Professor Calamitous – [Lonny X]

For Lonny X, consistency is key. Ambition has always been a driving force in the Connecticut artist’s music, and simply by raising the bar with every new release, he’s maintained a catalog that refuses to stay static, never mind take a step backwards. Every new release is an opportunity to push Lonny that much further ahead, and he treats such responsibility with the utmost care, making sure to impress with his latest, “Professor Calamitous.” Propelled by a laid-back, brilliantly soulful instrumental, “Professor Calamitous” perfectly embodies the character behind a Lonny X offering: to-the-point, future-oriented, and inarguably impressive, building the buzz brick by brick in a state not known for its hip-hop output. His lyrics are fairly simplistic, and his flows somewhat sparse, but there’s no denying that the latest from CT’s own comes packed with a real sense of force — a declaration that for Lonny, it’s not about impossibly complex lyrics or twisting flows. Rather, with “Professor Calamitous,” we see the power in a straightforward release, impenetrable in its quality-first mindset. With this, even beyond the empowering structure of the song itself, “Professor Calamitous” comes packaged with an impeccable set of visuals to match. The creative direction — done by …

House On Wheels – [Deb Never]

Deb Never has captured my attention ever since in early January where she was featured in an emerging artist article by Pigeons and Planes. I really jumped onboard the Deb Never bandwagon when she released her single “Ugly” back in May. Deb’s music is described as a new grunge sound that includes hard-hitting 808s and a hip-hop blend. If you’re a fan of early 90’s gunge music such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and LCD Soundgarden and the current soundscape of hip-hop and pop today like me, then you’ll be just as enamored with Deb’s music as I am. Deb adds four more singles to her standout single “Ugly” to fill out ‘House On Wheels’. A track for you to look to take off on this EP is her single “Swimming.” With the release of this new EP and landing a surprise feature on Brockhampton’s ‘GINGER’ album Deb Never seems to be headed in the right direction and is finishing up 2019 strong. Stream Deb Never’s brand new project ‘House On Wheel’s’ for yourself below.


The road to Brockhampton’s ‘Ginger’, the boyband’s fifth studio album, has been one paved by some of their best music videos yet. Today, the group adds yet another visual to their already iconic filmography for their new single “No Halo”. The singles released for ‘Ginger’ so far suggest a more minimally-produced, gloomier chapter for the group, and “No Halo” follows suit. Coming across as a sort of existential crisis in the form of a song, each member wrestles with inner-demons over a haunting acoustic guitar. Kevin Abstract takes a backseat on this track, leaving room for collaborator Deb Never to step in and hold down the song’s hook with her breathy, emo vocals. There’s no shortage of memorable shots in the music video for “No Halo”, but my personal favorite comes around the 1:34 mark: each member’s face gets lit by an individual spotlight, timed with the music to make for an ingeniously eerie image. Watch the video for “No Halo” below:

If You Pray Right – [BROCKHAMPTON]

Brockhampton have come along way since the ‘Saturation’ era and filming music videos of themselves in their notorious South L.A. home. However, while the group may now have greater resources to produce their art, their latest video proves the boyband’s aesthetics have stayed consistent. “If You Pray Right” is the second single off the group’s forthcoming record ‘Ginger’, and it embodies a similarly sparse, back-to-basics approach as their previous single, “I Been Born Again”. The beat is composed of little more than a trombone and some eerie synths scattered throughout, but it’s a minimal sonic playground that proves to be just enough for each member to contribute a solid verse. Dom McClennon, arguably the most technical and lyrical rapper of the group, kicks off the track and ultimately takes the spotlight—a welcomed change of pace that ends up working really well for this particular song. The video itself screams Brockhampton, complete with their iconic long take cinematography, blue faces, and even a teaser for another song at the end. The dizzying camerawork keeps the video interesting despite it only being one continuous shot, and each member’s verse brings different energy both musically and visually. Although they may have bigger budgets …

I Been Born Again – [BROCKHAMPTON]

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Brockhampton since they came on the scene, it’s that they can never be counted out. They work quietly, but when they distribute their art to the masses, it is an explosive phenomenon that turns all heads in their direction. Possibly dissatisfied with the reception of 2018’s Iridescence after unspeakably high expectations set by the group’s 2017 trilogy, the band clearly took a step back to switch it up and decide where they would go from here.  And switch it up they did, as their first 2019 single, “I Been Born Again”, from their upcoming album Ginger, takes a “less is more” approach. Not only is this song hookless, but the beat on here is very skeletal, relying on sparse synthesizers weaving in and out of a bouncy bassline and kick drums, along with some vocal samples scattered throughout the track.  As I said, this song doesn’t have the hook or refrain that is usually part of the Brockhampton formula, and this is actually refreshing to hear, especially considering the fact that the verses don’t disappoint. Joba’s pitched down verse meshes with the ethereal mood of the track, and Matt’s explosive verse to finish off …

