RIP SMOKE – [AKTHESAVIOR] x [Powers Pleasant]

Hardly a week after releasing “Be Back Soon,” AKTHESAVIOR keeps the ball rolling with another banger titled “RIP SMOKE.” Produced by Beastcoast legend Powers Pleasant, “RIP SMOKE” is a record paying homage to the late Brooklyn artist Pop Smoke. Pre-release AK also released a chilling visualizer to pour one for Smoke. While it’s completely expected for a Powers beat to be flawless, sonically it’s incredible how fitting it is as a true Pop Smoke-esque record. Although the song is sure to leave fans bittersweet while imagining how Smoke would sound, AK unsurprisingly holds his own solo by shredding the instrumental with his signature surgical flow. Proclaiming Brooklyn as his home, AK puts the world on notice that he’s more than willing to uphold the city’s chariot while honoring Pop Smoke and all the fallen soldiers of New York.  “RIP SMOKE” marks the second single of AKTHESAVIOR’s upcoming mixtape Almost Home, with one more track expected to drop before the project’s release. Stream the offering below!

Hunny – [Nate Traveller]

Nate Traveller has always been impressive. The prolific artist carries an emotional delivery and an incredibly difficult to ignore charisma that follows each of his songs, whether through heart mending melodies or poignant rap deliveries. His recently released project, Hunny, is a significant step forward in his sound and a shining example his artistic growth. Coming in at a total of 21-minutes for a total of eight songs, Nate Traveller’s reentrance into the space since sharing his three-track release Alone back in 2018. His new album finds an exceptional growth both in production as well as with features. Assisted on the production side by fellow rising artist, BabyJake, and featuring verses from Wes Period, ripmattblack, AKTHESAVIOR, and Mills, Nate Traveller creates mellow energy that not only sounds good but matches the fall season. Standout songs like “Solace,” “Low Blow,” and “Same Number” all hold intoxicating components that make this project special. Nate Traveller said the below about his new album and the overall feel he hopes his music brings, saying, “Nature and harmony are key aspects not just to my brand but to my personal identity. I want my music to help people find peace.” Listen to Hunny by Nate Traveller below.

Be Back Soon – [AKTHESAVIOR] x [Kennth Cash] x [Taleil Brown]

AKTHESAVIOR, 1/2 of the esteemed rap duo The Underachievers returns with a dazzling new offering titled “Be Back Soon.” The track is the first official single off his upcoming mixtape Almost Home, which will be an entirely independent release. Taking a brief break from making timeless Underachievers records, his counterpart Issa Gold has simultaneously teased his solo project Tempus. Any individual effort from AK or Issa serves as a reminder that they’re not dependent on the group to thrive as top-tier artists. The duo is therefore an extension of their excellence, just as other prominent members of groups like Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest & The Roots have established. On “Be Back Soon,” Kenneth Cash is the talented production and vocal feature, with Taleil Brown co-producing the song (Brown produced “Land of the Lords,” a popular track off the iconic Indigoism mixtape). Cash is currently under AKTHESAVIOR’s artist management, with the singer/songwriter/producer providing an instant return on his investment. Cash’s ability to inflect his vocals on the chorus are so exceptional that they’re on par with the standard of industry stars such as Daniel Caesar or James Blake. Aside from minor similarities to After The Rain, the record is completely unlike any other creative direction AK has …

Master Roshi – [AKTHESAVIOR]

Commonly known for his discography with his “The Underachievers” counterpart Issa Gold, AKTHESAVIOR has demonstrated that he is equally as talented as a solo artist. For instance, AK’s two Blessings In The Grey mixtapes, released in 2014 and 2016 respectively, combine for a total of twenty-one total tracks. Songs such as “Angel Eyes,” Scottie Pippen,” “Pieces Of A Dream,” “Route 66,” “Winner,” and “Sun Child” are notable favorites that I find myself revisiting often. More recently, the Flatbush, Brooklyn native ambitiously collaborated with Leon Fanourakis a Yokohama, Japan rapper for a project titled FLATBU$H ¥EN. From an analytical standpoint, the strength in AK’s rapping lies in his confident unrelenting flow, which I personally believe is top-tier among his rap peers. However, those familiar with AKTHESAVIOR and The Underachievers know it is their spiritual, thought-provoking subject matter that predominates their body of work. For his latest solo release, AK dropped “Master Roshi,” maintaining the tradition of gifting a song for his fans during the week of his [29th]  birthday. The production is melodic, but the bass is booming, fitting the description of a low-key banger. Lyrics such as “Every day I be countin’ my blessings, now my spirit controllin’ this vessel, I just hope that …

PREMIERE: Airport – [Nate Traveller] x [Mills.]

