Behind the Scenes of 24kGoldn + DaBaby’s “Coco” video

When you think about artists who have made a massive impact in the music world over the past year or two, it’s impossible to not talk about the young king 24kGoldn. Yesterday, we dropped the music video for “Coco” by 24kGoldn + DabBaby, directed by Cole Bennett, and today we are back with the behind the scenes video from the day of that shoot. This type of content provides a peek behind the curtain to show how some of your favorite music videos are created, and they can be found on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube page. Don’t waste any more time, dive into the latest ‘behind the scenes’ below!

Coco – [24kGoldn] x [DaBaby]

24kGoldn is the perfect example of what a successful artist looks like in 2020, especially when you look at how he was able to overcome the pandemic and continue his rise to stardom against all odds. 24kGoldn has come through time and time again with hit records and he hasn’t slowed down in the least bit, as he released his song “Coco” featuring DaBaby about a week ago, and now he is back with the new music video for the track! 24kGoldn connected with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct this visual, and although this is the first time they have linked up for a video, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the quality of the final product. I really hope to see 24kGoldn and Cole do some more work in the future, let’s keep our fingers crossed there, but for now, press play below! Produced Omer Fedi + 94Skrt • Photo by @andrewcaso

Coco – [24kGoldn] ft [DaBaby]

Having proved himself with a viral sensation earlier this year through City of Angels and another hit, Mood reaching the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, 2020 has proven to be 24kGoldn’s year. He has had an astronomical rise from attending USC to being one of the biggest names in the music industry, it’s clear that 24kGoldn is here to stay. He returned on Friday with another hit accompanied by DaBaby (who has also had an incredible 2020 with two albums) to drop Coco. The energetic track delivers an upbeat feel juxtapositioned with lyrics riddled with relationship issues. This leads to one of the most interesting tracks of the year that is catchy as it is real. DaBaby delivers high-energy rhymes that perfectly fit between 24kGoldn’s chorus establishing their undeniable chemistry together. Make sure to check out this future hit down below or check out his interview with Lyrical Lemonade here Produced by Omar Fedi and 94Skrt

Mood (Remix) – 24kGoldn & Iann Dior ft. [Justin Bieber] &[J Balvin]

When I first heard 24kGoldn and Iann Dior’s song “Mood” a few months ago, I knew from the moment I heard the first hook that it was an absolute banger that would take the world by storm. Little did I know that it would go number 1 on Billboard and remain in the top spot for weeks and even months on end. They’ve ridden high on the song’s success, understandably, and have even taken their talents to live performances on massive outlets like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, spreading the word about this unbelievable hit with all the charisma and enthusiasm they know how. I honestly don’t think the fun is ever going to stop with this song, thankfully, and I’m not complaining whatsoever. Luckily, they’re continuing their joyride with the release of a remix for the record, getting Justin Bieber and J Balvin, two world-renown artists who need no introduction, to join them for some new additions. After seeing this track teased on social media for the past week or so, I couldn’t have been more anticipatory, and now that it’s in our hands, the wait and all the hype surrounding the release is undoubtedly well worth it. Starting out, the …

Watch The Kid Laroi’s brand new interview on Carton Conversations

A good chunk of the Lyrical Lemonade fanbase knows that we have been putting a ton of time and effort into creating content for our Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube Channel, and one of the growing series that we have been pushing is Carton Conversations. We have had guests on CC so far such as Internet Money and 24kGoldn, and today we are happy to bring you guys a new episode featuring The Kid Laroi! The host’s JB + Gloupjake spoke to The Kid Laroi about countless topics such as his new album F*ck Love, the skits on the tape, his basketball skills, working with Corbin + Logan Paul, and much more. Take some time out of your day to watch this brand new interview below!

Delectable – [TyFontaine]

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Internet Money, and I have been even longer before their unbelievable album dropped. I can press play on any song by Iann Dior, Poorstacy, Lil Spirit, Turbo, or anyone else on their roster and be transported to an entirely new universe in the blink of an eye. Just a week ago, Internet Money’s very own Tyfontaine dropped off his brand-new single “Cuff Jeans”, and I haven’t gone a day without listening to it probably ten or more times. Its hook is absolutely incredible, his verse is as impressive as it is diverse, and his abundance of talents are sprinkled all over the short offering. Fast forward seven days, and it turns out that the fun is only beginning. As he has been preparing fans for the release of his second project of the year entitled We Ain’t the Same, he finally announced the mixtape’s official release date, which is next Friday, as well as the tape’s tracklist which includes features from 24kGoldn, Coi Leray, TheHxliday, and of course Lil Keed on their previously released single “Duse N Juice”. With a list of 16 songs, there’s no telling what we can expect, …

Watch 24kGoldn’s interview on Carton Conversations

On our latest episode of Carton Conversations we had 24kGoldn stop by in office for a great conversation about plenty of different topics, check it out below!

Watch Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and Mulatto’s 2020 XXL Freshman Cypher

Every year, no matter how good or bad the XXL Freshman list might be in everyone’s opinions, I can’t help but look forward to the different cyphers that come to life throughout the process. Typically, artists are paired up with each other even if they might not have ever even considered working with one another, and they’re given a beat that is typically simple enough to manage but could still possibly put them outside of their comfort zones. After all, they want these artists to not only take a victory lap after being awarded the title of XXL freshman, but they also want them to prove themselves and show fans exactly why they deserve this title. In all honesty, I always find the freestyles lame no matter how good or bad they are because half the time, artists use lyrics that have already been recorded and released on other songs, and I just don’t think they do anything to back up the skills of each artist. As for the most recent cypher I saw, Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn, and Mulatto all teamed up and although these might be some random and unlikely pairings, they all manage to come together and …

B4 The Storm – [Internet Money]

Internet Money is basically the music powerhouse that the average fan has no idea about. They’re cranking out hit after hit with not only big-name artists, but also with their in-house talents who are going to be superstars in their own right in no time at all. As they began to hype up their debut album B4 The Storm, I was getting so impatient because I knew that the rest of the world was in for something incredible, but I had to hear it with my own two ears to make sure my expectations could be justified. It obviously came out at midnight going into Friday so it’s been out for a few days, but I really wanted to take some time to run through it multiple times and truly take in all of the artistry and effort that went into this incredible album, and man, was I not let down in the slightest. On B4 The Storm, the masterminds behind Internet Money, including Taz Taylor and Nick Mira, were able to meld features from massive names like Future, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, Gunna, and more, with some incredibly talented and promising young artists like TyFontaine, TheHxliday, The Kid Laroi, …

TYB – [Jo Ratty]

I first got put onto Jo Ratty when 24kGoldn came to the LL office some months ago, and his manager put me onto a few artists that he thought I should be aware of, and one of the standouts of that shortlist was Jo himself. Since then, I have been keeping an eye out for any of his new releases, and today I am happy to be bringing our audience his brand new music video for “TYB”. Jo Ratty has a lot of the traits that some of the massive artists in today’s current landscape possess; the unique voice, the ability to make melodic tunes + rap with the best of them, the ‘look’, and not to mention he’s been putting up some solid numbers. Jo Ratty is still very early in his career, and if you ask me, he is showing flashes of some serious potential. I am going to continue to watch him grow as an artist, and hopefully one day he will be one of the biggest artists out of his city, watch this new visual below. Directed + edited by JMO Productions • produced By BassoBeatz