A Conversation with Anna Sofia

Canadian-based artist Anna Sofia is a bright light in this industry and this past week, I had an amazing opportunity to sit down and speak with her about life, space and everything in between! Today, the up and comer just dropped a spectacular song that is worth every listen! To get to know more about Anna Sofia, make sure you keep reading this conversation with her! — Sam: Tell me about your upbringing! I really want my kids to be involved in music, or at least have an appreciation for it and I think that helps when parents are musical as well, so tell me about your childhood! Were your parents musical/how did you stumble on what you do now as a career? Anna Sofia: Alright, so my story is weird. Nobody in my family is musical. not one person. No one can sing. No one can play any instruments. I’m like the outcast of the family. We don’t know how this happened, but my family was in the restaurant business; They still are today as well and we own some restaurants in the resort that I stay at, but we also own some in the city, so  I lived …

SUGARCOATED-[young friend]&[Anna Sofia]

In my opinion, young friend is one of the most exciting acts circulating around music right now. I’ve been watching his growth over the past year and everything points towards him making an inevitable rise that is going to be fun to watch; shoot, I believe that we’re watching that rise right now in all honesty. Today, the up and comer makes it on to our pages for the release of his brand new song called, “SUGARCOATED”, an offering that adds more depth to his discography. From the moment you press play, you will instantly become hooked to the catchy vibe and dynamic production. young friend has a style and we’re witnessing him perfecting it as the releases begin to pile up. What I love most about this song is the inclusion of well-known artist Anna Sofia who adds her own flare and flavor to an already well rounded song. The combination of both of their talents makes this one a must listen and I’d be a terrible tastemaker if I didn’t put y’all on to this ASAP! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so make sure you spin this one and let us know what you think!

Meaner Girl – [Anna Sofia]

Sometimes when I hear new music, I find myself struck without words, struggling to describe the appeal of a given artist or song. On the other hand, every once in a while, I’ll find a song that makes perfect sense right away, and often times, these are the songs that have the most potential to strike a chord in a wide variety of listeners, taking on the form of a potential hit song along the way. Following the latter case, an unbelievably talented artist named Anna Sofia is here today with a gorgeous single entitled “Meaner Girl.” Admittedly, I’m about a month late on this one, but nevertheless, Sofia’s boundless talents are worthy of praise no matter how current the song may be. “Meaner Girl” is lush and honest, seemingly ripping a page out of her diary and translating it into a lively burst of color and sound. The rising star’s vocals gently jog right alongside the beautiful, understated instrumental, and further, the inflection in her voice reflects a charismatic, alluring performance that I can’t seem to stop listening to. With this, “Meaner Girl” is an undeniably sweet in nature, soothing in sound, and deeply entertaining at heart, making this …