Wins on Me – [Derek Minor]

Many artists would say that this past summer has been a pretty successful one when it comes to getting back out in the field and being active again. That said, what comes along with being active again would be the fact that artists are celebrating their wins more so now than ever. It’s a blessings to have made it through the times we’ve had recently, that’s why Derek Minor is back with another street anthem to explain that feeling on his latest offering, “Wins on Me”. Delivering a hook that is as catchy as ever, Derek shows no hesitation at all when it comes to delivering on that aspect. Accompanied by guest verses from Canon and Tony Tillman, the three of them come together like a Big 3 in the NBA for this record, and the outcome feels just as if they’re competing in the championship.

“You know that feeling you get after your favorite player just made a major play? Or the sensation that tingles through your body when you hear the names of sports legends? How about that heart-thumping feeling you get while watching a big championship game? Those feelings are exactly what Highlight Tapes Vol. 1 represents. Those unforgettable tingling, inspiring, heart-thumping feelings.”

-Derek Minor on his Highlight Tapes Vol. 1 project

Stream the athletic-themed street anthem “Wins on Me” by Derek Minor below!