Behind The Scenes of $NOT + Flo Milli’s “Mean” Video Shoot

We just released the music video for “Mean” by $NOT + Flo Milli last night, and it has been received very well by their respective fan bases + Lyrical Lemonade fans alike. So we here at LL figured this was the perfect time to drop the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the video shoot on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 Channel, take some time to watch it below!

Mean – [$NOT] x [Flo Milli]

A few weeks ago we released the music video for “Revenge” by $NOT, and I believe it’s safe to say that it was one of our favorite LL visuals in recent memory, it has that feel of an instant classic in our eyes. I am sure that our fanbase had a good feeling that Cole & $NOT would be working again in the future, but probably not this quick, as today they are back with their new music video for “Mean” featuring Flo Milli. This release is a special one because, if I am not mistaken, this is the first time in Lyrical Lemonade’s history that we have released back to back music videos with the same artist. I loved the start of this music video because it connected with the ending of the last $NOT visual that I previously mentioned, it was a continuation that tied the two separate videos together, shout out to Cole for making that genius concept as seamless as possible. $NOT and Flo Milli displayed some undeniable chemistry on this record, and it showed even more so in the visual, hopefully, we can see them work together again in the future. Watch this brand new …

Luvstruck – [Tino Szn]

Tino Szn is a 16-year-old from a small town in Gastonia, North Carolina with a big sound. Today Tino makes his return to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his new single “Luvstruck.” Tino has been on a tear since the release of his ‘Take Flight’ EP which released in July. This record is another upbeat and uptempo anthem from the savior of the teenagers. This serves as the typical glow up track on your ex or haters record and shows off Tino’s advanced skills at an early age. Tino has a rare talent to dive into a variety of different sounds which will help him as he develops more down the road. This record features production from Ransom and Based1 in which they provide a formidable melody for Tino to glide across. If you like this single you should pay close attention to what Tino has coming soon as he’s been teased a release with $NOT that’s supposed to follow up this single sooner than later. Stream Tino Szn’s new single “Luvstruck” for yourself and judge after the break.

Behind The Scenes of $NOT’s “Revenge” Video Shoot

A few days ago we released the new music video for $NOT’s record titled “Revenge”, so we thought this would be the perfect time to release the behind the scenes footage of the video shoot. Take some time out of your night to watch it below, enjoy!

Revenge – [$not]

Over the past few weeks, both $not + Cole of Lyrical Lemonade have been teasing their collaboration with each other on social media, and tonight the two have blessed us with the final product, a brand new music video for “Revenge”. This release has been a highly anticipated one from $not fans as well as Lyrical Lemonade’s audience alike, it’s been a long time coming for these two creatives to collide, and I believe that it couldn’t have been better timing for this to happen. This new visual just has that feeling of a classic Lyrical Lemonade music video, everything from the amazing song, the color schemes, and the fresh concept just felt right. I loved everything about this release, I hope that we see $not + Cole work on more content in the future, but for the time being, press play below!

Beretta – [$NOT] [Wifisfuneral]

Florida rapper $NOT has had a remarkable past year that has seen him skyrocket to new heights that once seemed unattainable for the artist who first broke onto everyone’s playlists with his 2018 release of “GOSHA” that quickly began to activate a fanbase of dedicated listeners who felt abandoned by many of the artists who came from the “SoundCloud” scene that either fell-off the map entirely, or seemingly sold-out when the commercial success began to come in droves to these underground titans, but $NOT has been drastically different from them since the jump. This past year saw him go from an artist with an interesting internet audience to being dubbed the next big thing by a host of talking heads that may feel different ways about his music, but all recognize how undeniably potent his connection with his increasingly youthful listenership, even landing co-signs from Billie Eilish and the Los Angeles Times, but $NOT’s latest creation, and in my opinion some of his best work to date, is a new visual for his song “Beretta” featuring fellow Floridian Wifisfuneral. The EthanCX produced instrumental has a distinct bounce to it and it matches nicely with a trancey melody that is perfected …

Megan – [$not]

In the past year, Florida rapper $not has transformed himself from a household name on SoundCloud to a certified rising star, and while this is obviously powered by $not’s musical abilities and consistently wonderful production, much of his mainstream transition can be (in my opinion) be attributed to his artistically phenomenal visuals, thanks much in part to the creative and aesthetic genius of Omar Jones and the rest of their video team. 2019 has been one hell of a year for $not who has proved to be much, much more than a one-hit-wonder after his viral hit “GOSHA,” and tracks like “Megan” helped cement this. This is a glimpse into $not’s mental state and his current relationship troubles and this alternative pivot opened an entirely new side to $not that is intimate and relatable, and this is clear with how rabid his massive cult-following is becoming. Marvy Ayy produced “Megan” and his guitar-driven instrumental served $not’s goal perfectly, complementing his deep vocal delivery. Sit back and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous video at the link below.

Beretta – [$not] x [Wifisfuneral]

I apologize because I am a couple weeks late to this release, but not too long ago two of Florida’s finest rising emcees $not and Wifisfuneral connected for a bass knocking banger titled “Beretta”. Once you hear the excellent instrumental from Ethancx start building up matched with the grimey + aggressive flows from $not I believe you’ll find a liking it to it, but once Wifisfuneral jumps on the beat with his always stellar performance, it’ll push it over the top! Hopefully we get to see these two connect again in the future, but until we get to that point, stream this brand new offering below!

Vision – [$not] x [Lil Tracy]

Both $not and Lil Tracy have been featured on our website a number of times in the past, and today these two rockstars are back with the release of their brand new record titled “Vision”. The way that these two meshed together on this track was so pleasing to me, $not approached the beat with a naturally deeper voice and Lil Tracy’s is higher pitched than most, and the way they bounced of this menacing production was fantastic to say the least. The producer Marvy Ayy was the great mind who created this beat, and I have seen his named credited for at least a dozen beats I have loved, I suggest that you do your homework on him because he sets people up to win. Anyways, listen to this brand new tune via Soundcloud below.

32 – [$NOT] ft. [Belis]

Turning heads all across the underground right now, two artists by the names of $NOT and Belis have become some of the most prominent leaders amongst the emerging generation of music. Despite having nearly opposite styles — $NOT being the darker, more ominous of the two, while Belis tends to push toward brighter, more melodic sounds — the pairing is here today to bless the world with a dream team-esque offering entitled “32.” Looking back into the Lyrical Lemonade archives, I first covered $NOT in September of 2018 and Belis in July of 2018, so this offering feels as though it’s a full-circle moment of sorts. Here are two talents who have experienced exponential growth since I first stumbled upon their respective catalogs, now meeting together at the forefront of underground music with a collaboration of their own — quite the occasion, if you ask me. Needless to say, joining forces between artists in such high demand right now is certainly a daunting task in regards to meeting expectations, but $NOT and Belis were sure to hit the nail right on the head with “32.” All without losing their individualistic senses of style and sound, this song meshes the weight …