Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop [Saba]

Certain artists have such an exceptional appeal to them that it’s never any doubt their next release will be top quality; Saba undoubtedly is among this eye-capturing list. The Chicago native has quietly dropped singles in spurts, having released “So and So / Areyoudown? Pt. 2,” followed by “Mrs. Whoever / Something in the Water” in 2020. To kick off 2021, “Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop” is a two-song offering combined for a pristine Ian Lipton directed visual. Produced by daedaePIVOT and Daoud, each track takes on a different yet equally important introspective lens from within Saba’s burdened psyche. Disclosing that his best days are all in the past, “Ziplock” is a conflicting tale of the blessings and luxuries in Saba’s life that are tainted by societal and personal setbacks. Whether the struggles amount to trauma from loss/grief, the cons of his career success, or non-existent support from police, Saba emphatically remarks that’s he’s willing to ‘bet’ & ‘risk’ it all, which perhaps could be the price of inner peace. On “Rich Don’t Stop,” the record details various aspects of society, as well as dominant emotions that seem to be entrenched in an eerie perpetual loop. Moreover, the song title itself interestingly revolves around ‘the rich,’ thereby implicitly revolving its theme around elitist commonplace. As the rich continue to get richer, Saba reminds the world (and himself) that fear, sorrow, addiction, crime, poverty, injustice and more also remain; creating a point of discussion for listeners to reach themselves. Lasting nearly six minutes, both “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” contain enough substance for what some would consider project worthy, which in and of itself is worth appreciating. Check out the official music video below!