xoxo – [xhulooo] ft. [wolfacejoeyy]

Brooklyn drill music first emerged as impossibly powerful, characteristically aggressive, and full of attitude – all traits that have helped turn it into the force that it is today. However, over time, it seems as though the genre has begun to adapt, largely thanks to the influx of new talent surrounding it. Some artists are pushing further down the more aggressive lane, while others are filling in the gaps with more melodic renditions of drill, utilizing the inherent “movement” that makes drill beats so infectious except in different, uniquely colorful ways. One artist, and one song, in particular, that has done just this in a massively exciting manner is xhulooo with “xoxo.”

Featuring wolfacejoeyy, “xoxo” is what happens when drill music meets the melody-infused sound of artists like Lil Tecca, Pasto Flocco, Summrs, etc. It pairs hard-nosed drums with breezy melodies, and allows xhulooo and wolfacejoeyy to attack the song in a compelling new way – braggadocios as can be, effortlessly smooth, and full of the charm and charisma that a successful drill song requires.

While Brooklyn remains the home of drill (at least in the U.S.), artists outside of the borough are starting to utilize the sound in unique new ways, with “xoxo” as one of the most exciting examples thus far. Needless to say, don’t sleep on this one.

Check out “xoxo” at the link provided below:

Produced by Arena + CGM