WYO – [DCG Brothers] ft. [PGF Nuk]

Although drill music may have just started to pop off around a decade ago here in Chicago, it’s absolutely insane to think about how much it has impacted the entire music industry as a whole. Drill artists may have once been regarded by outsiders as aggressive, hostile music, but if you really listen to the words, it’s a story about the lives of these emcees. While there are clearly threats, violence, and antagonism throughout any drill song you tap in with that I may not condone myself, it is a part of the art and I feel like that needs to be respected in its own right.

It also feels like this subgenre is one of the fastest moving and quickly transforming styles because usually you can track the evolution of a style and see how it has progressively changed, but that’s tough to do with drill considering how recently it was conceived and how much it has changed in only a handful of years. Classic drill and songs that came from the early 2010s will never go away luckily, but the new wave of the subgenre is here, and it is spearheaded by emcees like the DCG Brothers. These two hitmakers have been doing their thing in their own way for a few years, and that has helped lead me to the emergence of another star in the making, PGF Nuk.

I had no idea either party was planning on collabing, but it’s obvious their brand-new track “WYO” was in the making for a while after seeing the CVO Films-directed music video. that. they shot over the summer at this year’s Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash. Not only did they put on an unforgettable performance that I made sure to attend, but they also managed to get a variety of backstage clips, showcasing what happens on and off the stage. Along with these, there is a hefty cameo from our very own Cole Bennett who vibes out with the wild trio in one of the exclusive VIP sections.

Cole has been a big proponent of both the DCG Brothers and Nuk, but that’s no secret after filming a video with the siblings a year ago and bringing Nuk out as a guest at a few different performances, most notably the Yeat show that I got to attend back in April. Once you check out their songs or videos, it’s obvious why Cole’s a fan, just like me and millions of other supporters across the globe. So, if you’re one of these loyal enthusiasts, this collaboration is certainly not one you can miss out on.