With Dat – [TheHxliday] ft. [Polo G]

I’ve been a fan of TheHxliday for quite some time, at this point, yet as of late, I’ve found myself pretty much completely consumed with his discography. He has similar qualities to living legends such as Lil Uzi with overtones of emotion and pain that are more so along the lines of a Juice WRLD or XXXtentacion, and although this combination might come off as strange or out of the box, TheHxliday makes it work in some of the most remarkable ways I could’ve ever even imagined.

Last week, I was beyond excited to write about his latest single “Wit Dat” not only because it was a great song, but also because it featured Polo G, one of my favorite Chicago artists out right now. While I don’t think anyone saw this collaboration coming and I was even more intrigued to see what it would sound like, they both killed their parts and brought an insane record to life. Just when I thought the fun was over, the dynamic duo teamed up once again to bring an awesome music video to life directed by Kevin Mares and Dogfood Media.

Right off the bat, TheHxliday and his girl are hanging out in some tunnel with a group of people before one of the guys seems to confront him about something. As that dude gets more and more aggressive, some of the other individuals have to hold him back as TheHxliday and his girl hop into a luxury car and pull off, prompting the angry gentleman to rip someone else out of their car and chase after them. Although it doesn’t seem like there is an end to this chase, he eventually just ends up cruising around the city in the whip, hanging out of the window and reciting his lyrics before they pull up inside of a warehouse that Polo G and his group are chilling in, rounding out the visual in this location.

Although this music video might not be absolutely insane or anything, it has this dark, almost Gotham City-like vibe to it that matches with TheHxliday’s persona perfectly, and Polo G definitely fits the mold as well. I do wish that there was some sort of resolution to the car chase that began at the beginning of the video, but even without that culminating, it’s still a super clean and well-shot music video. Beyond this, TheHxliday is obviously one of the most prominent rising stars in the entire music scene and he has already had a big 2021 thus far, so I can’t wait to see what else he has in store moving forward throughout this year. Although you might’ve been bumping “Wit Dat” religiously since it dropped last week as I have, make sure you do yourself a favor and check out the song’s accompanying music video as soon as you can as well.