The always energizing tandem of Brian Warren and Quentin Branch, otherwise known as ANGRY BLACKMEN, have just released their latest track, “USA!”  The track starts off with what sounds like someone trying to go Super Sayain, but then Quentin really hits the ground running once the base drops.  With every new drop, you can really hear the growth of ANGRY BLACKMEN and where I heard it the most in “USA!” was with Quentin. This is probably his hardest verse he’s had so far in his young career. Now that’s not a knock on his partner, Brian who’s already been spitting hard verses since I started covering these two, it’s just that Quentin just really stepped it up on this one. “USA!” Had what a lot of listeners look for nowadays which is, heavy bass drops, creative and catchy lyrics, and tons of energy so if your someone who looks for these things in a song, waste no more time and press play below! Prod. By Wendingo Cover photo captured by Joseph Torres

Bullshit! – [Angry Blackmen]

Chicago’s super duo, Angry Blackmen are back again with their latest release, “Bullshit!” This track really showcases Brian and Quentin’s talent as they both spit some of their hardest verses to date. Of course, what helps make this track so hard is the production from Wendigo. Angry Blackmen have really been coming out with some serious fire lately, and it should have you excited for more upcoming releases from them. Until we get more material from them though, go ahead and take a listen to their new track, “Bullshit!” below.   Cover Photo captured by Benjamin Cowert

RIOT! – [Angry Blackmen]

The super duo known as the Angry Blackmen find themselves back on our page today with their music video debut. The visual is for their song, “RIOT!” If you want to get to know what the Angry Blackmen are like, this visual is the perfect way to do that. You’ll get to see their faces, personality, and energy that they bring with all of their music. You won’t only experience that with the video, but there’s also a message to be received if you listen closely to the song. All in all, this is something that everyone should give a chance because I promise that you won’t regret it. While you’re at it, subscribe to all of the Angry Blackmen’s accounts on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Youtube!   Cover photo captured by: Joseph Torres Directed by: Agapito Rodriguez

Riot! – [Angry Blackmen]

Angry Blackmen may be an unfamiliar name to you, but if they keep growing at the pace that they are right now, it’ll be no time before they are a name that everyone in Chicago knows. The growth is obvious when you take a listen to some of their earlier tracks, and then hear their latest one, “Riot!” Now this is the first track where I think they really stuck to their name and sounded like Angry Blackmen. Angry Blackmen typically make music that you wouldn’t consider “normal” and that’s the case again here. I don’t know if producer soulcraft sampled the Drowning Pool song “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” or if he just included a few parts of the song, but the beat is fire, and the Angry Blackmen went crazy on it. The first verse goes especially hard. Now go ahead and listen to Angry Blackmen’s latest track, “Riot!”  

Smile – [Angry Blackmen]

Making their Lyrical Lemonade debut, I am happy to introduce you to Angry Blackmen and their new single, “Smile.” Angry Blackmen was started up back in January this year. It’s comprised of Quentin Branch and Brian warren who are from the suburbs of Chicago. They released their first single earlier this year and it made a lot of noise getting some recognition from a number of Chicago media outlets. They started up with the intention of being part of a new wave of Chicago artists who “like making alternative hip-hop music for weird black kids.”  Ric Wilson consigned their first single and also kinda mentored them. Quentin Branch produced the beat for “Smile” a few years ago and today it finally finds its way to the surface for fans to enjoy. Now I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Go ahead and press play below and enjoy the newest song from Angry Blackmen!