Work Out – [Worry Club]

Chicago-native Worry Club makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with an excellent new song titled “Work Out.” Real name Chase Walsh, Worry Club’s new record follows his breakout record “Japanese,” which was featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Rock,’ and Billie Eilish’s handpicked Lorem’ playlist. Learning how to play the guitar at just five years old, Walsh eventually learned the drums, piano, bass and violin –  with the milestone of his fist self-produced record at age thirteen. Unfortunately dealing with demons of depression, the artist’s bedroom studio fortunately provides a healthy refuge and mechanism to cope with his mental battles. Worry Club also is no particular fan of positive songs, once stating: “All the happy songs sound depressing and the depressing songs just make you want to dance.”

“Work Out is a song about the uncomfortable situation you find yourself in after a one night stand and the awkward conversation that ensues the next morning. The song zeros in on that next day, how I keep going over it in my head and later always seem to regret the decision I made” – Worry Club

I enjoyed this particular offering from Worry Club because of the bold transparency and vulnerability expressed throughout. The lyrics mesh extraordinarily well due to the slow-wrenching guitar-filled production with an indie-rock/alternative atmosphere. At just 137 seconds in length, the track seems longer due to the weary and hazy topic, yet fascinatingly listeners will find themselves wanting more. Watch the visual for Worry Club’s new song “Work Out” below!