Whole Brick – [Bobby Shmurda]

It’s mind-boggling that nearly a decade ago, Bobby Shmurda first made his name known as a hitmaker in the rap world. The New York icon dropped hits like “Hot N*gga” and “Bobby Bitch” and instantly went viral, being recognized as one of the most prominent figures in the industry, and no one ever questioned it. In the blink of an eye, though, we found out that he was going to jail for not snitching, a move that made him as honorable as it did notorious, but I had no idea what 7 years from that first day was going to look like.

After serving 6 of the 7-year sentence, Bobby got out in 2021 and was greeted with love and admiration from fans and musical counterparts alike, but the one thing that I was surprised by was that he wasn’t diving right back into music. I mean, I don’t blame him because he has a lot of life to live and didn’t want to go from being locked up in a cell to locked up in the studio, but as time passed and we were given a few songs here and there, I wasn’t sure where he would eventually find his niche once again.

Proclaiming his stance on not wanting to make NYC drill music is more than justified, and after quite some time, Bobby dropped a brand-new project a few days ago called Bodboy which contains 9 songs and comes up just short of a 20-minute run-time. It’s a project I definitely need to listen a bit more carefully to, but I realized that the album’s opener “Whole Brick” just came with a music video, and I didn’t want to miss out. It’s pretty minimalistic in terms of the setting but definitely as vibrant as I could hope for as the camera takes us into an all-white room where Bobby hangs out with some lovely half-naked ladies.

While they dance around and the New York icon spits his bars with vigor, edited-in snow seems to fall from the sky and his lyrics pop up above him during certain moments, so while it might not be the wildest video ever, it’s certainly entertaining and makes the most out of a pretty simple situation. I truly hope that Bobby uses this new project as momentum to continue to build on his already cemented legacy, but only time will tell, so make sure you peep the video as well as the album as soon as you can.