Come Ups – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is a Chicago based spitter who has been featured on our website countless times in the past, and today he is adding to that list with the release of his brand new music video for “Come Ups”. Once I heard the always great Aaron Deux production building up I knew it was going to be special, and of course, once Isaiah jumped on the beat he did his thing, spazzing with the raps for about a minute straight! It’ss a very quick listen + watch considering this music video is under a minute & a half in length, but IsaiahG jammed as many bars + flows in there as he could, showing why he is continuing to rise within the Chicago community. Isaiah + his close homies have been making great music + content for a minute now, but I am thinking that 2020 will be his best year yet considering he is damn near finished getting his degree from University Of Illinois. Keep an eye out for both Isaiah & Aaron Deux next year, but for the time being, watch this brand new visual below. Directed by Jayy Reall

Q&A: Kiraly Payne talks new EP, ‘PROTECT MT he(ART)’

With the release of his new EP, ‘PROTECT MY he(ART)’, coming later this month, Chicago-based artist Kiraly Payne will have initiated the next phase of his music career. The EP not only marks an evolution in the versatile rapper’s sound, but it also represents a shift in his overall mindset when it comes to the creative process, ceding his own ego and the notion of proving himself to anyone. Instead, he’s in pursuit of a greater goal, as he puts it, “to make the best music possible”. This next step for Kiraly has been motivated by his experiences in the Chicago hip-hop scene for the past few years. He only wants to see himself and his friends blow up, and doing that, he’s realized, requires the building of community and collaboration. Listen to Kiraly Payne’s new single “By My Side”, read about his forthcoming EP, and the Chicago hip-hop collective he’s starting in our latest interview below: Photos by @kayodidthat — MDR: Tell me a bit about where you’re from. KP: I’m from like Oak park, but we moved to Bolingbrook when I was six. Is there like a music scene there at all? I mean, yeah, but to be …

Dive In – [Billy Lemos] x [Myquale]

If you know me then you know that I am a huge fan of Chicago native Myquale, who is making his way back on our website today with his brand new offering titled “Dive In” along with the well established & skilled producer Billy Lemos. Truthfully I wasn’t familiar with Billy before getting put onto his music by the homie Aaron Deux, and since I was already in tune with Myquale I was eager to check it out & man they really impressed me. Billy Lemos cooked up a exotic yet tremendous instrumental on this joint and Myquale simply just used this signature flows over the beat & created what will become one of the biggest records of his career. You can listen to this new track via Spotify below and if you like what you hear then be sure to share it with a friend.

Negro League – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is an artist who we have been posting about on these pages for well over four years, and this afternoon he is back with the release of his brand new music video for “Negro League”. It’s been a minute since we have last heard some new music from the Chicago native, about six months to be exact, so I was very excited to dive into this new visual. Isaiah got up with video director Gian Frias to help bring this song to life, and they snapped if you ask me, making for one of his best videos to date. Be expecting a tape to drop from Isaiah and his fellow AAP brother Aaron Deux in the near future, but for now just press play below.

The Good and The Bad EP – [Ausar] x [Josi Green]

I was out of town this past weekend when I got a text from Ausar that his new EP with his right hand man Josi Green had just been released, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the city to sit down and give this tape my upmost attention. If you are a regular on our website then you surely know about both of these Chicago products and the great music that they have been creating for years now, but trust me when I say that this is easily some of their best material to date. As if seeing Ausar and Josi doing a collab tape with a feature from the super talented Ro Marsalis wasn’t enough for you, two of the best young producers Gold Haze and Aaron Deux handled this tape in it’s entirety, this is literally a dream team. Expect nothing but good raps, impressive soulful instrumentals and all around creative energy on this EP, press play below!

Closure EP – [Josi Green]

Josi Green is a creative who is formerly from Chicago but is now based in Texas, and yesterday he blessed us with his sensational new EP titled “Closure” along with a ton of help from the GOAT Ro Marsalis. There is five records on this EP and my initial thoughts after my first run through the tape were “Josi & Ro have done it yet again”. I swear these two are the modern day kings of R&B in the city, not too many people can match up with their skillset or create music that sounds as good as they can make it sound. Do yourself a big favor and listen to this new EP via Soundcloud below and if you’re digging the vibes be sure to give Josi a follow on Twitter here. Production by The 25th Hour, Melrose Garfield and Aaron Deux

Lesbean Remix – [Aaron Deux]

Aaron Deux is one of the best upcoming producers that I know, and not to mention he can rap circles around his competition, and a couple days back he released a brand new remix to “Lesbean” by Young Thug, Gunna & Metro Boomin. Aaron cut up this record and made it hit extremely hard with his additions to the beat, it’s an all around good listen that anyone can enjoy. Stream this brand new remix below and if you dig Aaron’s work be sure to give the young legend a follow on Twitter here.

Daydream – [Aaron Deux]

AAP affiliate Aaron Deux is finding himself back on our platform this weekend with the release of his latest music video titled “Daydream”. I have always thought that Aaron possessed  a great amount of potential & was a super creative talent, but he (along with some help from video director Sterling Adgate) really outdid himself on this one. You can tell that they had an idea of appreciating women when they created this masterpiece, not to mention it matched the overall vibe of Aaron’s song as well. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this brand new visual below!

Whip Game – [Aaron Deux]

Aaron Deux has been a regular name on our pages for the past few years, and this afternoon he is returning with his brand new tune titled “Whip Game”! This new joint is a little bit different compared to what we have heard from Aaron in the past, but if anything that just further more proves his ability to switch up the pace & create a good record in any fashion.  Take a few minutes to check out this new tune below and if you’re digging it be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2017

If you recall we released our “Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016” list on the 31st last year, so it we had to bring it back this year due to the insane amount of talent that is coming out of Chicago. Each & every one of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. Please remember that this is in our opinion, & our opinions really don’t mean shit. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Jacob Lusted • Lane Cowherd • Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Jake Millan  • Miguel Alfaro This year has been a year of massive growth for Lyrical Lemonade as a whole: from getting our own HQ, to selling out shows in other cities, being featured in the Chicago Reader, working with some of our idols, growing our overall presence and much more. All of us here at LL would like to thank our supporters, whether …