wussup – [bbno$] & [Yung Gravy]

Not sure how the weather is where you’re reading this from but here in the Pacific North West we have just endured some of the wildest temperatures in recorded history. With people overheating and looking to cool down in any way they can, one thing that brought down my overall body temperature was this iced cold track from bbno$ and Yung Gravy. Now, this is a duo that should need no introduction to our readers but their latest collaboration may just be one of their best yet. Last Friday, “wussup” dropped to appease both of their cult-like fanbases that can never get enough Baby Gravy but what makes this single really stand out is how laidback it feels. From its verses to the beat produced by Y2K, this is a perfect song to lay out by the beach or drive slow down a busy street in a convertible. This just feels like one of those songs that’s best enjoyed while wearing something luxurious like silk.

To accompany the single, the pair released some hilarious visuals that fit the vibe of this track immaculately. Both bbno$ and Gravy play some fly delivery guys causing havoc while running around delivering pizza amongst other things. Whenever these two get together, you can always expect something that walks the fine line between comical and opulent, a rare lane that these two execute flawlessly. With a few projects under their belt, I hope this is the beginning of another collab tape later this year. If this song is any indicator, we can expect more songs that will soundtrack the wild summer that is just kicking off. If you need any further reason to check this song out, today is bbno$’s birthday. At the very least give this a listen as a gift to him, I’m sure it will be on your playlists after that first listen.

Stream “wussup” on all platforms here and watch the video below!