Blue Morning – [Atreesto]

Atreesto is a talent who I have raved about on our lemon filled pages time and time again, and today the Las Vegas-based producer is back with a brand new offering titled “Blue Morning”. Atreesto’s work ethic is second to none and his massive workload proves that as he seemingly is dropping instrumental after instrumental on the weekly and as a fan of him it’s an awesome thing to be receiving this much solid material. Atreesto has been making himself a second home here on our website and as long as he keeps up the good work, click play on this brand new tune below and if you like what you hear then go ahead + follow him on Soundcloud here!

School Years – [Atreesto]

Nostalgia is a marvelous thing, it’s almost like a drug, and when I saw the homie Atreesto released a new track titled “School Years”, I already felt the nostalgic vibes coming on. This one is a rather quick listen coming in at just barely above two minutes in length, I feel like I’ve been seeing Atreesto create these shorter tracks a lot lately, but it’s a logical thing to do because it leaves listeners like myself with no other option but to run the song back plenty of times through, bumping up the total amount of plays. Stream this new tune below to get familiar with one of my favorite rising producers, and check out the rest of his catalog too, odds are that you will find something that you enjoy.

Sounds – [Atreesto]

Atreesto is a Las Vegas-based producer who I have featured here on our website probably 5-8 times over the past year or so, and this afternoon he is adding to that number with his brand new instrumental titled “Sounds”. This release is really what the title says it is, it’s a bunch of different sounds that Atreesto meshed together into a six in one type of track, making for an eight-minute offering that’s perfect to either play in your headphones or on some speakers as you go about your daily tasks. Atreesto is very talented and it shows with his releases, I am sure that he will only continue to improve & hopefully collab with some big artists eventually, but for the time being go ahead + stream this new joint below.

Shadows Above – [Atreesto]

Whenever Las Vegas-based producer Atreesto decides to release some new instrumentals it always has me pumped because he is ridiculously talented, and tonight he is back on our website with his latest offering titled “Shadows Above”. Atreesto has the abilities to make plenty of instrumental with different type of sounds + styles, one day you will find him chopping up the sweetest soul sample and the next he might be doing an afrobeat type of sound, but this release here finds him experimenting in the trap style more than I’ve heard from him prior. Along with the release of this beat, Atreesto hinted that he is going to put out an EP full of trap beats in the near future, so be expecting to hear more of this sound from him. Stream this new release below + if you like it go ahead and follow Atreesto here.

For The Soul #6 – [Atreesto]

Atreesto has been feeding his fans a ton of awesome content lately, and today he is back on our website with his brand new joint titled “For The Soul #6”. Atreesto is a fantastic producer talent out of Seattle who has been in heavy rotation in my headphones all year long, he is an experimental cat that excels in creating ear pleasing instrumentals that often times are jam-packed with soul, and this new release certainly didn’t let me down. Check out this brand new offering below and if you like what you hear, then go ahead & follow Atreesto on Soundcloud here.

For The Soul #5 – [Atreesto]

Atreesto is a producer out of Las Vegas who has captured my attention several times throughout the year with his music, and his latest release titled “For The Soul #5” did not let me down in the least bit. When you have a talent of his caliber, you almost expect him to continue to churn out game-changing material, but at a certain point, I just wonder if he’s ever going to miss, at this rate it doesn’t look like it. Follow his SoundCloud page if you enjoy good instrumentals, because he has dozens upon dozens stored there, but for the moment press play below.

Forever Awake – [Atreesto]

Atreesto is a creative who I have enjoyed getting more and more familiar with in 2019, he is a machine when it comes to pumping out ear pleasing instrumentals, and he is back with his brand new offering titled “Forever Awake”. Typically I have found Atreesto to release laid back & light hearted beats that you can vibe to but this one is a bit more intense but not too much, it had me laser focused on every sound and I enjoyed the slow but steady build up throughout the track. Along with dropping this record Atreesto left a few words in the description saying “Sounds from my head” and judging from all of the content I have heard from him this year + this new release the sounds in his head are stellar time & time again, and I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store, stream this new record below!

Backtracks – [Atreesto]

One producer whose music I have really fallen in love with in 2019 is the talented Atreesto, who is back on our platform today as he just dropped a new instrumental minutes ago titled “Backtracks”. Atreesto has such a unique style to his beats that he creates, they all have such great tempo, timing, cover arts and a majority of them have many layers of different sounds that make the better. This new joint here is pretty short coming in at just over a minute and a half in length, but trust me when I say it’s worth the listen, it will probably be the best beat you hear today. I suggest that you give Atreesto a follow here for direct access to his future releases, but until he puts out more new material, stream this one below.

Currents – [Atreesto]

One creative who has been making a name for himself over the past couple of months on this website is Atreesto, the Las Vegas producer who has been releasing bangers one after another, sometimes even dropping three or four killer instrumentals in a ten day period. It’s clear that he’s not going to be letting off of the gas in 2019 with this new joint, and don’t expect me to stop covering his releases any time soon, I am hooked on his music so get familiar with him. Check out Atreesto’s brand new release below and if you like what you hear then you might well give him a follow here.

U Trippin – [Atreesto]

Atreesto has been popping up more and more on our website, and today he is back with one of his newer releases titled “U Trippin”. I swear just browsing through his catalog I could get lost for days, it one dreamy instrumental after another & I truly just can’t get enough. This joint has more of a slow paced, lazy type of vibe to it that’s perfect to play in the background as you go about your Monday afternoon. Enough talking about the beat though, check it out below!