Tropical Storm: The Creative Pairing of Dragan Andic and Ramriddlz

Earlier this Summer, Ramriddlz released one of his most upbeat singles to date in “Niagra”. The song was reminiscent of the tropical soundscapes Ramriddlz initially caught fire from. Over the past few years, Ram has become an integral part of Toronto’s ever-growing hip hop community. He is an artist that has always found a way to reinvent himself and truly level up his talents from project to project. “Niagra” came after his album Ramreaper, which saw a much darker and personal side to Ram that fans had not seen previously. Building off this, Ramriddlz has recently joined forces with uniquely iconic Toronto photographer Dragan Andic, also known as The.97, who is a leading creative force to be reckoned within Canada. Dragan’s creative potential has been tapped in by some of the city’s biggest artists, for example 88Glam’s iconic first album was shot by Dragan. Beyond that, he has also worked with Roy Woods, Nav, Killy, and many more. His style has become synonymous with the city of Toronto, often channeling the dark feel the city has for a large portion of the year. What’s interesting is that he has teamed up with Ram as his creative director, with a conflicting style …

Nobody Safe – [SG Batman]

When it comes to creating gritty & hardcore trap music, not many can do it better than Chicago’s own SG Batman, who is on our platform today with his brand new project titled “Nobody Safe”. I first caught wind of this talented artist when the super producer Plu2o Nash put me on to him, and considering the credibility that Plu2o has built up to this point, I figured any artist that he feels strongly about has to be good! Sure enough, Plu2o was spot on and I am more than glad that he took the time to share this talent with me, so it’s only right that I took some time of my own to share this fantastic tape with our audience! Do yourself a favor and stream this brand new album below and if you like it share this with a friend.

Uncommon Nasa: The Backbone of The Underground

Uncommon Nasa is authenticity at its finest. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and he’s been operating on his own terms for years now. His unapologetic commitment to himself and his art for over a decade is what has solidified him as an impactful legend in the New York Indie scene. Nasa’s music is deeply rooted in New York culture, which is to be expected, considering he’s been there his whole life. It’s his default, in a sense. All of his music references home, sometimes more than others, but it’s always there. Despite some of the topical similarity that echoes throughout his music though, he refuses to stick to one sound. The classic, New York boom-bap influence is there, but Nasa understands the importance of pushing the ball forward, and makes his art with the intent that it won’t grow stale. His style is hard to pin-point, as his delivery can almost be classified as slam poetry at times, with extremely tight rhyme schemes and lyricism that demands the listener’s attention. Incredible amounts of time and detail go into Nasa’s art. He takes his time to make sure that every aspect of a record makes for a cohesive and engaging …

Burger Cheese – [5-D]

It’s my pleasure to welcome the Austin based trio, 5-D to Lyrical Lemonade today. Comprised of RuDi, Cron and HBZ, the group impresses listeners with their clean beats and intricate rhyme schemes. Over the years the guys participated in different groups from Rhymestack to SubKulture Patriots (SKP), until they inevitably crossed paths and realized an immediate chemistry. After a sunny afternoon listening and writing to beats the Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe group was born. As a product of their creativity the guys now release “Burger Cheese” which comes as the first single of their upcoming EP. 5-D is in itself a play on a burger, as you hear the words Double Deluxe, one struggles not picturing a cheeseburger in all of its greasy glory. Upon listening to the tune atmospheric piano rings behind each captivating verse setting the perfect stage for each member to showcase their talent. The bea and vocal processing has a sort of retro vibe, which transports the listener to older hip-hop while embodying it’s own soul and style. After listening, there’s no doubt you’ll be left wanting more, so keep your eye out for the full EP to drop in 2020.

On and On – [Bianca Jade]

Rising Cuban-Jamaican R&B crooner Bianca Jade makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her visuals for “On and On.” The vibrant, dreamy video was filmed at Root Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The video was directed by Jillian Iscaro while being creative directed by Melissa Marin. Bianca Jade takes us into a fanciful world where love is always the answer, even when it doesn’t make sense. “On and On” is from Bianca Jade’s acclaimed new EP JADE Vol.1. Jade’s music focuses on bringing light and empowerment to her listeners, especially women. The lighting and the whole atmosphere of the video is so alluring. For most of the video, Bianca is up on stage with her band seducing us with her sultry vocals. In other scenes, she can be seen lounging around in the clouds which add to the dream-like approach of the video. Watch Bianca Jade’s fresh video for “On and On” after the break.

