Wizard 101 – [david shawty]

Underground music is always so intriguing to me because there are so many characters and personalities that are one of a kind and unreplaceable. It almost seems like there are legitimately no rules or boundaries that these artists need to abide by which gives them the freedom to make literally anything they can imagine. Due to this freedom, this has paved the way for countless subgenres of music that combine various styles and sounds together, and even if they shouldn’t work, these artists are creative and talented enough to make them sound amazing.

One of my favorite underground icons is david shawty, and although he can be mysterious and enigmatic at times, he has brought some of the wildest music to life over the past slew of years which makes him a talent whose music is something I need to check out as soon as I see something new hit the internet. Most recently, he decided to drop off a song called “Wizard 101” which is a record that he says is his first plug song since 2017, and although it’s another stylistic change-up from what we’ve heard from him recently, I think it just might be one of my favorite songs from him to date.

There is a dreamy, whimsical melody created by a talented producer known as Dye, and he combines these with some sharp percussive elements as well as powerful 808s that come together for an amazing instrumental. Although the “plug” ad-lib is incorporated throughout, it’s abundantly obvious that the beat is influenced by this style of production, and although I’m not necessarily used to hearing david on this type of instrumental, he definitely does an unbelievable job.

As he sings, his voice is light and airy which complements the melody of the record amazingly as the autotune effects on his voice make him sound even more wistful than ever before. Aside from this, there is a couple of layers of vocals that come out to provide some complexity to his voice, but his nonchalant demeanor mixed with his masterful deliveries all combine for a truly remarkable result.

I might’ve become familiar with david through his work in the Hyperpop-inspired world of music that he has been living in more recently, but this sort of subgenre leaves so much room for variability and dexterity. Because of this, I knew that david’s skills were overly abundant and that he is much more talented than outsiders might give him credit for. Most notably, david doesn’t seem to care about the opinions of outsiders because he makes what he enjoys and knows that his loyal fans are always going to ride with him no matter what, as they should. While I think david shawty is grossly underrated when considering all of his contributions to the underground music scene, this should just give you even more reason to jump on the bandwagon now, so make sure you check out his latest single entitled “Wizard 101” below.