Peach – [Kevin Abstract]

As an individual artist and even alongside the entire Brockhampton crew, Kevin Abstract’s unmatched work ethic and remarkable drive for both quality and quantity have led to an undeniably historic run of great projects and videos. Most recently, he blessed us with the stellar Ghettobaby EP, and now, as we await the forthcoming main entree, Kevin is back, and he brought some friends. Today, we’re here to help unveil the bona fide star’s incredible new release, “Peach” — a song that, by my estimates, we’ll all be throwing on repeat the entire summer long. Featuring a lush chorus from one of music’s newest and most promising young talents, Dominic Fike, as well as some guest spots from Joba and Bearface, this song takes the intoxicating warm air of the summer and turns into a beautifully anthemic soundtrack for the season. Abstract’s thoughtful lyrics bounce perfectly alongside the infectious rhythm of the song, and the cherry on top is a guitar-based instrumental that sounds, feels, and hits just like a picture perfect summer day, all the way into the moonlit glory of the night. Only adding to the greatness of this release, the visuals bring all of the feelings of warmth, friendship, reflection, and …

THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING – [Kevin Abstract]

Over the past couple of weeks, Kevin Abstract has been teasing a yet-to-be-announced project entitled ARIZONA baby. The hype surrounding these video clips and song snippets continues to build today in the form of a more lengthy music video, “THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING”. It’s unclear exactly what this video is a part of, but judging by the cryptic rollout that has led up to this point, something big may be just around the corner. It’s been over two years since Kevin Abstract released his second solo album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, and a lot has changed in the life of the 22-year-old artist since then. Namely, Brockhampton — the boyband of which he is a founding member — has reached global success, garnering a #1 Billboard album debut for their most recent record iridescence. He alludes to the much different stage of life he is in now with this new video, rapping “I got rich way too fast” before reflecting on the different effects newfound success has had on his relationships. The track itself features eerie synths that build up into a disorienting, jazzy outro, making this an incredible preview of the great music to come. We may …

3 Nights – [Dominic Fike]

Naples, Florida star Dominic Fike returns to drop not one but two different videos for his smash hit “3 Nights.” 3 Nights was one of the better songs that were released last year and if you’ve heard it the chorus was probably trapped in your head at some point. For the video Fike takes an interesting approach he drops two whole alternate versions of the video. One video is directed by Brockhampton front man Kevin Abstract, and it’s kind of freestyle version of the video. We see Dominic attempting to do back flips and wandering aimlessly in the streets while singing. In the second video, there’s more of a plot and it goes along with the narrative of the song. Fike is seen leaving a hotel hopping in a car with a mysterious woman watching him ride off in the distance. He later on links with another woman spends a couple of nights with her and repeats the same process. Which version of “3 Nights” is your favorite? Watch to decide after the break below.

Hip-Hop And The Grammys: It’s Complicated

On the Recording Academy’s Up-and-Down Relationship with Rap     The scent of weed wafting its way down the hall to my room from Andre3000’s neighboring after party cements the night in my mind like it was yesterday. Andre had reason to celebrate: it was 2004, and Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below had just won what is generally considered to be the top prize on “Music’s Biggest Night”—the Grammy Award for album of the year. I remember the night, and that smell of success, like it was yesterday. But it was hardly yesterday, was it? It’s the most oft-mentioned, ongoing streak of embarrassment for the Grammys, but it must be repeated annually until it’s broken: it has been fifteen years since that Outkast win, and no rap project since has reached the Grammy summit. Plenty of worthy LP’s have been nominated, but all have come up short, including exceptional  releases by Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z and—three times each, Eminem, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. That’s fifteen years, mind you, in which hip-hop has only solidified its place as contemporary culture’s preeminent sound and style. What can you say? Fool me once…but fool me fifteen times? The 61st Grammy Awards will take …


The hardest working boyband in the world has recently released their new riotous video for “NEW ORLEANS.” This is the second video release from BROCKHAMPTON’s new album, iridescence. Directed by Kevin Abstract, the video is filmed in Sydney, Australia in what looks like a movie theater overflowing with hundreds of ecstatic BROCKHAMPTON fans. Opening up on Don McLennon, the video begins as fiery as the song does capturing McLennon aimlessly bouncing around rapping his verse. The video continues to individually profile each member of the group during their respected verse in the song. The video serves as a great example of the boyband’s character, utilizing their fanbase to create an anarchic atmosphere that they themselves become a part of. I applaud you if you are able to make it through this entire video without recklessly jumping around. Watch the new video below and tell us if you ended up breaking anything in the comments!