Legendary – [Anti Da Menace]

Versatility goes such a long way in my book when I first listen to an artist that I don’t know a ton about, and it is pretty clear after listening to just a handful of songs if someone is going to be worth listening to further or not. I’m not saying someone has to go from rap to jazz to country or even dabble with different genres, but complexity goes a long way with me. Whether that’s with beat selection, flows, personality, or simply a style that isn’t like everyone else, I like unique, and I feel like that’s something that most people prefer, especially with so many people fighting to make a name in music. Atlanta is a place known for diversity, but that often comes from the overflow of artists from the iconic rap hub, not necessarily from most of the artists themselves. I say most because that’s not the case with everyone, and Anti Da Menace is certainly going to prove that to you whether you like it or not. Anti is a newer name in my world, but after hearing him featured on a song with fellow Georgia phenom Rot Ken just the other day, I …

Moshpit – [Rot Ken] ft. [Anti Da Menace]

Atlanta has always been a place where history is made in the hip-hop and rap industry, and that’s something that will simply never change. So many artists have come from the Georgia capital and a good majority of them have created their own unique styles that have influenced generation after generation of up-and-coming dreamers, but it’s certainly not the only city in the state that you need to pay attention to. Augusta, Georgia is mostly known in the sports world as the home of the iconic Master’s golf tournament, but it’s also a place that is steadily gaining traction for the music scene that is the complete opposite vibe of the famous tournament, but still fantastic in its own right. Rot Ken is one of the leaders of the movement in Augusta, and once you listen to any single one of his songs, you’ll see just how individualistic he is as well as the reasons why he has blown up so much over the last year or two. Most recently, he tapped in with Anti Da Menace, a 17-year-old spitter from the West side of Atlanta, and together, they created the undeniably incredible hit “Moshpit” while utilizing impeccable production from …

No Autotune – [2kthagoon] ft. [Drayco McCoy]

If you’ve been paying attention to any of my articles since I began writing for Lyrical Lemonade almost a year ago, you are definitely already familiar with 2kthagoon. He’s one of my favorite up and comers and he’s been on my radar for longer than some of the biggest names in Rap music have been. He just has this raw ability to create some incredible melodies and utilize different sounds to be as dexterous and agile as possible on any beat that’s thrown his way. Even though I’m still a massive fan of his older, previously released work, his recent music has been taken to another level and you can tell just how serious he has been taking his career. Especially with his most recent release “No Autotune”, 2k pushes the limits of his abilities and stylistic aptitudes once again while also recruiting an equally promising up and comer who I’m sure you’re familiar with, Drayco McCoy. One of my favorite parts of most 2k songs include his masterful use of autotune effects on his voice because no one is using this vocal alteration quite like 2k is, at least in the same stage in their careers. When I saw …

Le Femme Nikita – [Loren]

Loren finds his way back to our pages with the premiere of his latest song, “Le Femme Nikita”, further teasing the quality we can expect from his upcoming project fakeDEEP. It is a short offering that flexes his wordplay and includes a salute to Lyrical’s very own directing specialist- “Real rap no gimmicks/if you ain’t talking bout real stacks no business/walk up in the building, faces grimace/you will get served like tennis/I go insane like Dennis the Menace/Shoot at them boys, Cole Bennett” There is no doubt Loren has been crafting his flow in regards to rap and especially the development of his crooning voice, which has been sounding smooth and catchy the last few times we have heard him utilize it. As usual, Flight handled the production on this track and the duo continues to show they can do it all, we can only hope this is just a snippet because it definitely leaves the listener wanting more. Expect the pair to continue flooding the streets until fakeDEEP drops later this summer, in the meanwhile you can follow Loren on Soundcloud and Twitter (@LorenJoseph_ ) to stay up to date with the release, big things are on the horizon so get in tune!

DAYSLIKETHIS – [RiQo The Menace]

RiQo The Menace is back again, this time with his latest song titled “DAYSLIKETHIS.” RiQo’s style was displayed well on this track, as he highlighted his lethargic style over a simple yet powerful instrumental. Totaling at just over two minutes, RiQo delivers some intricate lyricism that will leave you wanting more. Be sure to check out his latest creation down below.