90210WestWood – [BBY Goyard]

BBY Goyard is finding himself back on our platform his afternoon with his brand new music video for “90210WestWood”! BBY Goyard is a rising talent out of North Carolina that has been making some melodic bangers lately at the snap of a finger, and this song might just be the best out of his entire catalog. All you have to do is press play and let the music speak for itself, the odds are that you will find a brand new artist that you will have in your rotation for 2019 & beyond. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to follow BBY Goyard on Twitter here.

Run Shannon Run – [BBY Goyard]

BBY Goyard is bubbling right now as a propitious young talent, ready as ever to take the rap world by storm. His melodic, fast-moving style never seems to lose pace with the immense growth of his fanbase over the past few months, and today, we see Goyard continue the full court press with a brand new video for “Run Shannon Run”. Taking to a video game template to illustrate the sparkling nature of the song, this visual companion acts as a perfect supplement in terms of bringing sound directly to life. The addictive sound and feel of “Run Shannon Run” translates seamlessly into flashes of colorful scenery and mesmerizing effects, only to be topped off with the charismatic presence of Goyard, himself. This song was a hit even before the video, but now that we’ve seen it come to life on screen, there’s no denying that this rising star has something special on his hands. Click play below and let us know what you think in the comments! Directed by Brittney Briggs Additional Footage by @Lil_Nextel Produced by Tyson & Gosuto