A Conversation with Armani White: A True Gem in The Industry

Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we pride ourselves on highlighting the gems that are circulating throughout the musical world. This is sometimes a hard thing to do when you take into account all of the facades and copy catters that are constantly coming and going. Nevertheless though, our mission remains the same as we strive to bring the best talent to our pages day in and day out. That said, today, I’m extremely excited to bring to our pages one of those gems. If you haven’t heard of Armani White, then let this be the last day you are able to say that. The West Philadelphia rapper has been taking the Hip-Hop world by storm and he’s truly just getting started. Out of all of the rappers I catch myself listening to Armani exudes a certain poise and realness that can only described as infectious. Once you listen to him, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. A couple of days ago, I got the chance to hop on the phone with White to get a deeper look into who he is as a person and an artist; The interview was one of the most fun that I’ve had in a …

Keep in Touch – [Armani White]

One of the most inspiring artists to rise out of West Philly in the past year is Armani White, the rapper filled with life that brings incredibly positive energy to his music and the results show just that on his recent album Keep in Touch. As an artist that has been able to utilize the rough upbringing he had into his music and bring incredible raw emotion and passion behind each of his songs. This EP is incredibly bright and really is a mood uplifter for any listener, beginning with the intro track 2018’s “Onederful” which clearly feels inspired by the work of Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment out of Chicago. This project serves as Armani’s debut and a strong one at that. He took a break from his music after the passing of his father, he dedicated the album to him and where the name Keep in Touch comes from. This level of emotion and personability is what really allows listeners to connect with his music. Even if you have never experienced what Armani has, his lyrics have the power to bring you into that mindset and connect it with events in your own life. Truly music that can uplift the spirit …

flip – [Armani White]

Live performances are important in this day and age. The way people consume music has become digitized, so much so that any artist that takes this into account and puts their all into a live performance will always be poised to grow quickly. Armani White did just that earlier this year and since then, the wait has been on for new music from the rising star out of Philadelphia. Armani recently released a new single called “Flip” and after a few listens can tell this one will have his live shows bouncing aggressively. The song has incredible energy and speaks to the type of passion Armani brings to everything he does in music. Fresh off touring with Vince Staples, Armani seems to have leveled up with this record being the first piece in the puzzle of his debut album. Be on the lookout for new music and if you see Armani is performing in your city, do yourself a favor and cop a ticket! Stream the track on all platforms here!

Onederful – [Armani White]

Today we are introducing a new artist to the Lyrical Lemonade community, his name is Armani White and he is undoubtedly on rise. Armani White has delivered a new video for his song, “Onederful” that features computer-glitching effects, making it absolutely necessary to watch it in full screen. The Philadelphia born rapper, singer-songwriter has been on a tear as of late recently releasing his “Calabasas Freestyle” that featured wild production from hip-hop’s favorite, Sango.His newest offering, “Onderful” is filled with rich brass instruments that transcend the listener to a place above the clouds. The new video embodies the heavenly new track’s production and lyrics which is perfectly translated in the video’s footage of Armani’s growth as an artist; chronicling his journey to different parts of the country playing for screaming fans. Watch Armani White’s new video for “Onederful” below and tell us what you think of the Philly rapper in the comment section!