Both a favorite of Chicago and us here at Lyrical Lemonade, CP blessed HIS listeners in his newest project titled YOTD (Year of the Dog). I was introduced to CP and his music within the last year, and was immediately intrigued by his style and consistency, which is further emphasized in YOTD.

The album is an eight-piece project with constant heavy-hitters, with aggressive lyrics and flows that definitely point toward 2022 being CP’s year. There’s no questioning what you’re getting with each track; bass-heavy instrumentals, hardbodied lyricism and flows, and some ridiculously catchy hooks — my favorite ones coming in”WHY” featuring DCG Shun and BSav, “TRAPSTAR” featuring Warhol.SS and “DECENT” — that make it hard for anybody to skip a song.

The themes of the project can be implied through the title, but are reinforced through the lyrics from each track. CP wants both new and returning listeners alike to feel how he’s coming in 2022, emphasizing his earned respect, solidifying his status as a force not to play with, and prioritizing the paper chase.

I’m excited for his continued rise, as he impresses once again with this EP.  I’m equally as juiced to see him making another appearance at Summer Smash in June as well. 2022 may just be the Year of the Dog for CP, and his foot is on the pedal early.

Tap in to YOTD below!