Our 50 Favorite Kid Cudi Songs

Bravery in vulnerability. Honesty in the face of pain. Effortless trend-setting. Undying authenticity. Inimitable talent. Astonishing hooks, soaring highs, and heartfelt lows. Creative ambition. The list goes on. These attributes and so many more are what makes Kid Cudi a living legend. From his stature as one of the most sonically and aesthetically influential artists alive to an entire catalog of classic albums, mixtapes, features, and chart-topping singles, there’s no denying the sheer impact and importance of the Cleveland-bred artist. His contributions not only to music, but to mental health awareness, fashion, and even acting range over a broad palette of interests and ventures, all of which bring fans back to the one and only Scott Mescudi — a multi-talented star in every right and the kind of artist and human that only comes around once in a lifetime. For our team at Lyrical Lemonade and for countless others, Kid Cudi has soundtracked some of our best moments in life just as much as he’s saved and helped us in our worst. With this in mind, to say that Kid Cudi is an artist for all occasions is an understatement, and furthermore, to say that he’s touched countless lives is …

Ignorance is Bliss – [Skepta]

It’s been a few years now since we first heard Konnichiwa, the last full-length project from Skepta. With the exception of 2017’s Vicious EP, the UK emcee has mainly stuck to singles over these past few years, but today, the wait is finally over as we receive Skepta’s brand new album, Ignorance Is Bliss. Watching the various interviews that were released throughout the rollout for this project, it immediately became apparent to me just how focused Skepta has become over the past few years. Amongst worlds of success, a hit song in “Praise The Lord” with A$AP Rocky, and plenty of memorable wins in recent times, the Top Boy himself has reached a new level in his career, and the new album reflects this change in both circumstance and mindset. 13 tracks long, Ignorance Is Bliss is as to-the-point as it gets, allowing Skepta to paint vivid pictures of the life he lives and the mindset that he takes toward his career, devoid of any fluff along the way. He’s seen the bright lights and the fame, but he’s also seen the unwanted energies that come with this success and learned countless lessons along the way. Naturally, the project feels incredibly polished and refined, …

Hope – [Blood Orange] ft. [Puff Daddy] [Tei Shi]

Looking back at my most frequently revisited albums of the past year or so, I can confidently say that for a plethora of reasons, I always find myself coming back to Blood Orange’s 2018 masterpiece, Negro Swan. From the mesmeric, sonically refreshing sounds on this one to the artful and well-executed commentary executed all throughout this project, I truly can’t think of very many albums released in the past few years that I hold in such high regard. Needless to say, whenever anything new from Blood Orange comes out, I’m all over it — especially when it comes to visuals. For anyone familiar with Blood Orange’s work, it’s quite obvious that the mastermind behind the operation, Dev Hynes, always seems to have an incredible grasp on his art when it comes to translating music onto the big screen. With this in mind, Blood Orange is back today with yet another new music video, this time for “Hope” featuring Puff Daddy and Tei Shi. Aside from the impeccable, otherworldly aesthetics of this one (the scene of all the people in tank tops running down the hill is my favorite), “Hope” is a cameo-filled demonstration of the power of music, specifically through the …

Pups – [A$AP Ferg] Ft. [A$AP Rocky]

It’s always a good feeling when you see any of the A$AP Mob members connect for a new track, and today we received a hot new offering from A$AP Ferg titled “Pups” featuring A$AP Rocky. The slow and steady build up at the start of the track is sure to have you on the edge of your chair, until the two New York leaders jumped on the beat and abousltely killed it! After my listen listen of this one I was stunned, just staring into space while paying close attention to what they were spitting, this record was so refreshing and is the best song I have heard this week, bravo to everyone involved in creating this one. Stream this new joint below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend!

