Nonstop – [BoofBoiicy]

BoofBoiicy has appeared on our platform several times in the past, and this afternoon he is making his way back to on pages with his brand new tune titled “Nonstop”. From the moment you press play you will fall in love with the slow building production, before the bass smacks you in the face half way through & Boof jumps on the beat & does his thing. Listen to this brand new jam below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Boof by giving him a follow on Soundcloud here!

Lonely Soldier – [RorysDeath]

Making several appearances on our pages in the past with singles such as “In The Trap“, “Round My Block“, and more, RorysDeath is certainly no stranger to Lyrical Lemonade. His abundant supply of potential is seen to be one of the most exciting in the underground right now, and today, Rory is here to mark his prowess with a brand new project, Lonely Soldier. Spanning over a range of 4 songs, this short-but-sweet offering allows us a vivid look into the personality of the young artist. An arsenal of hard-nosed bars is projected onto each of the hard-hitting beats, perfectly complemented with features from BRICKBOYDIOR and BOOFBOIICY and production credits from Trillogy and Chupi. Rory’s charismatic vocals never fail to impress and entertain listeners, and in such a way, each of these 4 songs holds the potential to be a smash hit. It’s only a matter of time until you’re hearing the name RorysDeath everywhere, so get hip and listen to Lonely Soldier at the link provided below!


BOOFBOIICY is no stranger to our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade, and today, we welcome the rising star yet again for his brand new single, “Lab Rat”. Most notably, the reason that song sticks with me right off of the bat is due to its ominous sound and hazy, trunk-rattling bass. The two unique aspects form together to create a wonderfully eccentric sonic atmosphere, and BOOFBOI clearly thrives in such a way, as he delivers a barrage of agitated lyricism that fits the vibe perfectly. That being said, with production from Chupi lighting the way, this song is another banger to add to the seemingly endless list of hits that we have received from this young talent in the past. BOOFBOIICY is onto big things, and “Lab Rat” is proof, so be sure to give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Bird’s Nest – []

Another day, another absolute banger from Following his surprise release with BOOFBOIICY in the Broken Records EP, the LL favorite is back once again with a heavy hitter titled Bird’s Nest. Produced by Kenny Beats, bodied the vicious instrumental with his cutthroat lyricism on wanting checks, hopping on jets & just about everything in between. Adding to that, it doesn’t look like this one will be making the Chest Pains shortlist but then again, that just makes more room for heaters like this one on the forthcoming album. I’m going to let the music do the talking for this one though; be sure to let loose the latest from in Bird’s Nest immediately and listen to him snap on the Broken Records EP at the link below as well!

Broken Records – [Boofboiicy] [WARHOL.SS]

Talk about a power duo. Today, in a joining of forces that rap fans will undoubtedly be ecstatic over, BOOFBOIICY is here with WARHOL.SS to unleash a brand new joint mixtape entitled Broken Records. Very few artists have put together such extensive catalogs of bangers as these two, and hearing them together is truly an ideal collaborative effort. The mixtape is only 6 tracks long, but with all of the tremendous force that comes through each, trunk-rattling song, there is no shortage of personality and energy on this standout collection of records. With this, we simply need to credit the producers for bringing through the booming sound that defines Broken Records, considering credits from Vinso, UglyFriend, EQ, Badmon56k, Akachi, Cortdot, Kyblade, and Rob Surreal on the boards. I could go on about this incredible pairing all day long, but you can check it out for yourself at the link below!

Never Been Average – [Boofboiicy]

Within the plethora of new artists that seem to burst into fame every week now, one of the artists that has stuck with me for quite some time now has been Boofboiicy. His commitment to consistency within all of his music is truly second to none, and by plotting on the long game with his talent, I won’t be surprised to continue to watch this rising star head on his steady ascent towards the top as the year goes on. Today, Boofboiicy hits our pages with a project entitled Never Been Average, acting as a compilation of some of the music on his SoundCloud in order to get some music on the streaming platforms. Although these are all past singles, Never Been Average is the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the wave that this Lyrical Lemonade favorite is running right now. After killing it at our SXSW showcase, The Lemonade Stand, the sky is truly the limit for Boofboiicy. So don’t sleep, listen to Never Been Average at the link below!

No Chest – [BOOFBOIICY] ft. [Lil Candy Paint]

If you have been paying attention to the underground right now, you’ve probably stumbled across the names BOOFBOIICY and Lil Candy Paint at least once or twice, whether you know it or not. These two rising talents are on the rapid come up right now, and today, they’re here to visit our pages with the release of a collaborative single and @TheChadMow-directed video titled “No Chest”, which arrives to us via No Jumper. Sliding through scenes of the two fighting a Chucky doll, dancing, and sipping lean, the ominous visuals for this one provide just the right companion to go along with the murky sound of the “No Chest”. It’s confrontational, adding an edge with a touch of ignorance and an unforgiving beat from Staccato, and overall, meshing to create a buzzworthy banger to keep on repeat for the weeks to come. As for the future, the potential is sky high for BOOFBOIICY and Lil Candy Paint, so be sure to keep them on your radar as we watch their stocks inevitably rise. Watch “No Chest” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Robins – [BOOFBOIICY] ft. [Warhol.SS]

BOOFBOI and Warhol.SS teamed up for an all-new loose track titled “Robins.” Earlier this week, Warhol.SS gave his fans his latest EP titled “Where’s Warhol?” which executively-produced by Staccato. Staccato’s gotten even more business with this release, giving these two an eerie yet intense beat to spit over. Both BOOFBOIICY and Warhol gave their own twist to the instrumental, supplying listeners with two completely different ways to approach it. I think it’s no secret that you’ll be hearing all three of these names a lot in the next couple of months, be sure you get an early start by checking this one out down below.

witdashit – [BOOFBOIICY]

BOOFBOIICY is back with a new video for his catchy track, “witdashit.” Directed by Sean Lopez, this videographer pushed the creativity to the limits with a variety of overlaying shots and color treatments that made a final product that is original to most of what’s out nowadays. It’s just under two minutes in duration, but make sure not to miss out on what BOOFBOI and Sean Lopez came up with down below.

Long Nights Geekin – [BOOFBOIICY]

BOOFBOIICY is back with a new heater by the name of “Long Nights Geekin.” The young artist teased this track on his social media with a snippet of the music video which built some anticipation behind it’s release. The instrumental (prod. xan gang) uses some unique bass that went well with the rest of the song. It’s only about two and a half minutes long, but be sure you tune in on this one down below.