Repeat – [$teven Cannon]

Just a few hours ago $teven Cannon blessed his growing fan base with a brand new visual for “Repeat” and it’s not anything you want to miss out on!$teven Cannon has a good grip on what it takes to make a sonically pleasing record and if you look at his catalog you will see what I’m speaking on, and on this song he certainly displayed that ability, making a track so good that it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. $teven united with video director @sovisuals to bring this track to life and they created a simplistic yet effective video that his fans are going to eat up! Check out this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube! produced by dilip

Everyday – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is a regular on our platform and a few days back he unleashed an awesome new music video for his record called “Everyday”. $teven Cannon has the uncanny ability to whip up sonically pleasing melodies at what seems like the snap of a finger, and this new joint is certainly no different. He joined forces with music video director waterwippinevan who was the brilliant mind behind the camera for this one, and I believe I speak for a majority of his fans when I say that I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Check out this brand new visual below and if you like what you hear be sure to give $teven Cannon a follow on Twitter here. produced by dilip & dj yung vamp

I MIGHT – [$teven Cannon] ft. [Lil Xan]

Whew! This one’s a heater. Earlier today, $teven Cannon and Lil Xan released a new track entitled “I Might”, and, as stated, it’s flames. Produced by Kinfolk Jon and Morgoth Beatz, this one has a tense, bass-heavy beat, and $teven flows (super) effectively on top. Xan’s addition, per usual, is a very well-suited one, and the two show (again) here why they make such a good artistic team. Definitely blast this one this weekend, and be on the lookout for more from the artists ahead. These two are always in the business of making heaters together. Listen to “I Might” at the link below:

Mansion – [$teven Cannon]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite $teven Cannon makes his way back to our platform today with a brand new visual for his latest track titled, Mansion. Released only a matter of hours ago, the Gren8Beats-produced hitter was brought to life courtesy of Nicholas Jandora which sees the L.A.-based rapper doing what else but pulling up to a massive house with a crowbar in hand. Immediately greeted with bodies as soon as he enters the room, the bass-ringing track comes to life with Cannon taking the role of a psychotic killer who can be seen gripping a chainsaw, reading a book and even enjoying a meal from a girl who proceeds to climb in the oven afterward. That’s really only the start of the antics and much like the previous visuals from Cannon, this one will pull you in right away. Make sure to let loose the video for Mansion and keep a lookout for the next release from $teven Cannon very soon. Directed by: Nicholas Jandora 

Worst Day Ever – [Lil Xan] Ft. [$teven Cannon]

Lil Xan is certainly no stranger here at Lyrical Lemonade and tonight he is making his return to our website with the release of his brand new record titled “Worst Day Ever” featuring $teven Cannon. The production that was featured on this record by Tayo Fetti had an extremely addictive quality to it, and the verses on this one complimented the beat perfectly, as they each paid homage to the legend Mac Miller. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Lil Xan by giving him a follow on Twitter here.

Heartbreak Soldiers – [Lil Xan]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite and sad boy supreme, Lil Xan, has returned with a 7-track effort entitled Heartbreak Soldiers. The follow-up to his wildly successful debut TOTAL XANARCHY, Heartbreak Soldiers stays true to Xan’s chilled out sound and lyrical content. On the tape, Xan talks about his struggles with fame and the tolls it takes on his 21-year-old mind. Depression, drug use, and lady problems are also major themes throughout the project. Housing the smash single Lies ft. Lil Skies, which was released only 3 days prior to the full release, Xanarchy’s own $teven Cannon is the only other artist featured on the tape, dropping off two verses on Oh No and the project’s finale, Honesty. The free project is available for streaming through SoundCloud and YouTube now, check it out below:

Look @ This – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is certainly no stranger to our lemon filled pages, and today he is back with his brand new record titled “Look @ This”.  He jumped over some addictive production that was handled by ShoNuff, and together the two of them created arguably my favorite track from the Xanarchy affiliate so far in his young career. Steven picked the pocket of the beat perfectly and rode it out for damn near three minutes straight, leaving plenty of catchy bars along the way. Check out this brand new offering below and be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

Get It On – [$teven Cannon]

If you’re a frequent visitor of our pages, you’re well aware of who $teven Cannon is. Today, he makes his return with one of his latest tracks in Get It On accompanied by a crazy cinematic cut courtesy of Jordan Page & TurtleMOV. Premiering on No Jumper, the Danny Wolf-produced hitter was brought to life with Cannon turning up in an arcade amongst other locations while rapping his drippy bars on taking your girl, wearing expensive clothes and just about everything else in-between. It’s been said time-and-time again in our archives that $teven Cannon is painfully underrated and with fellow Xanarchy counterpart Lil Xan admitting that he was his favorite rapper in a recent lie detector test, there’s not much more incentive needed to get put on the Ohio-bred artist. Nonetheless, make sure to watch the latest visual for Get It On and after doing so, check out Lil Xan’s segment with Fuse where he takes on the lie detector below! Via: No Jumper  Via: Fuse   

Birthday – [$teven Cannon]

Xanarchy’s own $teven Cannon has a track record of movie-like visuals including the Cole Bennett-directed cut for InXanity back in November, and he has now joined forces with LakaFilms bringing to life one of his latest joints titled Birthday. Setting the scene in a kitchen with a baddie, Cannon looks to be baking a birthday cake with her before she adds an unknown substance to the ingredients. Then shortly after she leaves, he tries the finished product being the cake and ends up hitting the floor dead in his own kitchen. Pretty dark experience for such an exciting event in a birthday, but I guess that’s what you get for messing with ‘fake girls’ which he preaches on in the track. There’s no question the Xanarchy gang is one of the most promising in hip-hop, and if you’re not yet put on $teven Cannon get in-tune with his Birthday visual below!

The Man – [Lil Xan] Ft. [Steven Cannon]

Lil Xan has a track-record of dropping off some of the most creative visuals in the game (go check out his latest Cole Bennett visual Wake Up) and today, he has shared a brand new cut for his track The Man featuring fellow Xanarchy member $teven Cannon. Setting the scene in what looks like a rehab center, the visual starts out with Xan explaining his trouble with addiction before it’s quickly turned-up to 10 with beautiful girls dancing on him while the other patients look-on. Then, shortly after Cannon fires-off his energetic verse, we’re given the last scene that see’s Shameless star-turned doctor Ethan Cutkowsky turning up with Xan in the final shots before he’s released back into the world with several screaming girls waiting for him. Does this have the potential to run up numbers like his video for Betrayed? I guess we’ll find out, but for the time being, let us know what you thought about Lil Xan’s video for The Man in the comments below!