Widebody – [Lucki]

I’ve mentioned it copiously before, but Lucki is one of the most prolific and storied emcees in the entire underground music scene not only in Chicago but in the whole country. While ignorant outsiders might look at his music as a half-spirited effort that contains little substance, true Rap fans recognize the emotional journey and struggles that consume Lucki within every single record he releases, and the monotone qualities of his voice just further emphasize the numbness he feels after constantly having to deal with his inner battles.

Thankfully, to round out the end of last year, he ended a terrible 2020 on a high note with his extremely powerful EP The World is Lucki’s. Although this effort was only 3 songs long and barely lasted 6 minutes, every square inch of the EP was as Flawless as Lucki’s Twitter handle would suggest, bringing us back a few years to a more classic sound with a twist that was provided by a new and constantly growing Lucki.

Out of the trio of records on the project, the middle song “Widebody” truly caught my attention, partially because one of my favorite producers ever, Brent Rambo produced it, but also partially because it provides a look at another side of the Chicago legend that isn’t often on full display. Luckily, Lucki decided to drop a music video for the track with his regular videographer Lonewolf, and you already know that when these two collaborate, some magic is bound to be made. As the song begins, Lucki is making his way down a hallway as Zac follows him. The rapper eventually opens up and says he’s sad, but when Zac asks what’s up, he merely says he was talking to the camera, immediately leading us into the bubbly chorus.

While some of the regular scenes aren’t out of the ordinary for most, Zac makes sure to include wild animations, effects, and colors into the picture, paving the way for Lucki’s vibrantly relaxed personality to continue to steal the show. While all the effects and animations are definitely unique and captivating, one of my favorite parts comes with the simple fact that Lucki just laughs and enjoys himself the entire time, which isn’t often witnessed in his other music videos, so it’s nice to see this side of him on a song that also shows off a different part of the Chicago spitter.

While it seems as if Lucki constantly alludes to a bigger project while consistently dropping smaller EPs and mixtapes, I truly believe that 2021 might just be his biggest year yet. He has had the support of countless mainstream stars for quite a few years, and larger groups of fans are starting to flock in his direction, so I’m beyond excited to see what Lucki has up his sleeves this year. As his December EP suggests, The World truly is Lucki’s, and the way his personality shines loud and bright in the “Widebody” music video is more than enough to prove that he’s got some huge plans on the horizon.