World Ain’t Ready – [P1]

By now, we are no stranger to the story of the young black male coming up in the streets, and they turn to music to tell their story of their upbringing. Regardless of if we think we have heard every story or not, there comes an artist that will come and talk about the world from their point of view. Hailing out of South Central LA, P1 is making a debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform with the release of his latest offering, “World Ain’t Ready”. To make a statement on the album’s title, it’s as straight forward as the saying goes. On this project, P1 is ushering in a new sound and a new vibe that has been coming out of California as of late, and he is sure it will resonate with the fans. One of the standouts on the project would be “Paranoid”–a song he created speaking about the fears of maneuvering through the streets and him constantly thinking of the worst. On top of the west coast styled production, P1 dabbles with both singing and spitting flows–creating the perfect mixture of melodies and pure pain rap. On “Still I Rise”, P1 raps about his hardships coming up, and despite everything places against him, he will still arise to the top.

Between a short exchange about the projects direction, P1 had this to share:

“My goal for this project was to just make some good music and elevate the quality every time I record. I ended up exceeding my expectations. That’s why I called it ‘World Ain’t Ready’, because the world ain’t ready. They ain’t ready for the new sound of the west. I had no money. I didn’t have any guidance. Everything I have is from personal experience. I just had to play the cards I was dealt. This is gonna be game changing. The quality of music I put out is so versatile. I go through every emotion. Women, religion, crime, success, just everything. Taking you through an emotional rollercoaster. Giving you something to feel as opposed to just hear. ‘World Ain’t Ready’ is an acronym for “W.A.R.,” and the term “war” just evokes so many images and feelings.”

Stream World Ain’t Ready below and be sure to connect with P1 on Twitter!