Be Safe Out There – [Adrian Stresow]

Returning to our pages yet again today, Dallas native Adrian Stresow is back with the release of his latest album titled Be Safe Out There. As the anticipation built up since his last major release in June of 2018, Adrian’s fans have been patiently waiting for what Stresow describes to be “his most important body of work so far.” From songs “Be Safe Out There” to “This Time Around”, Adrian uses feelings and moments in his life to tell his story and depict his journey of growing and moving away from home. Throughout this project, Stresow delivers unstoppable melodies in tracks like “Us” and “Signs”, while also dropping eye-opening lyrics in tracks such as “Overthink” and “Process”. As many already know, Adrian has his hands on every track he releases, between the production, writing, and mixing; however, here Stresow teamed up with Noah Farhood on six of the records to finalize the album. As the support from fans continues to flow, I’m very certain that we will be seeing more comments such as “wow, I can connect to every song on here” and “Adrian you’re incredible, this is just what I needed.” Nonetheless, this is an album that you have …

See If I Mean It – [Adrian Stresow]

Making a strong return to our pages today, Dallas artist Adrian Stresow releases a brand new visual for his Be Safe Out There lead single titled “See If I Mean It”. After taking a break from releasing for a few months, Adrian’s fans have been patiently waiting for his highly anticipated summer album. Announcing it earlier last week, he dropped the only single from the album accompanied by this incredible film below. Throughout the visual, which was directed by Zack Hefley, Adrian takes his fans on a journey through the last year of his life, including scenes from festival performances, private listening sessions, and trips that he’s taken to various cities within the US. Adrian’s upcoming album is set to drop next Wednesday, May 22, with seven additional tracks for a total of eight that will ultimately fabricate the message that Adrian has in mind. Be sure to watch Stresow’s visual for “See If I Mean It” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with news regarding Be Safe Out There!

Big Time – [Adrian Stresow]

Returning to our pages today, Adrian Stresow provides listeners with another purposeful record titled “Big Time”. After going quiet for a few months, Adrian has finally returned with one of his uptempo bangers that his fans seem to thoroughly enjoy, and being that this track is self-produced, Stresow clearly showcases just how talented he truly is. Throughout “Big Time”, the rising talent examines the struggles that any young entrepreneur faces during their journey and details how important it is to know your worth as you move forward in life. With possibly another single soon, we were told that Stresow is finishing an album and plans to release it sometime within the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out. In the meantime, stream “Big Time” below and follow Adrian Stresow on Instagram and Twitter for more!

Passion – [Adrian Stresow]

Returning to our pages today is rising Dallas, Texas artist Adrian Stresow, with a track that he describes as “the realest song I’ve written this year. It’s just me venting and talking about my life.” Between his impressive flows and intimate lyrics, Adrian carefully crafted this offering with the help of producer Anthony Cruz, giving it a lively energy that fans will be sure to love. As Stresow speaks on his journey and the obstacles that any entrepreneur faces, he is sure to catch the attention of all who are lucky enough to come across this record. That said, we’re more excited to see what tracks and visuals Adrian has in the vault for the coming months. Be sure to listen to “Passion” below and give Adrian Stresow a follow on Instagram and Twitter!

Know It Now – [Adrian Stresow]

Adrian Stresow has been posted on our website quite a few times in the past and today he is back with his brand new offering titled “Know It Now”. The bouncy production that’s provided on this record did a fantastic job of grabbing my attention from the jump, paving the way for Adrian Stresow who came through with his stellar verses to complete this offering.  Along with the release of this new record Adrian Stresow left us with a comment saying “I wanted to have fun and focus a lot on the energy of the record. Really creating a good bounce and flow while still maintaining my sound.” Take a few minutes of your time to stream this new song below and if you like it be sure to give Adrian a follow on Soundcloud here!

On The Side – [Adrian Stresow]

Adrian Stresow has made a number of appearances on our pages in the past and now, almost a year removed from the last one, he returns with an impressive new record in On The Side that you just can’t slip up on. Following his project,  It Could Be Worse this past Summer, the Dallas, Texas-based artist stuns on this latest track once again as he bodies the production with charismatic bars on getting it out the mud, keeping the people around him straight and to no one’s surprise, staying in hustle mode. Not only has Stresow caught our attention in the past, his multi-faceted talents simply can’t be ignored either as his beat making, mixing & mastering and not to mention his rap skills remain in top form. You’d best get put on Adrian Stresow’s craft before it’s too late so without further ado, let loose On The Side immediately and leave a comment with your thoughts after doing so!

The Kid In His Room – [Adrian Stresow]

Adrian Stresow made his Lyrical Lemonade debut earlier this summer when he dropped “Hold Up”, and tonight he is making his return with his brand new project titled “The Kid In His Room”. This project is really introspective, but I’m sure you could see that coming from the title. Adrian made sure each one of these tracks provided served a purpose to the overall idea of the project, and you will see where I’m coming from as soon as you listen to the intro track. The energy & solid story telling skills carried all the way throughout this track list, not leaving one dull moment in the whole tape. The lone feature on this tape came from Kaleb Mitchell on the song “Worth”, and it put it in simplest terms, he did not disappoint. You might as well get familiar with Adrian now, because he will be making his way back on LL again & again. Stream the brand new project below!

How Should I Know – [Adrian Stresow]

An artist by the name of Adrian Stresow is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new song titled “How Should I Know”. This one starts off with some attention grabbing production before Adrian jumped on the beat and wreaked havoc, dropping a couple verses that left me speechless, he really murdered this upbeat & massive instrumental. I was unfamiliar with Adrian before coming across this release but I must say that he not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by a ton. I plan on keeping up with his releases from this point moving forward, I really enjoyed this song & I believe that you will too, stream it below!

Hold Up – [Adrian Stresow]

Dallas, Texas product Adrian Stresow is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with an impressive new record titled “Hold Up.” The new 9yrold-produced track dropped last week and has certainly began to make it’s rounds, and with good reason in which you’re about to find out. Backed by an infectious piano-laced instrumental, Stresow hopped on the beat with catchy lyricism & vocals on several topics including his haters, neigh-sayers and levelling up to get to the top. This also happens to be my first time being put on the young artist, and it’s safe to say that he has a very bright future ahead of him with songs like this one. Nonetheless, be sure to keep tabs on Adrian Stresow this year, and while you’re at it, check out his previous offering titled “Vertical” here.