Xtra – [Adot]

Excuse me because I am a couple of weeks late to this release, but not too long ago Chicago artist Adot put out a three-track pack that he deemed “Xtra”. Each of the songs on here have their own unique feeling to them; the first one “Different” has a somber + low-fi type of sound that Adot has mastered so well over the years, the second joint “Highlightroom” is a colorful + upbeat jam that’s meant for a party scene, and the last track “Only Me” features Adot rhyming over a fantastic instrumental for two minutes nonstop. I liked all three of the songs provided, but my favorite one was for sure “Only Me”, that just might be one of my favorite songs from Adot yet! Listen to these new records below and see which one you enjoy best!

Production from Areyoudeaf, Nolanberollin & Incognito Productions