Cologne (Sessions)-[Alec Wigdahl]

Alec Wigdahl is an artist who has graced the pages of Lyrical Lemonade many times. Each appearance is just a testament to his immense talent, and today we’re hype to bring him back on for a special treat. A little while ago, I wrote an article about his most recent song entitled, “Cologne”. The catchy pop ballad boasted some incredible production and has since preformed extremely well on all streaming platforms. In order to keep the momentum going, Alec decided to drop a 3 song offering revolving around the hit song. “Cologne (Sessions)” is made up of the original single version, a stripped down/intimate acoustic version, as well as a fresh remix by David Stewart. Each one is just as amazing as the other, so feel free to shuffle through and indulge in the beautiful stylings of Alec Wigdahl. This brand new release came as a surprise, but I’m so happy the rising star decided to bless us with more music. Make sure to tap the Spotify link below to check out “Cologne (Sessions)”. Enjoy!

Cologne – [Alec Wigdahl]

Alec Wigdahl is an artist who has been catching fire as of late and a lot of people are beginning to notice. The rising star only just turned 19 but there is an undeniable maturity that is ever so present in his music. I caught wind of Alec as I was scrolling through some playlists and I can confidently say that this will be a guy that I keep track of for a long time.  The Minneapolis, Minnesota native has been active since 2018, dropping amazing tracks and projects like his impressive EP entitled, “Strawberry” back in 2019. This could be seen as a turning point for Alec as the artist began to grow in momentum and buzz. Just recently though, the singer/songwriter released a brand new offering that proves that he’s in no way ready to stop cranking out the hits anytime soon. The track, “Cologne” is an upbeat pop ballad that boasts just about everything you’d want to hear in a radio hit while still managing to exude the creative and originality that makes Alec…Alec. As you listen to this one, its extremely evident that the gift for music that Alec possesses is nothing other than God given. …

Strawberry EP – [Alec Wigdahl]

It is truly my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade community to the immensely talented Alternative Pop stylings of Alec Wigdahl. The fearlessly transparent Minnesota-native opens himself up to listeners on his new Strawberry EP by delving into the emotionally taxing aspects of leaving school, moving away from home and ultimately betting on yourself. Chock-full of emotionally stirring lyrics and live instrumentation, Wigdahl delivers an incredible showcasing of his ability and promise as a new act.  Each record on the new EP is a stirring illustration of Wigdahl’s songwriting ability, range as a vocalist and sheer musicality that has him turning heart-wrenching lyrics into driving Pop ballads. Backed by an array of instrumentation that varies in textures catering to the subject matter each song, Wigdahl manages to capture an array of emotions in a brief amount of time. This dynamism allows him to structure up-beat pulsating records like, “Jealous of Me” and “Misbehaving” while also creating softer, acoustic ballads like “A little Bit Longer” and “Dog Videos.” Both styles of records are not only sonically pleasing but incredibly impressive when considering the self-produced and self-written aspect surrounding the 19-minute debut. Alec Wigdahl is on my list of artists to watch and …