Kids Turned Out Fine – [A$AP Rocky]

A$AP Rocky is one of the few artists who take pride in dropping classic music videos one after another, if you think about it A$AP Rocky has been dropping not only good visuals, but groundbreaking music videos that no one can keep up with. Especially when it comes to that trippy sound and style at A$AP has mastered so well over the past few years, and trust me when I say that this one is a trip. A$AP couldn’t create something this great by himself though, a large part of the thanks has to go to music video director Dexter Navy who made it turn out so crisp and clean. Watch this brand new music video below and keep your eyes peeled for some more new music from Rocky in the near future.

Watch A$AP Rocky’s brand new interview with Power 106

A$AP Rocky is one of the biggest artists in the world and he recently stopped by Power 106 for a brand new interview! You will find the crew asking him about plenty of interesting topics such as his relationship with Tyler The Creator, his taste in women, working with a stylist, being sober at times, the best gift he has received from a girlfriend, his Injured Generation Tour he is on, being in a lane of his own, conspiracy theories, making music that goes beyond genre and he even displayed his Spanish speaking ability. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this brand new interview below!

Gunz N Butter – [A$AP Rocky] ft. [Juicy J]

A$AP Rocky doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The head of the New York-based A$AP collective has returned with a new visual for his song, “Gunz N Butter” featuring Juicy J from his recently released album, TESTING. This video comes off the heels of his newest video and song released last week titled, “Sundress.” His most recent visual offering for “Gunz N Butter” is an anxiety driven rollercoaster that follows Rocky first on top of a speeding Mercedes that is racing through the desert. The video takes a stark change when it runs through various scenes of unsettling images such as children holding firearms, a Ku Klux Klan meeting, the 3D printing of weapons, and preteens dressed as crash test dummies. Naturally, this video gives us a small look inside of Rocky’s mind in terms of his thoughts on the current climate of the country. Check out A$AP Rocky’s new video for “Gunz N Butter” below and tell us what you think of the new visual in the comment section below!

Sundress – [A$AP Rocky]

A$AP Rocky delivers a psychedelic new visual for his recently released new single, “Sundress.” The new song and video showcase a new texture of Rocky’s ability as an artist, mainly his skill in entrancing listeners with his raspy falsetto. Co-produced by Danger Mouse the song utilizes a Tame Impala sample which lays the foundation for Rocky delivery on the dreamy lo-fi production. His new video is as vibrant and captivating as his previous visual accompaniments but this time capturing a night in the club that is plagued with frozen effects, similar to stop-animation. Rocky is on the receiving end of the wrath of a woman he previously had a relationship with as she takes her revenge on the rapper inside the blissfully-lit club. Watch A$AP Rocky’s new video for “Sundress” below and tell us what you think about Flacko’s new song and visual in the comment section!

Chewing Gum – [Blood Orange] feat. [A$AP Rocky] & [Project Pat]

Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange, has shared the fourth video from his recently released highly acclaimed album, Negro Swan. The song features A$AP Rocky and Project Pat, but only the Harlem MC makes a cameo in the cinematic, dream-like visual. Directed by Hynes himself, the video follows Rocky and Hynes on a ATV exploration of the desert where the video is set in. The video is filled with powerful imagery, capturing the naturally striking combination of the desert sky and the pastel durags worn by the two stars. The new visual is a beautiful representation of the song’s natural atmospheric sonics provided by Hynes’ angelic chorus and Rocky’s ghostly verse. It’s incredibly difficult to watch the new video just once as you catch yourself finding small accents with each view. Marvel at Blood Orange’s dreamy new video for “Chewing Gum” below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Watch Playboi Carti’s brand new interview on BigBoyTV

Playboi Carti is one of the biggest stars in music currently, and Big Boy is one of the best interviewers in the game, so when I saw that they did a new interview recently I was glued to the screen. You will them talking about plenty of interesting subjects such as adapting to the spotlight, considering himself to be shy, his new album Die Lit, how he started rapping, growing up in Atlanta, his family, playing basketball as a kid, his relationship with Gucci Mane, XXL Freshman List, how he met A$AP Rocky, walking in Virgil’s show and he even gave the crew some fashion tips. Check out this brand new interview below!