, his roots are dug deep in Milwaukee and that’s the place he calls home over everything else. The song that was my introduction to him was called “Thinkin” and it was a Detroit styled banger that was very reminiscent of a Baby Smoove or Veeze type of flow, instrumental, and overall aesthetic, but little did I know that it was going to lead me to more music that is even more unique and incredible than I could’ve ever expected. This incredibility is shown off in his latest project entitled Who Would Ever Thought, a 7 song, almost 13-minute-long mixtape featuring production from T4 and GabyBatBouta that gives a sample size of all the insane and out-of-the-box styles that Aaron can bring to life. Opening up with “Scotty Pippen”, an inspiring piano melody is combined with some airy, lighthearted synths. As he talks, his vocals are soft and angelic, yet it almost sounds like he is putting the most minimalistic amount of effort into his delivery as the autotune …

Honey Pack (Remix) – [BFB Da Packman] feat. [Lil Yachty] [DDG]

BFB Da Packman is slowly becoming a name that’s popping up more and more amongst the rap community. This past Friday the rising Houston, based by way of Flint, Michigan emcee dropped a remix to his “Honey Pack” single featuring Lil Yachty and DDG. It took me a while to gravitate to the whole Michigan and Detroit sound but I’ve found myself playing artist in that lane such as Sada Baby, DDG, and Baby Smoove a lot more. One thing that sets BFB Da Packman is his personality. He’s just a naturally funny guy and you can see his comedic side across his social media all the way through his music with his creative and witty bars. In this OshotYoufilmz and Arod2UP shot and directed film BFB, Yachty, and DDG can be seen partying at Sony Digital’s Club Digital with beautiful BBW’s. Watch the visuals for BFB Da Packman’s “Honey Pack” remix featuring Lil Yachty and DDG for yourself after the break.