Foreign – [Rot Ken]

Unfortunately, incarcerations seem to really play a factor in the music industry for a plethora of artists big and small, but I am never going to give anything less than the highest praise to thee emcees who find themselves in a situation and are able to overcome it no matter what it takes. When Rot Ken got locked up, it was disheartening because he was making some major waves in music and I was afraid that this stint was going to put a pause on his rising and promising career. Well, considering he has a strong backing of industry trendsetters over at Internet Money, not a day went by without me listening to a song by Ken because his homies at IM made sure that they weren’t going to let the “Free Ken” movement go by the wayside. His debut project Free Me was an undeniable leap in the right direction thanks to 17 amazing songs that last almost 40 minutes long and a few addicting features in SoFaygo, Kalan.FrFr, Hunxho, and 21 Lil Harold. While I can’t get enough of this album and all of the talents that Ken showcased, he got it off to a hot start with …

LivingLike5 (Deluxe) – [R5 Homixide]

This week R5 Homixide’s posthumous LP LivingLike5 received its deluxe edition, gracing fans with four new tracks from the Atlanta rapper. Featuring collaborations with fellow Atlanta natives 21 Lil Harold and Lil Unky, the last tracks added to LivingLike5 are some of R5’s strongest and most concentrated work. Like LL5 itself, the deluxe tracks like “Large Amounts” work well to showcase the multi-faceted artistry of a rapper taken before his prime – highlighting both the highs and lows of R5’s story and rise to fame. It’s been about six months since R5 Homixide’s untimely passing, but listeners are still waiting on bated breath for new music from the Atlanta star. Listen to R5 Homixide’s LivingLike5 Deluxe below:

Ed, Edd, Eddy – [Chino Cappin] [21 Lil Harold]

Fort Valley, GA’s Chino Cappin has been a consistent force over the past several years, setting the standard for Georgia artists coming up outside of the Atlanta metro and developing as a vocalist and writer through the entire process. He is back in our pages again today with his new visual for “Ed, Edd, Eddy” which features 21 Lil Harold who is on the shortlist of artists poised to blow up next from Atlanta, leading the new generation of East Side artists into the 2020’s with great success so far, and it is only a matter of time until Lil Harold fully impresses himself onto the mainstream consciousness. Chino Cappin is a master of melodies and floats over the sanguine production powered by a mystifying and distorted vocal sample. 2022 could easily be the year where both of these artists fully rise above regional stardom to becoming industry leaders in their own right.

Teek – [21 Lil Harold]

Atlanta’s underground rap scene has been quietly lately and it has been a minute since a new artist captivated the city and pushed to the top of the mainstream with the city’s assistance but Slaughter Gang’s 21 Lil Harold is looking like the artist that has the necessary charisma, talent, and connections required to succeed in his cutthroat market. He turned to another one of rap’s holy cities, Memphis, to find the right sample to flip a Three Six Mafia song for his track “Teek” that is guaranteed to turn any party up and render your back mirror useless if you’re listening in the car. Lil Harold stormed back onto the scene earlier this year with his star-studded project Larry that featured many memorable songs including my favorite, “Johnny,” featuring GHerbo. It is only a matter of time until the city of Atlanta is screaming his name and births another star with ’21’ at the front of his name.

Vice – [Tino Szn] ft. [$NOT]

16-year-old North Carolina rapper Tino Szn makes his first drop of 2021 with a new single entitled “Vice.” The crazy thing about this song is that it features one of the raps’ budding stars in $NOT. How this track came about is very interesting. $not actually saw Tino on his Instagram live and directed messaged the young emcee to collaborate with him. Even though it’s still early and Tino’s career he’s already worked with a couple of household names. He’s already worked with producers such as Based1 (Bad Bunny), Lukrative (Playboicarti), and Harold Harper (Lil Uzi Vert) to name a few. Being this young and having so much room to grow it should be interesting to see where 2021 takes Tino Szn. We should be looking to seeing how he expands his sound as some of his influences include Chief Keef, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and Billie Eilish. Stream Tino Szn’s new record “Vice” with $NOT below.