Tour – [Blueface] ft. [Asian Doll] [NLE Choppa] [Kiddo Curry] [Sada Baby] & [9lokkNine]

It seems like in the current state of Hip-Hop, although there are collaborations left and right, you rarely see more than one or two other artists hop on a song together. This might be due to the fact that it’s more common to have tracks that run two minutes or less rather than extending into the four or five-minute range like before, or it could be because it’s tough to get an abundance of artists together at the same time considering new talents are popping up all over the country. Regardless of what the reasoning is, Blueface’s most recent song “Tour” recruits some of the most notorious rising artists in all of Rap music. Creeping piano keys, building kick drums, and pace-setting percussion lays the pavement for a West Coast banger, which isn’t uncommon whatsoever for the Los Angeles Rapper. Blueface does a great job of aggressively attacking certain words, ditching his normally off-kilter flow and sticking to a more rhythmic rhyme scheme. Asian Doll, who’s someone I always see in the headlines, is also an artist I’m not as familiar with. Her verse blew me away in all honesty, as she meshed oh so well with the beat and …

Time Machine – [Electric Tongues]

With rappers like Yella Beezy, Asian Doll, and G.U.N. leading the charge, the Dallas rap scene is starting to get some real attention, but there is more to the Dallas scene than just rap. Thanks in part to Luna Luna, Pretty Boy Aaron, and Boy Orange Films, I’ve been put on to the bubbling indie rock/pop scene in the Lone Star State as well. Here, the aforementioned video makers, Boy Orange Films, linked up with Electric Tongues to bring to life the catchy and charismatic effort, “Time Machine.” Rooted in pop and driven by synths, “Time Machine” has a light and easy feel, but there’s a dangerous potency to it; especially in regards to the intoxicatingly catchy hook. Boy Orange Films captures the essence of the track, as well as it’s glossy, fun ambiance with a creative video centered around a retro-twinged talent show. The root of any good “scene” is an authentic, collaborative community, and, brimming with a natural charm, “Time Machine” is just another example that Dallas is well on its way.

Mean Girl – [Yung Baby Tate] ft. [Queen Key] [Asian Doll]

Yung Baby Tate has already led a busy summer, and by the looks of it, the Atlanta artist has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Today, Tate drops off a new video for her song “Mean Girl”, recently released on her ‘GIRLS Deluxe’ album. For the new visual, Tate takes the song’s title and interprets it quite literally, recreating scenes from the iconic movie that inspired the track. Tate casts herself in the role of Regina George, and she embodies all the attributes of the ruthless original mean girl in her presence both musically and visually. As Tate issues a verse full of brutal disses, she posts up in a hallway sporting her signature pink look. Queen Key makes her appearance with a quiet, yet just as cold verse, and Asian Doll closes the track with a relentless flow. With “Mean Girl”, hip-hop’s rising mean girls announce their arrival, making their presence known by putting their powers together and an equally energetic video to match.

Mean Girl – [Yung Baby Tate] ft. [Queen Key] [Asian Doll]

Back in February, Yung Baby Tate dropped ‘GIRLS’—an 11-song concept album showcasing the rising Atlanta artist’s versatility. It seems she had more in store, though, and she’s now released a deluxe version of the project featuring 4 additional tracks. “Mean Girl” is one of the standout additions on ‘GIRLS Deluxe’, much thanks to assists from Queen Key and Asian Doll. “Mean Girl” brings forth another side of the multi-faceted songwriter, this time centered on her most menacing persona yet. She spits a mix of aggressive bars and more lighthearted disses, adding her bubblegum shine to an otherwise ruthless song. Chicago’s own Queen Key talks her queen shit over Tate’s self-produced trap beat, and Asian Doll closes things out with her verse. Listen to “Mean Girl” below and catch Yung Baby Tate and Queen Key at Summer Smash this weekend!  

YBN: The Mixtape – [YBN Nahmir] x [YBN Almighty Jay] x [YBN Cordae]

We have watched the YBN legacy grow before our eyes over the past year ever since YBN’s frontman Nahmir dropped his hit record Rubbin off The Paint last September. Fast forward to present day, and with his two compadres Almighty Jay & Cordae joining up to form one of the strongest collectives in the game, YBN: The Mixtape is finally in our grasp. Bursting with 23 tracks laced with new-and-old YBN, the trio connected with a number of notable guests including Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, Lil Skies, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Gucci Mane who appears on the standout, New Drip. Along with an even bigger list of producers (Wallis Lane, Foreign Teck, Hitmaka, Cardiak & Hoodzone to name a few), the debut YBN tape is bound to create a real stir once it makes its rounds as Nahmir, Almighty Jay and Cordae refused to take their foot off the gas pedal for even a second. Having said that, start your end of the week off right with YBN: The Mixtape now streaming everywhere!

Birds – [Dolly Ave]

L.A.-based vocalist Dolly Ave is making her LL debut today with an incredible song and visual for her new track, Birds. Not only is this a first-appearance on the site but also the first single surfacing on her SoundCloud that was brought to life with beautiful scenes of Dolly serenading us with her infectious lyrics at a coffee table, on a couch and in front of a TV with a white-noise screen to capture the gloomy aesthetic of the visual. Having been her first single, it’s safe to say the talented Asian-American artist is off to an amazing start and musically speaking, has a very bright future ahead of her. That being said, dive into the emotion-filled cut for Birds and let us know if you’ll be tuning in for Dolly Ave’s next release! Directed By: Josh Daniel Taylor & Darren Bui  Director of Photography: Joe M. Han 

Watch Noir Brent’s ‘Exposed’ interview with No Jumper

Noir Brent aka Brent Rambo was the latest guest on No Jumper’s ‘Exposed’ series that has made its case as my new favorite segment on the web. Following their last discussion with Asian Doll a few days ago, the Ropegang crew & Chicago hitmaker carried out an insightful conversation about his childhood, his musical inspirations, working with & Famous Dex and even his legendary Go To The Wendy’s visual with Cole Bennett that happened to be my introduction to him. Brent has been steady releasing tracks for the past while and after hinting at his forthcoming ‘meme’ tape in the near future, it’s looking like we should gear up for a full-length effort from Noir Brent very soon. With that said, dive-into No Jumper’s interview with Noir Brent and leave a comment letting us know which interview has been your most favorite. Via: No Jumper