Yo-Yo – [Contradash]

In the music world, innovation often comes with a tint of inspiration. Accordingly so, artistic progression over the years has come as a result of taking influence from an existing sound and twisting it into something new, all while building atop a foundation of established sonics. Such is the case with Contradash — an incredible, genre-blending talent, here to make his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a new single entitled “Yo-Yo.”

Being that this song is my introduction to Contradash, I can’t say that I’m previously familiar with his sound, but “Yo-Yo” clearly brings something new to the table. Crafting a blend of polished, pop-friendly production with muddied, electronic vocals, an element of alternative influence, and a hint of sound-blending glory, “Yo-Yo” is the kind of release that refuses to be boxed in, but certainly holds an undeniable allure. Whether that allure be sheer curiosity as to how Contradash is coming up with such an eclectic style, or a turn toward what sounds like the future of music, “Yo-Yo” tells us that there’s something here, and something disruptive.

If not anything else, Contradash’s latest feels like a step forward, so don’t sleep. Stream this one below!

Produced by Sage Roberge
Mixed and Mastered by Maddox Chhim