Wig (Freestyle) – [Breeze434]

One thing about me is that I’m a slut for monochromatic visuals. Whether it’s Sheck Wes’s “Mo Bamba”, Pusha T’s “Diet Coke”, or the infamous Jack Begert video for Baby Keem’s “MOSHPIT”, there’s something special about minimalistic displays that let the song do the talking. Among these visuals close to my heart is mao’s newly-released video for Breeze434’s “Wig (Freestyle)” – an ominous banger with a killer visual to boot. I know what you’re thinking, and yes – while mao’s vision is not entirely monochromatic, Breeze’s performance is still able to take the main stage with every melancholically delivered yet cleverly-written bar. Armed with an undeniable affinity for tightly-woven raps and a distinctly underground feel, I have a feeling that this is far from the last Breeze434 banger that will decorate my weekly rotation. Another thing I have a soft spot for? Beats that feature sounds going in reverse – so you can imagine that stumbling across this video was quite the lucky experience for me. From “Wig (Freestyle)”‘s production, Breeze’s performance, and mao’s visual – there’s much to be enjoyed with the duo’s newest offering. While I’m hoping that this video is a harbinger of things to come, I’m fine with waiting for the next release/visual in Breeze434’s discography.

Check out Breeze434’s new visual for “Wig (Freestyle)”: