Watch the Behind The Scenes of the “Whipski” music video

Before this past weekend, we here at Lyrical Lemonade released the music video for “Whipski” by $NOT + Lil Skies, a project that we are all very proud of. If you already in the know, we have been releasing exclusive content on our second YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade 2, and moments ago we just dropped the behind-the-scenes video from the days on the set of “Whipski”. This behind-the-scenes series is mainly to give insight into how some of your favorite music videos come to life, it’s an insightful thing for a young video director to learn from, and a nice peek behind the curtain for any fan. The music video for “Whipski” already has surpassed two million views in just a few days, so why not take a look to see how this one was created? Press play below and make sure to subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade 2!

Whipski – [$NOT] x [Lil Skies]

Over the past six months or so, $NOT has become a familiar face on our Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel, he’s been becoming what I would consider one of those LL legends in less than a year. Lil Skies has been a Lyrical Lemonade icon for a few years now, there are very few artists that go hand and hand with Lyrical Lemonade as Lil Skies does, he’s one of the most important + special artists that we have ever worked with. So when the information went public that $NOT + Lil Skies has a collaboration on the way, along with a video directed by Cole Bennett, it left fans of both of these artists + fans of Lyrical Lemonade impatiently waiting for the release. Well, the wait is finally over as of a few moments ago, as the brand new music video for “Whipski” just dropped! This is one of the most anticipated LL videos that has dropped so far this year, and that’s a bold statement considering the excellent visuals that Cole has been bringing us lately. This music video lived up to + surpassed the expectations it had if you ask me, don’t take my word for it …

Life – [$NOT]

Ever since the latter half of last year, $NOT has become one of my top favorite artists in recent memory. He just has this way of touching listeners in various different ways that other musicians struggle to do. For instance, he can create club anthems that are sure to get any function bumping just as easily as he can deliver somber, introspective records that are as poignant as they are revealing. Additionally, he delivers these very polarizing styles on the same projects, and his album Beautiful Havoc is perfectly titled considering that’s how you feel about the album and about $NOT in general after listening to the various stories he goes through within the project. This is still an album that I rotate through somewhat regularly and haven’t grown even remotely tired of, and just when I feel like I’m personally overplaying a song that I love, I’ll give it a full run-through once more and find an entirely new track that I’ll play on repeat until I overplay it and then repeat. The endless cycle all over again. One of the songs that I recently got even more into than I did right off the bat was “Life”, and …

Calabasas – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is an artist that we have been posting about on our website since 2019, he is a versatile artist out of Louisana that we are huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade. Just a couple of minutes ago, we released the brand new music video for SSGKobe’s record called “Calabasas” featuring $NOT. This song just has that classic Lyrical Lemonade feel to it, we’ve all agreed that it reminds us of an underground track that’s going to blow up + launch SSGKobe’s career to stardom. Kobe + $NOT displayed some amazing chemistry on this song, they complimented each other flawlessly over the hard-hitting production, it’s a song that will leave you wanting more collaborations from them in the future. Keep an eye out for this man Kobe, I have a good feeling that he’s going to be one of the leaders of this new class of music.

Eat Your Heart Out – [Dro Kenji]

Considering we’re all alive and consuming music during the present internet age of media, it might get somewhat overwhelming when you hear about a new artist making waves in the industry seemingly every hour. While this fascinates and excites me, I want to make sure to get the best under the radar music out to fans as often as I can. While Dro Kenji might not be a new name to some considering he has released a plethora of unbelievable singles and projects over the past few months, he is still grossly underrated in my opinion, and he is one of the most talented emcees in the entire Hip-Hop genre, but this classification is a stretch considering his music is difficult to place into such strict boundaries like one specific genre. Even though projects like Tears and Pistols and Race Me To Hell came out at the very end of last year, he has been proving time and time again that he’s one of the hardest workers in the entire music world. What’s even more impressive is the fact that not only is he able to constantly gift fans new music, but he’s also able to create hit after hit, …

Sangria – [$NOT] x [Denzel Curry]

I have had an amazing time watching $NOT grow as an artist over the years, but specifically since we shot the two music videos for him last year. He has taken full advantage of that opportunity and has capitalized on it to the maximum, he has made all of the right moves since then, and today he is back with a brand new music video for “Sangria” featuring Denzel Curry. The $NOT + Denzel Curry link-up is the collab that I never knew I needed, these two created something to be proud of, it’s one of those songs that’s so good you simply can’t listen to it just once. I loved this song and I believe that you will too, check it out for yourself below! Produced by Power Pleasant

Watch Lil Skies new interview on Carton Conversations

Lil Skies was the latest guest on our growing series Carton Conversations, on the tenth episode that is also the season finale! We had to go big for the season finale, so not only did we have Lil Skies come by the office for the interview, we had his close friend + Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett host! These two touched on plenty of subjects in this interview including how they first got connected, the classic music video for “Red Roses”, the story behind the “Nowadays” visual, his new album Unbothered, the close relationship he has with his fans, working with Lil Durk, Wiz Khalifa showing him a ton of love, growing up in a small town, how fatherhood has changed his life, his upcoming collab with $NOT, the idea of what happiness is and so much more. This was the perfect ending to Season 1 of Carton Conversations, we have a lot of room to grow and the sky is the limit for this series, watch this new interview below and if you haven’t already, check out the other conversations we have with The Kid Laroi, Teezo Touchdown, DJ Scheme, 24kGoldn and more on LL2. Photo by Jackson W

Vice – [Tino Szn] ft. [$NOT]

16-year-old North Carolina rapper Tino Szn makes his first drop of 2021 with a new single entitled “Vice.” The crazy thing about this song is that it features one of the raps’ budding stars in $NOT. How this track came about is very interesting. $not actually saw Tino on his Instagram live and directed messaged the young emcee to collaborate with him. Even though it’s still early and Tino’s career he’s already worked with a couple of household names. He’s already worked with producers such as Based1 (Bad Bunny), Lukrative (Playboicarti), and Harold Harper (Lil Uzi Vert) to name a few. Being this young and having so much room to grow it should be interesting to see where 2021 takes Tino Szn. We should be looking to seeing how he expands his sound as some of his influences include Chief Keef, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and Billie Eilish. Stream Tino Szn’s new record “Vice” with $NOT below.

Like Me – [$NOT] ft. [Iann Dior]

As 2020 rapidly came to a close, there were a few rappers who I familiarized myself with and almost became obsessed with as the final months of the year flew by. Out of all these insane talents, $NOT was undeniably the one artist who I never took my eye off of, and that hasn’t changed even slightly ever since I first started listening to him. His album Beautiful Havoc was a masterpiece in my opinion, and I just loved how he was able to intermingle a variety of different vibes ranging from dark, ominous cuts to upbeat party anthems. Obviously, the features were also great after hearing names like Denzel Curry and Flo Milli, but my favorite song on the project had to be “Like Me” which featured Iann Dior. I was lucky enough to hear the project about a week prior to its release, and I remember that after listening to this hit, I went and raved to my friends about it, egging them on to listen when the album came out but not giving up the sanctity of the early access I was luckily granted. Although you might’ve been bumping this track ever since it came out as …

Baby – [DJ Scheme] ft. [Iann Dior]

DJ Scheme has long been a close friend and acquaintance of ours here at lyrical lemonade, and like a fine wine, he continues to only get better with age. At the beginning of December, he dropped off his debut album FAMILY and it was an absolute smash hit, at least in my mind. He was able to bring all different styles and sonic landscapes to life throughout this 17-song album, and every time I go back and revisit it, I seem to be more and more blown away. Obviously, the features he selected on this project help Scheme provide different stylistic choices, but every single guest plays such an important role in this album’s success. He got names like Skrillex, Joey Bada$$, Ski Mask, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign, Fenix Flexin, $NOT, and too many others to name in this sentence, but I never imagined seeing some of these talents on the same album let alone the same song. One of my favorite cuts off of the project is definitely “Baby” featuring Iann Dior, and although this is a much more soothing, heartfelt ballad than what we’re used to hearing from Iann, he takes the baton and runs with it. …