Kool G – [Westside Gunn] ft. [Benny The Butcher] [Conway The Machine]

Just when we need it, Westside Gunn is back to deliver fans a new project to carry out the rest of 2019, and cement this year as the year of Griselda. The crew makes it impossible to remain absent from the daily rotation of their fans, dropping high-quality music in a large abundance.  This new track “Kool G” features Benny and Conway once again, and continues to prove why Griselda is a force to be reckoned with. Like the trio’s last single, Dr. Bird’s, Gunn starts off this track and absolutely snaps with a buttery rhyme scheme and relentless delivery. He hands it over to Conway and then Benny, who finishes off the track on a high note, also teasing Tana Talk 4. None of the members rap for much more than thirty seconds on this one, and this all killer, no filler approach warrants repeated listens.  The beat on this one, done by Alchemist & Daringer, is sinister and atmospheric, fitting for the timing of the release of this upcoming project on Halloween.  Hitler Wears Hermes 7 is due out tomorrow, which is Gunn’s second project of the year, and if this one is anywhere near as good as …

Windowshopping – [Kean Farrar]

Berlin has one of the more intriguing musical climates building in Europe and while the scene is composed of a variety of different sounds a clear undertone of metropolitan angst and lack of inhibition remains a central theme and stylistic trope in this budding outpost. Kean Farrar is one of the artists blazing a trail with his distinct r&b crooning that is on full display on his latest single “Windowshopping.” The twenty-year-old reveals his existential and transparent writing style here and I am a big fan of this aspect of his artistry already, and this is sure to easily connect him with an only increasingly hedonistic youthful demographic. His vocals are velvety and reserved and he never attempts to do too much as far as delivery is concerned. The atmosphere of “Windowshopping” is distinctly sensual and Farrar already seems to have a niche carved out for himself in the growingly oversaturated r&b market. I really enjoyed listening to this track and strongly urge you to check out Kean Farrar as soon as possible. Stream “Windowshopping” here:

Kanye West ‘Jesus Is King’: A Visual and Audio Experience

“Stand up for my own. Even if I take this walk alone. I bow down to the king upon the throne. My life is His, I’m no longer my own” -Kanye West on “Closed on Sunday”, 2019 The ideology of change is something that most people do not cope well with, or accept so openly. People are afraid of those around them changing into someone they never thought they’d see. Some people are afraid of those around them changing to become better than they are doing. Also, people are afraid of change within themselves—in fear of being placed in unfamiliar territories within their life. One area in the culture that change can be extremely neglected and frowned upon can be the music industry. Kanye West happens an individual who has gone through many changes all throughout his life, musical career, and his overall legacy on this earth.  Retroactively speaking, Kanye started out as the kid in Roc-a-Fella who was just known as the beatmaker of the clique. What came afterwards happened to be one of the most impactful artists of this generation. Had he not wanted that change for himself, he would have painted himself in a box early on …

JURASSIC – [DillanPonders] ft. [IDK]

An artist who has been making some serious waves this year is DillanPonders, the psychedelic forefather of Toronto’s underground. Lyrical Lemonade has been loving the music he’s put out this summer, but he recently changed the game releasing a song alongside DMV Heavyweight IDK. The two lyrical wordsmiths trade verse back and forth over the intense beat produced by Alex Parham. The way both artists dissect their verses, it feels like a scene from Jurassic Park with two ferocious dinosaurs digging into their prey. Dillan and IDK are emcees of a high caliber, both intricate with their delivery on each bar. This is the final single of DillanPonder’s upcoming EP KNOWHERE. Each track released thus far has continued to impress me, with the build-up he’s had this project is sure to turn some heads. Listen to “JURASSIC” on all platforms here!

Water Your Face Plants – [Lecx Stacy]

It’s hard to describe the incredibly chaotic yet focused orchestration and raw lyricism of Lecx Stacy’s newest single, “Water Your Face Plants.” The San Diego based artist bares all for his listeners, creating an electrically distorted moment of catharsis for all who have felt self-doubt creep into their lives. Lecx Stacy’s second official single is a departure from bright bedroom pop and an introduction into something grittier. Brought to life by piercing guitars, driving basslines and haunting vocals, Lecx Stacy’s newest single manages to capture your attention almost immediately. The surging power of the guitar’s feedback creates an undeniably anxious atmosphere that is flowing not only through the song’s production but through Stacy’s delivery and lyrics. This raw moment of pure vulnerability is incredibly enduring, creating an intimate moment between the listener and the artist. Despite the song’s melancholic lyrics, Stacy manages to provide listeners with a soundbed of driving basslines that warrant an impulsive response. This bedroom-punk hybrid is impossible to not get lost in, whether its the intimacy of the song’s lyrics or blinding fit of angst exuded from the record’s production. Listen to the new single from Lecx Stacy below and make sure to show him your …