don’t stop! we can do this – [6 dogs]

It’s likely you’ve been living under a rock for the past year if you haven’t yet become an avid listener of 6dogs. Following his collab-tape with Danny Wolf in 6 Wolves back in May, the Lyrical Lemonade favorite returns today with the next emotionally-filled record titled, don’t stop! we can do this. With production coming from Shrimp, the spacey synths were right in 6 dogs wheelhouse as he blessed the instrumental with his unearthly autotune lyricism promoting good vibes, positivity and to always keep moving forward. It goes without saying that 6 dogs is unlike any artist who has/ is coming up right now and with a catalog of music that only seems to improve by each release, the potential is at an all-time high for the young artist. That being said, stop what you’re doing and give don’t stop! we can do this a listen and leave a comment below whether or not you’re feeling the latest from 6 dogs.

6 Wolves – [6 Dogs] [Danny Wolf]

When it comes to bringing unique soundscapes to life, no two artists compare to the eccentric work of 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf. Not only are they each a force to be reckoned with on their own, but they also make up one of the strongest producer-artist combos in rap right now, as seen on songs such as “Mazi Love” and “Spaceship“. Today in a Jordan and Pippen-caliber joining of forces, these two hit machines are linking together to bless the music world with a brand new joint mixtape titled 6 Wolves. 7 tracks long, we receive a collection of absolute anthems on this one with only one feature from Yung Bans, establishing a strengthened chemistry in each track while illustrating the way that the 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf match up perfectly in regards to sound and style. The beats are trunk-rattling, the melodies are as futuristic and out there as we could have hoped for, and all in all, this tape exceeds the already-high expectations I had for its release. 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf are undoubtedly going to be superstars soon, so be sure to show some love and listen to 6 Wolves at the link below!

Staff Picks: Top Songs Of The Month (January 2018)

There was an insane amount of new music in January, so what better way to ring-in 2018 then a Staff Picks list? Find out who cracked the list below and check back next month for the Top Songs of February! ALSO, big shoutout to the writing team for all of the help. Appreciate you guys! _ Lil Skies – Big Money One of the obvious highlights from last month was Lil Skies much-anticipated release of his Life Of A Dark Rose project. From the energy in the intro-track Welcome To The Rodeo to our undisputed staff-pick in Big Money, there was really no better way for Skies to kick off 2018. You’d best not let this one slip under the radar. _ YBN Nahmir – Bounce Out With That YBN Nahmir made quite the impression in January with a fiery release in Bounce Out With That, which was also accompanied by a stunning visual courtesy of Cole Bennett. The bouncy production from Hoodzone was right at home for YBN’s unforgettable bars that first grabbed everyone’s attention in his breakthrough track Rubbin In The Paint from last year. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing song & visual below. _ 6Dogs – Buttcheeks …