One of my favorite artists in the whole entire music industry just so happens to be one of my favorite people as well. If you’ve regularly tapped in with my articles, you’d know that Nate Traveller has made it onto our pages on multiple occasions. The continuous appearances can simply be attributed to my steady belief that Nate will undeniably become one of the most influential names in the music industry one day. A majority of Nate’s recent songs have mainly been collaborations with some of his favorite artists, like AKTHESAVIOR and Jon Wiilde which is truly just a testament to his character. One of Nate’s greatest qualities is that he longs for all of the people in his circle to have success even more than he longs for it himself. Today, the rising artist is back with another song that has teamed him up with another Lyrical Lemonade alum, Mills. The track entitled, “Airport” is most definitely the offering that we didn’t know we needed until now. The moment I heard this full piece, I truly couldn’t stop listening. Nate is such a special talent and it is felt all the way throughout this one. The upbeat and catchy …

Premiere: Blossom – [Nate Traveller] ft. [AKTHESAVIOR]

When it comes to certain artists, there aren’t enough words to truly encapsulate the unbelievable beauty that is found in their art. Nate Traveller is one of these artists. When I first heard his music, there was not a doubt in my mind that the 23 year old Florida native has what it takes to pave his own legacy in any manner that he chooses. Back in August, I had the pleasure of introducing y’all to Nate after the release of his track “Solace”; Today, the rising artist is back onto our pages for his brand new offering entitled, “Blossom”. As soon as you press play, it’ll be pretty hard to resist the infectious guitar pattern that’s present. Not only is this song extremely well done on the production side, but on the lyrical side, Nate has a lot of things he wants to express to his fans as well. This week, I was able to hop on the phone with him before the song dropped to get a more in depth look at his creative process and what makes this song so special. The catchy hook that Nate created for this song was actually an original poem that he …

No Mercy (Freestyle) – [AK The Savior]

AK The Savior has been staying busy over the past couple of months, releasing a series of freestyles on The Underachievers’ SoundCloud page. Now, he’s back again today with a new freestyle challenge over the beat for Young Dolph’s “Slave Owner,” off of his Niggas Get Shot Everyday EP. Once again, AK wastes no time diving right into the bouncy Buddah Bless-produced track, delivering bar after bar without even pausing to catch his breath. It’s a solid minute and a half display of lyrical ability, full of one catchy punchline after another. If you’re itching for a similarly impressive showing from the “humble beast,” then check out his freestyle over the “Saint” instrumental off of Travis Scott and Quavo’s collaboration project Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. Don’t miss AK’s “No Mercy” freestyle below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Words by Luke Hinz

Renaissance – [The Underachievers]

It’s been almost exactly a year since the release of The Underachievers incredible project “It Happened In Flatbush,” and today, the Beast Coast duo have dropped their third album simply titled “Renaissance.” Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR already previewed a handful of tracks from the 15-track effort, and it’s safe to say they saved the best for last as each record is just as good as the last. On top of that, the project includes a lone feature of Mello who jumped on a couple of standout tracks titled “Saint Paul” and arguably the best song on the project called “Break The System.” Considering The Underachievers have had so much to offer since their emergence in 2011, they remain some of the hottest lyricists in the scene while also being amongst some of the youngest names in the industry. Nevertheless, it’s time to get familiar with these guys, so make sure to press play on the “Renaissance” album and let us know if you’re rocking with it in the comments section.

Gotham Nights – [The Underachievers]

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard new music from the East Coast duo known as The Underachievers. Last night, Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR went to SoundCloud to let loose a brand new track titled “Gotham Nights” with production from Joshua Heflinger. The wavy, lyrically-laced track is expected to feature on their next project “Renaissance” that is yet to be given a release date for this year. Besides that, the Flatbush-based artists traded mesmerizing verses over the psychedelic beat that is a trademark of their music since their emergence in 2011. Need I say more? Press play on “Gotham Nights” below and look out for the “Renaissance” project coming soon.