Familiar – [Ausar]

Ausar Bradley has been creating some beautiful music for the past few years that I have vividly enjoyed, and today he is back with his latest release titled “Familiar”. This one felt more like an them due to the build up at the start of the song that sounds like Ausar is about to hit the stage, before the always sensational Ro provided us with some vocals to kick it off with an admirable melody. Ausar has a golden path paved in front of him if you ask me, with this glorious instrumental and vocals to back him he has no choice but to make a hit, and if you’re anything like me once you hear the verse on the back end of the song you will instantly consider this to be one of Ausar’s best songs to date. Stream this brand new tune via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to give Ausar a follow on Twitter here!

Tank On E – [Kiraly Payne] & [Ausar Bradley]

Today I am happy to bring you the premiere of Chicago native Kiraly Payne’s brand new record titled “Tank On E” featuring fellow Chicagoan Ausar Bradley. If you check our pages frequently then you are surely aware that these two are some Lyrical Lemonade favorites, so when I first got word that they collaborated I couldn’t wait to hear the final product. It doesn’t take more than one listen to see that they did not let us down in the least bit, as they both delivered solid contributions over the addictive production that Kiraly blessed us with. Check out this brand new record below and if you like it be sure to give Kiraly a follow on Twitter here!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2017

If you recall we released our “Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016” list on the 31st last year, so it we had to bring it back this year due to the insane amount of talent that is coming out of Chicago. Each & every one of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. Please remember that this is in our opinion, & our opinions really don’t mean shit. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Jacob Lusted • Lane Cowherd • Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Jake Millan  • Miguel Alfaro This year has been a year of massive growth for Lyrical Lemonade as a whole: from getting our own HQ, to selling out shows in other cities, being featured in the Chicago Reader, working with some of our idols, growing our overall presence and much more. All of us here at LL would like to thank our supporters, whether …

Growth – [Ausar]

Ausar Bradley is finding his way back on our platform tonight with this brand new EP titled “Growth”. This is the first project release of his since his “The 6 Page Letter” tape that dropped some time last year, and after the first listen any true fan of his wills surely agree that you can hear the growth he has made since that point. There is a total of four new records on this one, and they all have some great instrumentals thanks to the producers Plainro, Wax Roof and Gold Haze. I had some high expectations coming into this one but Ausar exceeded those, be expecting to see this tape on our Top 50 list at the end of the year. Although all of these tracks impressed, my favorite one was probably the title track, mainly because of the way he picked the pocket perfectly on the soulful beat. Listen to the brand new EP below and let me know which song you like the most in the comments section!

Squad Anthem – [Ausar Bradley]

Not even a month removed from releasing his latest project “The 6 Page Letter,” Ausar Bradley is back with a brand new track titled “Squad Anthem.” He hopped over some dreamy production and delivered nothing but catchy bars for two minutes straight, making for an all around good listen. If I’m being 100% real, this man Ausar is way too underrated. Although he has created a fan base that is growing & growing every single day, there’s no reason that this man shouldn’t be more massive. However, that will come in time, I can’t wait to see him get the shine he deserves. For now, check out the new record below!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016

As we are only a few hours from entering the new year, we here at Lyrical Lemonade decided to put together a list of the best Chicago projects IN OUR OPINION! Each and every of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. I want to shine some light on our writers Lane Cowherd & Jacob Lusted really quick, they really helped me a ton on this Top 50 project, thank you guys for being dedicated & for all the assistance, I truly appreciate it! Also, I want to thank all the supporters out there. Lyrical Lemonade has grown tremendously in 2016, we have gained a few thousand followers on our Twitter in the past few months alone! So to all of our supporters, whether you just came across Lyrical Lemonade or if you have been showing love since day 1, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise we have some exciting stuff in store for the fans in 2017. To Cole & the rest of our writing team, let’s keep improving & getting better every …

The 6 Page Letter – [Ausar Bradley]

Ausar Bradley just blessed the world with his brand new project titled “The 6 Page Letter.” I don’t even know where to start. This project, wow, man, this project, wow. I knew it was going to be good, I even knew it would be great, but this just flawless. This tape is a total of ten tracks in length, and contains some solids features from the likes of Femdot, Isaiah G, Plainro, Josi Green, Freejay, Leo Mantra, Christian Jalon, and last but certainly not least Ci La Cole. I’m at a loss for words, this project is unbelievably good. I’m not going to waste your time any longer, listen to it below & judge for yourself!

LL Presents: The Plainro Q&A

I first came across Plainro’s art while listening to a song by Ausar Bradley that he contributed on, and ever since then it seemed like I kept seeing his name attached to dope music. After getting somewhat familiar with his sound & production, I could cleary see (and hear) the potential that he had in both aspects. This was easily one of if not my favorite Q&A I have done so far, I enjoy Plainro’s personality + music & I believe you will too! So read the conversation below & then be sure to give Plainro a follow here & check out his music catalog here.     EM: Before we get started with the questions, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. PL: My name is Plainro, friends and family call me Ro – I’m from Chicago, I’m 26, I’m married, I love Jesus but hate religion, I have a daughter and I’ve been doing music 12 years.  I started right after Kanye dropped College Dropout (no, like literally February 11th, 2004 is when I first pirated a copy of FL Studio and started sampling.)  I’ve never been formally trained in anything audio …

LL Presents: The Kiraly Payne Q&A

Ever since catching my attention at our last Lyrical Lemonade cypher, Kiraly Payne has been playing in my headphones frequently. I recently chopped it up with him and we spoke on plenty of subjects, so be sure to read up on him below then check out his music here.     EM: Before we start, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. KP: What’s good, I go by the name of Kiraly Payne. I’m a 20 year old rapper/producer/engineer. I live in the suburbs and I’m originally from Oak Park Illinois. I started making beats in 7th grade as well recording my own music in 7th grade as well and never stopped. Till this day, I still mix all of my music. I’m part of a collective called Royal Music as well as a production collective called NWB. — EM: When were NWB & Royal Music created? KP: I started Royal Music when I was 15. So around 2012 I believe. Me and my guys have been making beats together for a while now but we established NWB this year. The production team consists of myself, JUSTWill, ILLA, King Jorey & Nobility. All of my production is done …

LL Presents: The Ausar Bradley Q&A

Another week, another brand new Q&A with one yet another one of Chicago’s most talented up and comers. This time around, I chopped it up with Ausar Bradley. Ausar caught my attention about a year ago when I listened to his debut project “Lazarus,” and I’ve been keeping up ever since. He’s really one of the most under rated new artists out, and he’s unique in the fact that he refuses to use profanity in his tracks, he keeps it all positive. Go ahead and learn some more about him below, and afterwards be sure to listen to his music here.   EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. AB: So, my full name is Ausar Bradley. I’m from Chicago, but I’m currently attending the University of Illinois in pursuit of a degree in Chemistry. I’ve been officially making music for about a year now, and my only project to date is called Lazarus, however I’m also working on another project entitled “The 6 Page Letter” currently. I belong to a collective called A.I.M. which stands for Artistically Intelligent Minds that consists of myself, Josi Green, and Plainro. Our overall …