LL intern
LL intern
3 Dec 2019

MFnMelo has been on a roll ever since he dropped his project Everybody Eats. The impressive offering from the ascending star is a success without a doubt, and that’s before all of the additional videos to accompany it. As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I was pleasantly surprised to see Melo had released a video for one of my personal favorite tracks off the project “Yallwhadinthere”. It wasn’t until I clicked on the link that I got even more excited to see that it was actually a double feature video including a visual for “Salsa Verde” as well. This was undeniably unexpected, but more than welcome in my opinion, and it’s actually something I think artists should do more often.

During the “Yallwhadinthere” portion, Melo is in a restaurant with a collection of clones, some working the counter, others serving, and he himself sitting at a table, spitting his bars over the bouncy and wispy beat of the track. This part of the video was really amazing to me because all of the colors and people surrounding him fit right in with the atmosphere that the song brings to the table.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the film cuts out and back in rapidly, taking us to a backyard barbecue for “Salsa Verde”. The aura felt in this part is beyond relaxed with everyone chilling, having fun, and reminiscing about the past. There’s definitely a bit of nostalgia that comes with this segment, knowing how great a worry-free summer day in the backyard with your friends can be. This airy cut from Everybody Eats had to have been a seamless decision to put on the back end of the video considering how well both of these songs work together. I apologize for ruining the double feature surprise from MFnMelo, but you already know the paired video for “Yallwhadinthere” and “Salsa Verde” is a must-watch, so check it out!

Words by Danny Adams