Wit Dat – [TheHxliday] ft. [Polo G]

When it comes to artists making major moves so far this year, TheHxliday has got to be towards the top of the list if not in the #1 spot. He released his EP Batbxy, dropped numerous singles, and has provided some videos as well, so my only question is, when does he find the time to sleep? As far as Polo G goes, everyone knows that he’s one of the strongest contenders in the game, recently dropping his song “RAPSTAR” which earned him his first-ever Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper, and for good reason.

Although this might seem like an unlikely duo considering they’re from such different parts of the map and make very unique styles of music, when I found out that they teamed up on TheHxliday’s latest single “Wit Dat”, I stopped whatever I was doing and immediately tuned in. When it comes to the incredibly eerie beat brought to life by ilykimchi, they utilize a mixture of pan flutes with tiptoeing piano keys that are met with some classic, crisp trap percussion for a foundation that is honestly probably more so Polo’s speed than TheHxliday’s, but he does a remarkable job adapting, nonetheless.

As he sings the hook, his voice has this sort of rasp to it that compliments his twangy, swinging delivery that just rides along with the melody so nicely. Although his verse is much shorter than the hook, he switches things up briefly here to bring some dexterity to the track before Polo comes in and absolutely destroys his portion. When this happens, Polo begins with a quick yet smooth cadence that just glides right over the piano keys in the instrumental effortlessly, ultimately displaying the young Chicago legend at the top of his game yet again.

It has been an absolutely incredible experience watching Polo rise through the ranks of the music industry over the past couple of years, and while TheHxliday might have a ways to go before he reaches Polo’s level, he has that personality and demeanor that is definitely going to go a long way without a doubt in my mind. I think people need to start respecting TheHxliday much more than we’ve already seen because he is undeniably one of the most unique and captivating crooners in the entire music scene, so it’s about time he gets the flowers he has been grinding for. Although it might be an unexpected tag team, TheHxliday and Polo G both wrecked their parts of their latest song “Wit Dat”, making it a can’t-miss record for any and all music fans.