Orange Soda – [Baby Keem]

Between “Invented It,” “France Freestyle,” and his latest, “Orange Soda,” Baby Keem is on a reign of a terror right now. Quite visibly, the excitement of the rap world is rapidly congregating around the soon-to-be-star, and in response, he’s come through which three immaculate songs, all of which have fans, both new and old, yearning for more. Taking a step back, however, today, we’re here to focus on just the newest of the bunch, “Orange Soda.” Slowing things down a bit, “Orange Soda” reminds listeners of Keem’s notable versatility, as he skates across a sun-kissed instrumental with ease. It may not be the thunderous approach that we’ve seen in some of the rising talent’s more recent singles, but nevertheless, “Orange Soda” clicks, offering up a bright anthem for the hot days and long nights of the summer. Also notable, weighing in at just over 2 minutes in length, “Orange Soda” finds parts of its value in the art of brevity, as Keem’s endlessly-fun deliveries and clever wordplay leave fans throwing this one on repeat without hesitation. As we’ve seen in his entire catalog to date, Keem’s ability to cut his songs just short enough to increase their replay value is second …

France Freestyle – [Baby Keem]

Quickly rising to the top of the hip-hop conversation right now, the hype around Baby Keem is, for lack of a better word, very real. With every new release, the budding talent twists and turns his face-melting deliveries into a new banger for fans to love, and looking at Keem’s catalog to date, this approach hasn’t failed even once. Today, the man himself is here to take over headlines once again with a new offering, “France Freestyle.” The best way for me to describe this one is with a sports parallel. Growing up, everyone knew that kid who talked the biggest game on the court. They had that ingrained swagger, that cockiness that drove people insane — and yet, their game backed it up, every. single. time. Such is the case with Keem. Sure, his rhymes are braggadocious and sure, some of his flexes may even seem ahead of themselves considering how early on it is for Keem, but the truth is, he really is that dude and it’s not looking like things will slow down anytime soon. With “France Freestyle” as his latest, unbelievable set of proof, Keem is ready to continue his takeover. Sit back, throw some headphones on, and click …

Invented It – [Baby Keem]

Baby Keem is an interesting spot right now. Existing in some sort of limbo between the underground and inevitable stardom, considering both the quality of his music and the plethora of notable cosigns he’s received to date, it definitely won’t be long until Keem takes the spotlight. Even so, however, it’s hard to say that anyone really has the full story on the budding talent, and for this reason and more, his semi-mysterious figure has continuously enchanted listeners to no end, just knowing that one day, the switch will flip and Keem will explode. Nevertheless, being that he’s still near the relative beginning of his career despite all of the accomplishments he’s garnered so far, the unspoken around Keem is nothing less than intriguing. Everyone is waiting on his moment, and with videos like his latest release, the visual companion for his new single, “Invented It,” it truly feels as though Keem’s moment is just around the corner. That said, for the time being, it’s up to Keem to keep things high-quality and consistent, and from what we’ve seen so far, I would say he’s blown this goal out of the water. The new video for “Invented It,” for example, …

Invented It – [Baby Keem]

Between Hearts & Darts, The Sound of Bad Habit, songwriting credits on the Black Panther soundtrack, a Shia LaBeouf-directed music video, and countless other wins, 2018 was a hell of a year for Baby Keem. Nobody does it quite like this young up-and-comer, and the self-assured, confident stature of his music won’t just tell you so — it will convince you so. That said, here today with the latest step toward his inevitable takeover, Keem is here on Lyrical Lemonade to bless us with a brand new single, “Invented It.” In my eyes, a central reason why Baby Keem’s music works is because of its thoughtful balance between raw, almost rebellious deliveries and melodic vocal runs. All throughout “Invented It,” Keem seemingly uses these bellowing melodies as a grappling hook to the lyrics, and resulting is a song that feels just as comfortable being played as a hype-up song as it does being thrown on repeat at a party. Also notable with this song, as if his intoxicating energy wasn’t enough, Baby Keem’s enticing songwriting has become a central part of his style. Naturally, it’s a fantastic sight to see this development creep into each successive release, and further, it leaves me in awe of the endless …

Gang Activities – [Baby Keem]

  Looking back on some of the most impressive releases I wrote about in 2018, one project that simply demands acclaim is Baby Keem’s The Sound of Bad Habit. Wise beyond his years, Keem’s style is best identifiable by galvanizing flows and hard-nosed deliveries, meshing together to make for some truly impressive raps — just ask hit-making producer Cardo Got Wings, and he’ll tell you the same. Today, Keem is back on Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new set of visuals for one of the project’s standout songs, “Gang Activities”. Taking on a unique visual direction, one of the most notable, and quite frankly, legendary, features of this video is that it’s actually directed by none other than Shia Labeouf. The joining of forces between Keem and Shia certainly isn’t something that I saw coming, but nevertheless, it works seamlessly, as Shia clearly understands how to translate the energy of “Gang Activities” directly to the screen. I could go on about this one all day long, but instead, I’ll just let “Gang Activities” speak for itself. Click play below, and if you haven’t already, check out The Sound of Bad Habit here!

Miss Charlotte – [Baby Keem]

Baby Keem is up next, just mark my words. Today, the rising talent is here to prove that there’s substance behind the hype with a cinematic new set of visuals for the song “Miss Charlotte” off of his recently-released project, The Sound of Bad Habit. Taking to colorful scenes of Keem spending the day and night with his girl, this music video finds our hero in his most natural state as he walks around with a captivating, leisurely charisma. The energy that his verses exhibit translates seamlessly onto the screen, and without breaking a sweat, Keem offers up a release just as appealing visually as it is sonically. This budding talent is a must-watch, so check out “Miss Charlotte” below and follow Baby Keem on Twitter here! Directed by Chris Parsons Produced by Cardo Got Wings

The Sound of Bad Habit – [Baby Keem]

Baby Keem is on a rapid rise to the top right now, and backed by the revered hitmaker, Cardo Got Wings, he’s here to prove that there’s an amply supply of substance behind the hype with a hard-hitting new project, The Sound of Bad Habit. 12 tracks long, this project keeps each song short and sweet, maintaining the listener’s attention with ease all the way throughout. Keem never overstays his welcome, but instead chooses to let out small doses of his addictive style in ways that will surely keep listeners coming back for more. With this, the latest from the budding star is a true testament to the lovable personality and energetic presence he holds when on the mic, and if The Sound of Bad Habit is any indication of what Baby Keem has on the way, then it’s safe to say that all signs are pointing up for the young talent. Click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Lamb Talk – [Quavo]

Chances are you’ve never seen this many Lambo’s in one place until you’ve taken in Quavo’s newest cut for, Lamb Talk. Included in the trio of singles from the Migos frontman last week, the sportscar-inspired track was brought to the big screen with Keemotions & Quavo behind the lens of arguably the most expensive video to date, but mostly due to the choice of cars. With cameos from QC mates Offset & Lil Baby as well, the entire visual revolves around the Italian sports car with Quavo unleashing his firesome verses while cruising the streets in just about every color of Lamb you could possibly imagine. It’s only a matter of time until the next cut for one of Quavo’s new tracks so until then, let the visual for Lamb Talk get you in your feelings of expensive whips you can’t afford. A film by Keemotions & Quavo