Mikey100k is an artist from Raleigh, NC who recently released a seven-track EP titled Who Needs Friends 2. Mikey kills the project from top to bottom without a single feature, which further resonates with the title of the work. The tracks feel soulful and genuine, and they all seem to mesh beautifully to form a polished final piece.

From his first track, “On My Soul,” you can catch the wave Mikey is trying to deliver – a stubbornly driven and self-reliant artist who puts solidified meaning behind his words. This energy continues throughout the project until the last track, “To the Moon,” in which he breaks down his walls and spills some of his inner conflict over a slower harmonious instrumental. “This for all of my ones who lost they dogs yeah, I know you may feel lost, I give you my heart yeah.”

Usually for a first time listen, I’ll enjoy one or two tracks on that artist’s project. However this is the first time I’ve listened to Mikey100k, and I’m pleased to say I enjoyed the entire project from start to finish. I can tell he puts dedicated time and genuine effort into his work, which is something that goes often overlooked in music today. He’s turned me to an avid returning listener and I’m excited to hear future work from the Raleigh native!

Stream Who Needs Friends 2 below!